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ON-icon-armor-Head-Emperor.png Emperor!
Type Alliance War Achievements
Points 50
Dye Ruby Throne Red
Title Emperor / Former Emperor
Costume Emperor's Regalia
Furnishing(s) Throne of Cyrodiil (0250000250,000Alliance Points)
Dominate the Alliance War battlefield and become Emperor of Tamriel. Long may you reign!

Emperor! is awarded for being crowned Emperor in the Alliance War. To earn this, you must be the highest ranked player in your Alliance when they gain control of the six Ring Keeps around the Imperial City: Blue Road Keep, Castle Alessia, Castle Roebeck, Chalman Keep, Fort Aleswell and Fort Ash. You will remain Emperor until another Alliance captures those keeps and crowns their own Emperor.

While Emperor, you will gain access to several passive skills which greatly increase your stats while in your Home Campaign. You will also receive a dye and a costume which you may keep even after you have been dethroned. However, you may only use the title of Emperor while you are still in power. After you are dethroned, it becomes "Former Emperor", although you can regain your Emperor title if your alliance captures the Ring Keeps again. This achievement will allow you to purchase a Throne of Cyrodiil for your house. It costs 0250000250,000Alliance Points and can be purchased from:


  • Originally, the Emperor's Regalia costume was lost upon being dethroned, but Former Emperors permanently retained weaker versions of some of the passive skills.