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Anybody know more about this place? Sounds like a quest that never made it into the game. They talk about these great parties and how you're not invited. Besides the 6 names I moved to the section, there are three others, Ohtimbar from the Fighters Guild, and Eilonwy and Orintur from the Mages guild, who attend regularly. None of these NPCs seems to be involved in any quests, and the word "Riverview" is not even mentionned anywhere, except by the people that go there. (A search of this site finds pretty much nothing about it.) --TheRealLurlock 23:26, 28 July 2006 (EDT)

I haven't come across anything in the game. All the official game guide's listing on Riverview has to say is that two of the servants are mythic dawn agents (confirmed in CS; I've added it to their bios). I looked a bit more, and found one other reference: eight skooma potions can be found in Riverview, and the guide suggests perhaps that's why Voranil is so unpleasant to his hired help (not too sure what that's referring to... just the fact that two of his servants became mythic dawn agents?) --Nephele 19:30, 12 August 2006 (EDT)

Orum Gang[edit]

According to the official game guide the Orum gang are a bunch of orc skooma dealers who operate out of Cheydinhal. They're described under "Drugs" in the freeform quests section; in other words, there's no real quest here. There are two ways you can find out about the gang. Bazur gro-Gharz will tell you that he's part of the gang and that "boss uglies in Cheydindhal are the Orums". Also, the gang is also mentioned in Gray Fox Unmasked!.

Supposedly the gang has a regular skooma delivery schedule. Oghash gra-Magul leaves Cheydinhal 6 am Tuesdays for the waterfront district, where she retrieves 10 skoomas from a locked barrel next to Myvyrna Arano's house. On Fridays at 6 am she goes to Walker Camp and sells the skooma to the Camonna Tong thugs who hang out there. She delivers most of the gold (except her 100 gold cut) to the gang's boss, Dulfish gro-Orum. Meanwhile, the Camonna Thugs deliver the skooma to a hollowed out rock near Kingscrest Cavern.

The final thing mentioned by the guide is that the gang gathers for lunch at Newlands lodge a little after noon, and gathers again for dinner about 8 pm. I haven't checked out any of this in the game, but if anyone is interested in the Orum gang, this should give you some leads on where to look. --Nephele 19:09, 12 August 2006 (EDT)

I know at least some of it is true - Ohgash does make the Walker Camp trip for sure, and delivers money to Dulfish. The rest of it is likely true, though I'd have to do some checking. What's really weird is that sombody at Bethesda went to a lot of trouble setting all that up, so it's rather surprising that it's NOT related to any quests or anything like that. Likewise with the Riverview above. Definitely seems like there should be something more interesting that is related to these... --TheRealLurlock 19:21, 12 August 2006 (EDT)