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These are the questions that I consider need to be answered before becoming a complete guide to magic:


  • What makes a spell different than a power?
  • Does skill level in a respective school of magic count against a power?
  • Can powers be silenced?
  • Can powers fail?
  • Are there Greater and Lesser powers like Oblivion?


  • Is there "spell effectiveness" like in Oblivion?
  • Does casting spells cost fatigue?

-- Jplatinum16 16:26, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

I think the article does well explaining the difference between spells and powers, and I've recently added a few sentences concerning Skill Level (no effect), silence (powers can be used while silenced). There are no Lesser Powers or Spell Effectiveness - the article mentions neither, and I see no reason why they should - maybe a note on the [Morrowind_for_oblivion_players] page, but no reason to mention it here. And no, casting spells does not cost fatigue, though current fatigue has a large impact on spell chances. Is it ready for closure now? DextroWombat 03:29, 6 March 2012 (UTC)

Resistances and their application + other details[edit]

Where would I put details involving resistances?

Basically resistance works on a one time only application to any spell effect and im sure many people know this but many people don't as well.

I've seen people make and list spells they've made and have spells like weakness to fire 30% for 3 seconds + fire damage 30 for 3 seconds.

The spell example shows that they aren't aware of the fact that you only need a 1 second weakness effect and that it applies for the full 3 seconds of the spell length due to resistance only being applied once thus any resistance changes won't change the power of the spell after it is applied regardless of the length.

I figure since people tend to make such inefficient spells and don't realize that they can reduce the costs further by making it more efficient through understanding resistance that perhaps helping people to understand the effectiveness of resistance reducing effects and how to use them might help people to make effective use of their mana reserves and thus help to fix the problem of mana being too low for effective gameplay.

Like a spell I made recently that does 100% frost weakness for 1 second + 20 frost damage for 10 seconds. It only costs 75 mana for a whopping 200 damage against 100% resist,300 to 50%, 400 to 0%, 500 to altmers,etc.

Also adding in info about how innate resistances to races can help in combat involving reflect effects as a hint for gameplay would be nice seeing as argonian's are the best poison spell weilders,nords are cold/lightning weilders at best,so on so forth. The probability of a double effect spell reflecting one effect versus a dremora lord is...well let's say 100 touch attacks. 15% of the first effect reflect back so 100 - 15 = 85% then out of 85% that don't reflect second effect gets reflected 15% of time so 85% - 12.75% = 72.25% chance of no reflect so 27.75% chance of at least 1 reflect occuring on a double effect spell. Then a double reflect is 100% - 85% = 15% because 15% of 100 touch attacks reflect back first effect and then 15% of the 15 reflect 2nd so 15% x 15% = 2.25% of the time is double reflect which means 97.75% of the time a nord fails to hurt themselves with a 100% weakness to frost for 1 second + 20 frost damage for 10 seconds spell.

That calculation demonstrates how innate resistances make certain races best at certain kinds of spells especially in combination with weakness effects.

Also info on how to make more efficient damage spells by stringing their damage along on longer durations like 5 for 20 instead of 100 for 1 would be nice I'd think and that the best way to make efficienct spells is to experiment around.

Also I don't like how the guide says that to be an effective mage you need a certain race + atronach or apprentice sign when making pure mages. My destructionist nord has the apprentice sign and only 275 mana with mentor's ring and I don't have any problems because I experimented around enough when making spells to be able to make super efficient spells like that huge damage dealing touch attack.

That's about all I can add for now and I have no clue where to begin adding in details or if any are considered not needed for the page so if anyone feels like adding in such things as listed above to any pages they might fit in with be my guest. Oh and since I failed to log in beforehand sadly I'll just state my username Rykros2005.

                        19:05, 13 January 2011 (UTC)

Damage Range of Spells?[edit]

I wondered if this page could include a section to clarify if spell damage ranges (1-10 fire damage etc.) are a randomly generated number, or if they are in fact affected by your skills, willpower and fatigue, similar to the chance of a succesfully casting a spell?

The combat page goes into detail on calculations for the damage that a weapon does and it might be useful to have something similar for magic.TheCabbageMerchant 18:04, 13 October 2011 (UTC)

What else could it mean? If you feel it needs explanation, go for it, but you're the first person I've ever (met) that has any doubt as to what 1-10 means in this context. rpeh •TCE 21:56, 13 October 2011 (UTC)

Order of spell effects?[edit]

In oblivion when casting a fire spell with a weakness to fire effect that spell will not benefit from the weakness effect. A second spell must be cast to receive the extra damage. Is it the same? Also wondering about fortifying casting skills and if a destruction spell with a fortify destruction self effect will receive the benefits before or after to determine success. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 18:57 on 24 December 2013