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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Locate Chancellor Gascone Dusant of the Congress of Calibration.
Zone: The Clockwork City
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Provost Varuni Arvel in the Clockwork Basilica
Location(s): Brass Fortress, Insalubrious Effluvium, Ventral Terminus
Prerequisite Quest: The Strangeness of Seht
Next Quest: Lost in the Gloam
Reward: Traitor's Cuirass
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
In the wake of the Shadow of Sotha Sil's attack, Gascone has gone missing. I should find him and see if he has any insight into what the shadow is and why it was in the Brass Fortress.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Provost Varuni Arvel in the Sotha Loqutorium.
  2. Search Chancellor Gascone's rectory.
  3. Return to Varuni.
  4. Talk to Luciana Pullo.
  5. Talk to Artificer Dalomar in Slag Town.
  6. Follow Gascone's trail with Snuffler.
  7. Talk to Rarlmir.
  8. Follow Gascone's trail.
  9. Investigate the Ventral Terminus.
  10. Locate Chancellor Gascone Dusant.
  11. Return to Varuni.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Continue your conversation with Provost Varuni Arvel from the previous quest to receive this one. She will tell you to check Gascone's rectory as a place to start the search for the Chancellor. Head on over to Chancellor Gastone's private dwellings within the Basilica. When you enter the room, you'll be greeted by a mess: the room is littered with black feathers, there are documents and books scattered all over the floor, and a pale humanoid creature is skulking at the far end of the room.

Shrike Talon: "Where did you hide it, you worm...?"

Defeat the Shrike and read Gascone's latest memorandum. Return to Provost Varuni Arvel with your findings. You tell her about the Daedra and show her the note he left. She expresses bewilderment at the presence of a Daedric creature, wondering how in the world it could have breached the celestiodrome's security measures. She'll send you off to find Proctor Luciana Pullo. Do as she says. When you find the Proctor, she'll be just outside the Basilica, dispersing a panicked crowd.

Proctor Luciana Pullo: "I'm not here to speculate on Lord Seht's whereabouts. I'm here to clear the square."
Citizen: "You don't know do you? I knew it. This is a disaster!"
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "If you want to panic, do so in your own homes- not in the pubic square. Now disperse, or be dispersed."
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Get them moving."
Clockwork Enforcer: "You heard the Proctor. Return to your homes."

You ask her if she can spare any bodies for a city-wide search, to which she replies with a definite "no." Her resources are spread thin as it is. She does, however, direct you to an interesting character, an artificer, by the name of Dalomar. Find and speak with him, and see if he can assist you in locating Chancellor Gascone Dusant.

Tracking Gascone[edit]

Go find Dalomar in Slag Town. He's the Dunmer with the looking device over his left eye. Speak with Artificer Dalomar. Right off the bat, he tries to offer surgery to give you clockwork augmentations.

"Well, well... look at you, full of fleshy-bits. Not a scrap of brass on you, is there? That won't do! That will not do!
I can fix you up. No bother at all! Maybe new feet. You need new feet, don't you?"
No thanks. I need to track a missing person. Luciana said you might have something that can help.
"A missing person? How mysterious! You wouldn't be looking for Sotha Sil would you? I hear rumors, you know? All kinds of rumors. Something about him turning into a crow? Or was it a frog? Never mind.
Luciana did you a favor. I have just the thing!"
Good. Can I see it?

Dalomar walks over to a Nix-hound Fabricant. A sprightly creature, it leaps into action.

Artificer Dalomar: "Woah! Cool those cogs, you twitchy rascal!"
Artificer Dalomar: "This little scrapheap should do the trick.... Meet Snuffler, the tracking Nix."

Say hello to Snuffler and let him sniff the Note Gascone left behind.

Snuffler: "<Snuffler sniffs noisily.>"

With the note Sniffed, follow Snuffler, who is off the moment you let him go. Chase Snuffler to the big door that leads outside the Brass Fortress. Follow him down the path to the right of the door that leads to the bottom of the oily canyon, and pursue him west. The first thing you'll encounter on your lovely jaunt through the Radius is a pair of Nords... one of whom remains asleep, even as you step on him. Talk to this Rarlmir character and see if he can tell you anything about Gascone's whereabouts. Maybe he's seen Gascone recently. Besides, it looks like Snuffler's lost his scent, seeing as how the little rascal has stopped by these fellows.

"What are you doing nosing around here with that ugly beast? Joneif and I haven't done nothing!"
I'm looking for Chancellor Gascone. Have you seen him?
"Chancellor who?
Oh, you mean that brass-arsed fancy-boots that came running through here? Yeah, I seen him. Dragging his silly apostle skirts behind him like a broken wheel-chain. Seemed like he was in a hurry. Pretty suspicious if you ask me."
My fabricant's lost the scent. Which way did he go?
"Yeah, the grease mucks up fabricant snoots. That's why we're down here. Would't want the constables to see.... Never mind!
Your man headed west. Should be some oily footprints about. Follow those tracks and you'll find your fancy-boots."

