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Deleted Text[edit]

  • If you fail to keep both brothers alive all is not TOTALLY lost. When you return to their father he'll be distraut and tell you he has nothing left to give you because everything has to go for burial fees. However, if you speak with him more he'll tell you to go visit his friend in Roxey Inn. This will start the Heavy Armor Training quest.

I deleted this text, because the Heavy Armor Master Training quest is unrelated to the Killing Fields. You will get this quest any time you talk to Valus Odiil after your Heavy Armor skill reaches 70: whether you've done the Killing Fields or not, and no matter how many sons died while doing the quest. Valus also is not the only person who can start you on this quest; Varnado at the Best Defense will also give you this info. --Nephele 02:15, 6 August 2006 (EDT)

  • To make sure the two brothers survive, you must not go to Cloud Ruler Temple after rescuing Martin. Get Martin and Jauffre to help you on this quest (I did it at lvl 32 and no-one died). Them two are invincible and follow you where ever you go so you might like to get them to help you with other quests, such as killing Umbra, or bring them to forts and let they tank for you while you increase your skills (this is very useful for training destruction). They will NOT fight for you against guards.

Deleted this text because it seemed like it would apply any quest after meeting Martin - this may be better placed somewhere else more generic but not for a specific quest. Also, quality and first person. --Justthisguy 05:07, 16 December 2006 (EST) -I put this info back in before checking the talk page. Sorry about that but while I agree you don't have to mention every place a follower will come in handy I think we can justify it here as the involved NPCs help each other out in a way that (to me anyway) add to the immersion.

Odd AI Example[edit]

On this quest, as a newbie player, I must have accidentally hit the brothers multiple times without noticing. It seemed that the goblins and brothers stopped attacking each other to only attack me. I wasn't doing well so I got back to my horse and ran back to Chorrol. I got inside Chorrol and then one of the brothers followed me in, but was then attacked and killed by a guard. I went back outside the gate and one guard helped me kill another goblin. Somehow in the chase Brother Piner from Weynon Priory followed the chase all the way to the gate of Chorrol. I didn't figure out why, but a guard was attacking him at this point and killed him. He dropped some odd katana at his death. Carltonh 00:01, 8 December 2006 (EST)


If I kill the goblins at a low level, but not visit the father for the reward until I'm level 25, will I get the low level version or the level 25 one? Just curious. — Unsigned comment by Barfightbob (talkcontribs)

The item is scaled in power based on the player's level at the time the award is given. Therefore, you will get the level 25 version. You can get more info here. --Mankar CamoranTCE 08:45, 8 November 2007 (EST)

The Value of Summoning[edit]

One of the suggestions here is to use Summoning spells to bring in reinforcements to help you fight. In practice, however, this can be problematic, since a summoned creature that gets accidentally struck by one of the brothers will turn and attack them, thus damaging them and taking both brothers and the summoned creature out of the goblin fight. Wordmama 15:02, 23 November 2008 (EST)

What happens to the sons after the quest?[edit]

I followed them to their farm after the quest was finished, but do they stay there indefinitely? Or are they disabled after the quest? 18:00, 20 February 2009 (EST)

They both stay on the farm indefinitely, eating, sleeping and working the land. At some point we'll put their full schedules on the page. –RpehTCE 08:43, 21 February 2009 (EST)

Goblin Leveling Trigger[edit]

When I was about Level 4 or so, doing all of the Mage's Guild Recommendation Quests, I spoke with Valus to start the quest; however, I left the boys outside Weynon Priory until I was a little bit over Level 25. The Goblins were mostly Skirmishers, with a few other low-level Goblins and a Berserker or two, which would be about the norm for a level 4 character. At Level 25, however, I should be facing only Warlords and Shamans. However, Chillrend was at its Level 25+ status. While this quest ended up to be incredibly easy, I want to know how the leveling scripts are triggered. 18:05, 27 April 2009 (EDT)

The levelling isn't done properly. Both brothers have approximately the same level as the player character at the time they are spawned (in my case, lvl 46), but the goblins are always low-level, even though they are spawned from levelled lists. Yes, the levelled lists are used, but they point to low level creatures with preset levels, meaning the goblins are not adjusted to player character's level. Now I've got a question. The main page states,

The exact level and type of goblins will depend on your level.

Why are people writing such nonsense and why is this nonsense allowed to stay on the main page? I mean, it's obvious that whoever wrote this didn't even bother looking into the TES and just invented this! WRFan 00:55, 9 October 2009 (UTC)

Can you please be more civil when judging work done by others? In this case you are actually falling over what is a difference in semantics. The goblins are leveled in the way that stronger versions are picked from a leveled list. Nowhere is it stated that the goblins level along with the player, just that it varies depending on the player. There is a difference in this. If you feel that information is missing regarding the strongest goblins you may encounter you can add that. Claiming it is all nonsense is far fetched. --Timenn-<talk> 16:48, 10 October 2009 (UTC)

Disable defensive combat[edit]

The brothers won't attack the goblins, unless provoked. One of them fights, the other one just stands there. This is also mentioned on the main page. I recommend altering their AI packages and removing the flags "Defensive combat" and "Disable Fallout Behaviour", also add the faction "CreatureFaction" to "OdiilFaction" and set its dispo modifier to -100. This will ensure that both brothers attack the goblins on sight. I mean, they are just standing there, doing nothing! Hello! There are goblins all around you, don't just stand there! For god's sake, this is stupid!

