Oblivion:Letter from Branwen

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Book Information
ID 000a9668
Value 0 Weight 0.1
Found in the following locations:
  • To the player's right of Owyn in the Arena Bloodworks, crumpled on the floor
Letter from Branwen
A note to an absent father


I know you don't believe me. I know you think I'm just some stupid kid who doesn't know what she's talking about. But the truth is the truth -- you ARE my father.

One night with a scullery maid is all it takes. Or maybe your father deserted you, too, and never taught you the basic lessons of life? Anyway, the past is long forgotten. What matters now is that you come to terms with the truth. I am your daughter, and I will join the Arena as a combatant.

Maybe someday, when I'm Grand Champion, you'll see that we have the same blood, the same tenacity. Until then [sic] day comes, I'll train every moment of every day. All I want, all I ever wanted, was to make you proud.

Your loving daughter,