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Help a fleeing couple escape the wrath of the Oathbound Clan.
Zone: Rivenspire
Objective: Obsidian Scar
Quest Giver: Lashgikh
Location(s): Obsidian Scar
Reward: Fetish of Anger
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High XP
ID: 3436
Lashgikh has summoned Malacath
I found Lashgikh within the tunnels of Obsidian Scar. She claims she and her husband, Esmaeel, were kidnapped by the Oathbound, at the behest of an Orc named Osgrikh. She managed to escape, but needs help rescuing her husband.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Lashgikh.
  2. Find Esmaeel.
  3. Kill and behead Larzgug and Thrug.
  4. Wait for Lashgikh to summon Malacath.
  5. Defeat Osgrikh.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Foul Deeds in the Deep
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Esmaeel is being held somewhere in Obsidian Scar.
Objective: Rescue Esmaeel
Esmaeel lies motionless. I should check him for signs of life.
Objective: Examine Esmaeel
Esmaeel is dead. I should tell Lashgikh.
Objective: Talk to Lashgikh
Lashgikh is enraged at the death of her husband. She plans to swear her own oath of vengeance to Malacath. To do that, she needs the heads of Osgrikh's siblings, Thrug and Larzgug.
Objective: Behead Thrug
Hidden Objective: Orc Head A
Objective: Behead Larzgug
Hidden Objective: Orc Head B
I have the heads of Thrug and Larzgug. I should talk to Lashgikh for the next step of the plan.
Objective: Talk to Lashgikh
I must find a suitable location for Lashgikh to swear her oath to Malacath.
Objective: Find Lashgikh at the Altar
Now that a suitable location for the ritual has been found, I should speak to Lashgikh again.
Objective: Talk to Lashgikh
Heads in tow, we can now begin the ritual—so Lashgikh can swear her oath to Malacath.
Objective: Place Thrug's Head
Hidden Objective: Place Head A
Objective: Place Larzgug's Head
Hidden Objective: Place Head B
Osgrikh is in the Obsidian Scar. He must be defeated for Lashgikh last oath to be fulfilled.
Objective: Kill Osgrikh
☑Finishes quest Osgrikh is dead. I should speak to Lashgikh.
Objective: Talk to Lashgikh
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