Just as Rarlmir said, there's a trail of oily footprints on the ground, presumably left by Gascone as he hurriedly fled from the Brass Fortress, stepping in the oil lining the ravine and tracking it everywhere. Follow the oily tracks and eventually, you'll come across a strange note. Upon reading, it looks like Gascone's been targeted for assassination. He's apparently betrayed someone, and whoever wrote the note keeps referencing shadows in their words. There are also dead assassins in dark armor scattered around near the note and down the path. Continue following the oil prints. Some way down the line, a pair of Daedra will manifest: a Shrike Crowcaller and a Shrike Shroudweaver.

Shrike Crowcaller: "The traitor can't be far. Find him!"

Defeat the Daedra and continue searching for Gaston. Not far from the site of the Shrikes' appearance is a wounded cultist. Speak with her, and see if she can tell you anything about Gascone's whereabouts. She keeps mentioning a night mistress, and reveals that Gascone gravely wounded her before heading off to the Ventral Terminus. If you speak with her further, she will reveal that Gascone made a covenant with Clavicus Vile who made a deal with her mistress, and that Gascone apparently broke the part of the deal with her mistress by losing an artifact that she wants. She tells you that there are Skaafin around the Terminus protecting Gascone, and insists that you leave her be. Leave the cultist to her death in peace and pursue Gascone west, towards the Ventral Terminus. There are swaths of Skaafin lingering outside the location, purportedly protecting Gascone. Cut them down and get Snuffler to investigate the things Gascone has left behind in the canyon. There's a bag of Uneaten Rations, a Bloody Bandage and a Strip of Apostle Robe for Snuffler to sniff. With the Nix back on his trail, follow Snuffler to the entrance to the Ventral Terminus. Suddenly, you'll hear a voice over an intercom. It's Gascone!

Ventral Audiometer: "What? Who's out there?"

Approach the device and speak to the Chancellor through it.

"Begone, whoever you are! I sealed the door, and it shall remain sealed for as long as necessary!"
Chancellor Gascone? Varuni sent me to find you. We have some questions.
"Questions? You think I'm foolish enough to let you in? No, this door will remain closed. I just need time to work this out- to smooth things over. Simple. Now, leave me be!"
What have you done? Did you make a deal with these shadow cultists?
"Who I keep council with is none of your concern!
You're just like Varuni. So uptight. So naive! If you value your life, you'll leave this place. Now."

Since the door to the main entrance is shut tight, you'll need to find another way in. Look to your right- there's a hill there. Climb the hill, cross the bridge at the top of the hill, and turn right towards the Ventral Terminus. On a small cliff above where you were talking to Gascone, there's a smaller door that leads inside the Terminus. You might have to fight a few fabricants and Skaafin on your way up there. Open the door and enter the Ventral Terminus.

The Ventral Terminus[edit]

Chancellor Gascone: "So, you found a way in after all. Impressive. Too bad it's a dead end. Unless you can smash through solid bedrock, you'll never find me."

While investigating the Ventral Terminus you will come across find a massive clockwork automaton: the Imperfect. It looks a little out of order. A nearby manual will tell you all that you need to know about activating the factotum. There is a puzzle with 5 valves and a valve reset station. Your goal is to direct the steam towards Imperfect to charge the animo core next to it. Start with the valve closest to the reset station. Each time you activate a valve the direction of the steam changes. You may have to use a valve more than once to get the steam in the right direction. The first valve needs to be turned once, the second one twice, the third one needs two turns, the fourth one needs turned once, and the fifth and final valve needs to be turned once as well.

With the animo core filled, use it to power the Imperfect. You'll need to activate the Imperfect in order to make further progress. It will smash through the walls that are blocking your way. Soon enough, the Imperfect will lose power. Head to your left and climb up to the second floor to find a new charged animo core. There's one sitting at the end of the hall next to a few factotum charging stations. Refill the Imperfect's animo core slot and continue on. You can either sit back and allow the Imperfect to fight the Skaafin Gascone summons to protect himself, or you can assist the machine. Just make sure to stay out of the way when it swings its arms in front of it and smacks the Skaafin down, and don't get in the way of its lasers. When you get far enough, Gascone will reroute an energy gate right on top of the Imperfect, destroying the factotum. With the gate's beams rerouted, you can enter the portion of the Terminus the gate once blocked, to your right. Defeat the Skaafin and the Factotums that get in your way. Soon enough, you'll find Gascone, who summons an exceptionally powerful Skaafin to assist him.

Moraz Goldtongue: "You summon me again? I grow tired of this, mortal!"
Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "Enough talk, you horn-capped buffoon! Just help me!"

Defeat Moraz Goldtongue and confront Gascone, who surrenders, outside the Terminus. He tells you all about his deal with Clavicus Vile and the mess with the artifact, and that he was doing it because he thinks Sotha Sil is a shoddy leader.

