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Vigge the Cautious
(RefID: 000293F4)
Home City Skingrad
Location Skingrad Mages Guild
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 15 Class Mage
RefID 000293F4 BaseID 000293F3
Available 8am-12pm, 2pm-5pm, 8pm-12am every day
Other Recharging Recharging
Gold 15 Mercantile Novice (6)
Spells Conjuration SpellsDestruction Spells
Other Information
Health 101 Magicka 205
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Skingrad Citizen; Guild for Mages Conjurer(Conjurer Conjurer)
Vigge the Cautious in the Skingrad Guild Hall

Vigge the Cautious, a Nord mage, is a Conjurer of the Mages Guild who sells spells and offers recharging services at the Skingrad Guildhall. Despite being the highest ranking member in town, he is not the head of the guildhall.

He seems to have little to do in his life. He eats lunch from midday to 2pm and dinner from 6pm to 8pm, and spends most of the rest of the day wandering around the Guild building. He does so every morning when he wakes up, from 8am to midday; after lunch, from 2pm until 5pm and after dinner, from 8pm until midnight, when he goes to sleep in his room in the Living Quarters, waking at 8am once more. The only time he leaves the guild is at 5pm, when regardless of weather, he takes a trip towards the Chapel of Julianos. He never quite reaches the chapel, however, giving up and returning to the guild at 6pm.

He wears upper-class garb, consisting of a black & burgundy outfit and a pair of green velvet shoes. He also carries a small amount of gold and a spare green silk garment. He doesn't carry any weapons, relying instead on a set of medium-high level Destruction spells. These are also the same spells that you can buy from him for a cheap price, since his Mercantile is a mere 6. He will always offer his services when not sleeping, eating, or taking his abortive trip to the chapel.

Vigge seems to be somewhat diffident. When first encountered he will say, "You want me? You sure? I'm Vigge. I'm Mages Guild, but I don't train or anything." This extends to his attitude towards his posting in Skingrad. When asked about town, he says "Well, it's a bit rugged. Nothing like the Arcane University. Have to go to the Imperial City to buy anything. But it's good enough, I suppose." If you are not in the Guild, Vigge will tell you about the many benefits of joining: "The best spells are closely guarded by the guild, but are available to high-ranking members. You should consider joining." Even though he himself has a good repertoire of spells, he will inform you that certain mages at the Arcane University have mastered even more: "Between the two of them, Borissean and Gaspar have mastered nearly every type of spell there is. You'd be wise to go see them if you can."

During the recommendation quest, Vigge will not be overly helpful but will instead point you towards the right people. When asked about the missing Erthor he will inform you about Bleak Flats Cave: "He hasn't shown up here in a while. I assumed he was still out at Bleak Flats Cave, where he usually stays." When asked about the cave, Vigge will instead point you to Druja: "I don't remember where it is, honestly. I know it's west of Skingrad... Druja could probably tell you. She has a better memory than I do."

The townsfolk have a rather higher opinion of his ability, though, and may be overheard saying "Must be nice being in the Mages Guild. If they need something recharged, they just talk to Vigge the Cautious, and poof! All done." or "Vigge the Cautious is responsible for enchanted item recharge at the Mages Guild. Good thing he's cautious. I'd hate to have something go wrong." Druja will also recommend Vigge: "Adrienne may read too much, but you should see the Summon spell she taught Vigge. He might teach you, if you're skilled enough."


He sells the following spells:

Spell Name Level Cost Effects
Summon Storm Atronach** Master 500 Summon Storm Atronach for 40sec on Self
Blazing Spear* Journeyman 106 Fire Damage 35pts on Target
Corrode Weapon* Journeyman 117 Disintegrate Weapon 60pts on Touch
Dire Wound* Journeyman 104 Drain Health 30pts for 10sec on Target
Drain Skill: Alteration* Journeyman 78 Drain Skill: Alteration 15pts for 25sec on Target
Drain Skill: Destruction Journeyman 78 Drain Skill: Destruction 15pts for 25sec on Target
Drain Skill: Hand to Hand* Journeyman 78 Drain Skill: Hand to Hand 15pts for 25sec on Target
Drain Skill: Heavy Armor* Journeyman 78 Drain Skill: Heavy Armor 15pts for 25sec on Target
Fire Ball* Journeyman 131 Fire Damage 30pts in 10ft on Target
Frost Bolt* Journeyman 105 Frost Damage 35pts on Target
Greater Magicka Drain* Journeyman 80 Drain Magicka 50pts for 30sec on Touch
Hail Storm* Journeyman 129 Frost Damage 30pts in 10ft on Target
Lightning Bolt* Journeyman 110 Shock Damage 35pts on Target
Lightning Grasp* Journeyman 101 Shock Damage 45pts on Touch
Searing Grasp* Journeyman 97 Fire Damage 45pts on Touch
Shocking Burst* Journeyman 112 Shock Damage 15pts in 10ft for 2 sec on Target
Weakness to Magicka** Journeyman 69 Weakness to Magic 25% for 30sec on Target
Winter's Grasp Journeyman 96 Frost Damage 45pts on Touch
Withering Touch Journeyman 93 Damage Health 30pts on Touch
Dire Enervation* Expert 152 Drain Fatigue 60pts for 30sec on Target
Electrocution Master 479 Shock Damage 110pts on Target
Ice Blast* Master 455 Frost Damage 110pts on Target
Immolating Blast Master 461 Fire Damage 110pts on Target

* Indicates spells which cannot be purchased from anyone else, though spells with the same effects at different magnitudes can be purchased elsewhere.
** Indicates spells with effects which cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Purchased Spell Notes
  • The magicka cost for most purchasable spells matches the value you would calculate from the Spell Cost equation. In other words, if you were to create the same spell at the Spellmaking Altar, it would have the same magicka cost as the purchasable spell. There are a few exceptions. Spells that are a bad deal, i.e. more expensive than a custom spell, are in red; spells that are a good deal are in green. The magicka cost if you were to create a custom spell at the Spellmaking Altar is shown in parentheses.
  • The magicka cost for spells is dependent upon your skill in the school (as modified by Luck, see Magic Overview). The provided baseline values are the magicka cost when your skill level is 33. For other skill levels the magicka cost can be determined from:
Cost * (1.4 - 0.012 * Skill)
  • More powerful spells cost more to buy, have a higher skill requirement, and consume more Magicka.
  • Level indicates what skill level you must reach (or surpass) in order to use a spell. Skill Level 0-24 = Novice, 25-49 = Apprentice, 50-74 = Journeyman, 75-99 = Expert, 100 = Master.
  • The base cost in gold that you must pay to purchase a spell is always three times the current magicka cost of the spell, taking into account your character's skill level and Luck. (The actual cost you pay is further increased based on how well you haggle with the merchant.) Therefore, if you have any Fortify Skill or Fortify Luck spells/potions handy, you can get significantly better deals when purchasing spells.


  • Vigge's trip towards the chapel is cut short because of overlapping schedules. He is supposed to leave the guild hall at 4pm, but the schedule for his after-lunch wander takes precedence and goes on for three hours from 2pm, keeping him in the guild. If that schedule lasted for only two hours, he would have enough time to reach the chapel, where he would walk around on the entrance steps.