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Harvest kwama cuttle in Deepcrag Den.
Zone: Deshaan
Quest Giver: Orona
Location(s): Deepcrag Den
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
Orona, one of the Deepcrag miners, mentioned that killing the kwama and letting them rot is a waste. She'd much rather harvest their cuttle, which apparently has a lot of profitable uses.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Orona.
  2. Harvest kwama cuttle.
  3. Return to Orona.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You'll find Orona just inside the Deepcrag mine. She laments the fact that the kwama are hostile, and asks you to collect their cuttle.

"Here's another tip, free of charge. Keep your weapon handy. I've never seen kwama this aggressive. It's such a waste, isn't it?"
What do you mean?
"You're going to have to kill a lot of kwama to get through the tunnels, right? Letting them rot won't help anyone. Why not harvest their cuttle? It's the waxy stuff on their beaks. Million and one uses. I'll give you a fair price for it."
I'll consider your offer.

Continue through the mine killing kwama and collecting Kwama Cuttle until you have all 9. You can also get more information on why Orona is asking by taking the high path on the east side of the first room and talking to Valds.

After you have collected all nine cuttles, Orona will be outside of the mine. You can bring them to her and ask about her motives. You can tell her to either keep the cuttle or to give it to Bolril

"Were you able to gather any kwama cuttle?"
What do you plan to do with the cuttle?
"What does it matter? The kwama had to be killed Is it better that the cuttle go to waste? Why pass up the opportunity to make some gold? Or are you thinking of selling the cuttle yourself?"
The cuttle doesn't actually belong to you.
"My idea, my profit. Alchemists can't get enough of it, and it's not commonly available. That makes this the perfect situation. I won't apologize for being pragmatic."
That makes a certain amount of sense.
"This is good quality cuttle. Very smooth and pliable. Useful for making potions and salves. It would have been a shame to just leave them on the dead kwama."
I think you should give it to Boril instead of selling it.
"You fetcher! It was my idea! Fine. I'll give it to Boril. I'm sure he'll pat me on the head for being so loyal and honest. Who needs all those annoying gold pieces cluttering up their purse, anyway."

Etiher way, you will receive leveled gold for your trouble.

Quest Stages[edit]

Carving Cuttle
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I can bring any cuttle I collect back to Orona, but I made no promises.
Objective: Harvest Kwama Cuttle
I should find out what Orona plans to do with the kwama cuttle before I turn it over to her.
Objective: Talk to Orona
☑Finishes quest I collected kwama cuttle. I should bring it to Orona.
Objective: Talk to Orona
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