In any case, both brothers aren't much help, but here's the thing - they are annoying like hell. If you cast Calm on the goblins, they will interrupt the Calmed state. Seems their AI package conflicts with the Calm spell effect, because they were affected by Calm too, but they continued to attack the goblins, I cast Calm for 30 seconds on everybody in the area, but the brothers only stay calmed for 6 seconds, after that time their AI package seems to force them to attack, thank you very much for dispelling the goblins' calmed state and turning them aggressive again! I was using paralysis+damage health on the goblins individually, while the others were just standing there, then the brothers hit them and here you go, goblins attack again, and of course they go after me! Oh, how I hate these idiots!

I also tried casting Demoralize on the brothers to get rid of them so that I could cast area spells without hitting them, I cast a monstrous spell Demoralize for 180 seconds up to lvl 25 in 25 feet area, the brothers ran away, but check this out, 30 seconds later one of them came back, moving around the field like a lunatic, doing nothing, just moving in circles, distracting and annoying me, preventing me from casting area spells. This is the stupidest quest ever created in an RPG!

In the end, I gave up. Nothing works, because the brothers' AI packages are weird and buggy. I just cast Shield 85%, Restore Health 10 pts, Fortify Strength 100 pts, all three effects as a single spell for 180 seconds on Touch on each of them, then cast Invisibility on myself. I can't fight properly when lunatics are distracting me! Ok, so with this buff in place, both brothers just hacked the goblins in pieces without taking any damage. Quest over, thank God. WRFan 01:18, 9 October 2009 (UTC)

I'm not sure if this is a glitch, but...[edit]

I completely screwed the pooch on this mission (it was early in the game and I've never been good on missions that depend on me defending NPCs). Funny thing, though--I came back many, many levels later and found Antus--still dead--propped up like a scarecrow (his brother was still lying in the same prone, dead position), as if the goblins were trying to send a message if intimidation. Can anyone confirm this?!? If I could figure out how to do a screen-grab on a 360, I'd up-load a pic of this.

Again, it could be a weird, eerie coincidental glitch. I'm not sure the mechanics of how it would glitch in that fashion, but I've seen odder glitches in TES series; Hell, in the PC Morrowind GOTY, an entire town once disappeared on me--save the doors (it was still there, but the graphics didn't display for some reason).

Keep up the good work...

Sincerely, Unregistered User

Moved notes[edit]

  • If you are a marksman, an easy way to do this quest is to climb up onto the rocks around the field. You can shoot down on the goblins as they swarm around the base of the rock, and neither you, or the Odiil brothers will take much damage.
  • Neither brother will fight unless attacked. This can be somewhat aggravating, as the goblins tend to swarm on the nearest brother while the other just stands there.
  • If you have a spell that renders a target invisible, use it on the brothers to prevent them from fighting at all. The goblins will not attack them and they will not engage. This is useful at higher levels when the goblins wipe the floor with the brothers.
  • If you lamentably fail to keep a brother alive, you can mitigate your grief by looting his key and stealing things from the farmhouse, with no repercussions.
  • Prior to starting this quest, purchase a Convalescence spell (requires Restoration skill of 25 or higher (Apprentice Level) from the Chapel in Chorrol. This will allow you to heal the brothers in battle (and between waves) to keep them alive. Summon spells should also be purchased from the Mages Guild in Chorrol to aid in the fight.
  • With all the chances for the brothers to die, it might be easy to just do this quest early when the goblins are not stronger than the brothers.
  • This quest can be combined with the Weynon Priory quest. Start this quest but hold off meeting the Odiil brothers until you are escorting Martin back from Kvatch. The Odiil brothers will be waiting outside the priory when you arrive, they will give you a hand with the Mythic Dawn Agents. Thank them by bringing Martin and Jauffre to their farm for some goblin hunting. For a laugh, bring the Jemane brothers as well, with 4 essential NPCs the goblins won't even get near the Odiil brothers.
  • If you are a mage, try creating an area-of-effect spell using a Drain Health effect (or Damage Health, but Damage Health is more expensive). This will allow you to launch the spell at the ground in front of the goblins rushing in and wipe many of them out with one spell.
  • Also, you can use the Permanent Bound Items Glitch and enchant the armor and weapon and then Reverse Pickpocket the items into their inventory (just fast-travel to Chorrol and back, then they'll put on the armor).
  • With the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, it is possible to lead the guards to the field to help dispatch the goblins, provided you remove the cowl when you get there.

This hints could be used to help the article if they were organized into a section, but as it is they are just cluttering up the notes. --AKB Talk 06:22, 21 February 2011 (UTC)

Blessing of Dementia in the Killing Fields (PS3)[edit]


I used the Blessing of Dementia on the goblins but one of the brothers got caught in the area of effect. They all started running away. I tried to run after them, but the game crashed soon after we left the fence behind. I don't know if it was a coincidence or if the quest crashes if anyone leaves the area. Anyway, I thought you may like to include this in the article. Great game! 15:58, 2 October 2011 (UTC) Agis

Broketh Thee Quest...[edit]

I am not sure *how* I did this, mine you. I got the quest, talked to the brothers, went out to the field, killed only 5 goblins then no more waves, no more goblins, nothing. My Adoring Fan (I finished the Arena quests, so... ) came back and "Wait" became available so no enemies near by. I waited an hour, ran all over the countryside, nothing, and the two brothers wouldn't speak to me, just told me to kill the filthy beasts. There was no more goblins so I eventually gave up and did a "Setstage MS18 50" to advance it forward and got the Chillrend. Not sure how I glitched it but I did. >.< If anyone can reproduce results perhaps adding this to the Bugs section of the quest page?