"Yes, my methods were… unconventional. I admit it. But you have to understand—I didn't do this for me! I did it for the City.
Look around! Blood-thirsty fabricants, barren wastes, crumbling towers …. This is all Sotha Sil's fault!"
How is it Sotha Sil's fault?
"He abandoned us! While he tinkers away in the Centralis, we scrape by, eating nutriment paste and hiding from killer machines. Is that fair? Should we thank him for that?
My eyes are open. The people of Clockwork City deserve better."

You have the chance to either kill him or spare him. Make your decision and head on over back to the Brass Fortress to inform Varuni of what's transpired and receive your reward for this quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Deepening Shadows
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Provost Varuni asked me to find Chancellor Gascone. She seems confident that I'll find him in his rectory in the west wing of the Clockwork Basilica.
Objective: Search Gascone's Rectory
I discovered a Nocturnal Shrike in Chancellor Gascone's office. She seemed to be looking for something. I also found a farewell memorandum penned by Gascone. I should tell Varuni about all I've seen.
Objective: Talk to Varuni
Varuni urged me to find Proctor Luciana. The battlemage might be able to help me find Gascone. She should be just outside the Clockwork Basilica.
Objective: Talk to Luciana
Proctor Luciana has no forces to lend. Fortunately, she has another resource that might be of use—an artificer named Dalomar. She insists that he might have something to aid me in my search. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Artificer Dalomar
Artificer Dalomar lent me his prized tracker, a nix-hound fabricant called Snuffler. I should let Snuffler smell Gascone's note to help it pick up the scent.
Objective: Let Snuffler Smell the Note
The nix-hound fabricant, Snuffler, picked up Gascone's scent. I should follow it.
Objective: Follow Snuffler
Snuffler tracked Gascone's scent to the main gate of the Brass Fortress. I must follow the fabricant out into the Clockwork wilds—also known as the Radius.
Objective: Follow Snuffler
Objective Hint: Talk to Rarlmir
According to the Nords, a distraught Gascone ran past them not long ago, tracking oil behind him. The oil masks his scent from Snuffler, but the footprints should be easy to follow. I must keep pursuing the fleeing chancellor.
Objective: Follow Gascone's Footprints
Objective Hint: Read the Note
I found a wounded cultist in the ravine. I should see if she will tell me anything about Gascone's whereabouts.
Objective: Talk to the Wounded Cultist
According to the cultist, Gascone fled west along the ravine to a place called the Ventral Terminus. I should head that way to continue my search.
Objective: Find Gascone's Hideout
I found a narrow canyon leading to the Ventral Terminus. I should investigate this approach. If I can find some evidence of Gascone's passage, Snuffler might be able to pick up the chancellor's scent again.
Objective: Investigate the Canyon
Snuffler picked up Gascone's scent once again. I should follow it.
Objective: Follow Snuffler
Snuffler led me to a locked door. I heard Gascone's voice coming from the door as soon as we arrived. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Gascone
A panicked Gascone barricaded himself behind a massive door and refuses to come out. I must find another way into this mysterious facility—the Ventral Terminus.
Objective: Find Another Entrance to the Ventral Terminus
I entered the Ventral Terminus, but Gascone is nowhere in sight. I must explore this facility and to find the chancellor.
Objective: Find Gascone
According to Gascone, a wall of solid rock stands between us. If I want to find the chancellor, I'll need to come up with a way to break through this stone wall. Perhaps something in this room can help.
Objective: Find a Way Through the Wall
I found a massive clockwork automaton called an Imperfect. This gigantic machine might be capable of smashing through the stone wall that separates me from Gascone. I need to activate it first. To begin, I must open and align the nearby flow valves.
Objective: Align the Flow Valves
I successfully filled and charged an animo core. I should remove it from its filling bracket.
Objective: Take the Charged Animo Core
In order to activate the Imperfect, I need to slide the animo core into its charging socket.
Objective: Put the Animo Core in the Imperfect
I activated the Imperfect and, as expected, it smashed its way forward. I should follow the machine to make sure it makes it all the way to our destination.
Objective: Follow the Imperfect
It appears that the Imperfect ran out of fuel. I must find another animo core to get it moving again.
Objective: Find Another Animo Core
I successfully used the giant clockwork automaton to smash my way to a different part of the Terminus. Gascone must be around here somewhere. I should find and confront him.
Objective: Confront Gascone
Gascone yielded and left the Terminus. I must talk to him and decide his fate.
Objective: Talk to Gascone
(If you decide to spare Gascone) I decided to spare Chancellor Gascone. I should return to Varuni and tell her all that's transpired.

(If you decide to kill Gascone) I elected to kill the treacherous Chancellor Gascone. I should return to Varuni and tell her all that's transpired.

Objective: Talk to Varuni
Finishes quest☑ I told Varuni about my encounter with Gascone. I should talk to her to claim my reward.
Objective: Talk to Varuni
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