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ON-icon-achievement-Imperial Arena Champion (desktop).png Hero of Bleakrock
Type Quests Achievements
Points 10
Housing Humblemud (0004000040,000 Gold)
Furnishing(s) Atmoran Eagle Totem Medallion (000030003,000 Gold)
Atmoran Snake Totem Medallion (000030003,000 Gold)
Atmoran Whale Totem Medallion (000030003,000 Gold)
Find Bleakrock's missing villagers and send them home.

Hero of Bleakrock is awarded for completing the following quests on Bleakrock Isle:

Objective Quest
What Waits Beneath
The Frozen Man
Hozzin's Folly
Tracking the Game
Dangerous Webs
At Frost's Edge
Lost on Bleakrock

This achievement will allow you to purchase Humblemud in Dhalmora for 0004000040,000 Gold, and you can purchase an Atmoran Eagle Totem Medallion, Atmoran Snake Totem Medallion, or Atmoran Whale Totem Medallion for your house. They cost 000030003,000 Gold each and can be purchased from Listens-to-Sea in Dhalmora.