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Andre Maul?[edit]

Is there anything to Andre Maul and his tower, north of Dagon Fel? It's funny but all the times I have played Morrowind I never found this place - not that it seems necessary- until recently when I stumbled across it and immediately thought it was part of one of my many plug-ins... but he's plain old Morrowind. Does he have any unique or special dialogue/items? Is Andre Maul an hommage to anyone? - 09:46, 26 July 2008 (EDT)

Dwemer towers[edit]

First paragraph, line 5: " Dagon Fel are the two Dwemer towers outside the city". Shouldn't this also include Andre Maul's Tower, north of Dagon Fel? Which probably makes Dagon Fel the "most Dwemer towers per head" town of Morrowind ;-) - 09:52, 26 July 2008 (EDT)

Heh, I suppose so, since the zone of the tower itself is called Dagon Fel, Andre Maul's Tower. I just created the page Andre Maul's Tower, feel free to add any detail. --BenouldTC 19:53, 26 July 2008 (EDT)
Isn't it also the "only Dwemer towers per head" town of Morrowind? I can't think of a single other Dwemer tower that's located in a town, unless you count Druscashti or Galom Daeus, which aren't really towns so much as vampire hideouts. There are a few towns with Velothi-style towers such as Arvs-Drelen in Gnisis and - actually, that's the only one, I think, except for the Telvanni Tower in Vivec. And of course all the Telvanni towns have those mushroom-towers, but only Dagon Fel actually features any Dwemer construction in town. --TheRealLurlock Talk 20:15, 26 July 2008 (EDT)

City Banner[edit]

I've looked in the CS and in-game, and didn't see a banner for Dagon Fel. All I found was a wooden signpost. If we're creating banners for towns that don't ordinarily have them, then I guess this isn't really an issue. – KJR1012 Talk Email Contribs 03:55, 1 September 2008 (EDT)

Darn. I thought you (or somebody else) might be able to find one where I'd failed. If there's no banner we don't want to make them up so I've just removed the tag instead. –RpehTCE 07:13, 1 September 2008 (EDT)
I went through and looked at the pages for the other cities/towns. It seems that there isn't anything in the way of a Great House or faction banner that could be used for Dagon Fel, being primarily a Nord outpost. Not even the Legion has any significant presence there. – KJR1012 Talk Email Contribs 04:00, 4 September 2008 (EDT)

Map link is broken[edit]

When you click on the view on map link, you get a pop up that says the website needs a different Google Map API key. I thought it was just my computer, but every other city/town I've looked at worked just fine. I'd fix it myself but I have no idea how. KamekoHaru 08:17, 10 March 2011 (UTC)

It's working fine for me. Try it again. rpeh •TCE 08:43, 10 March 2011 (UTC)
That's odd. It still doesn't work for me and neither does Gnaar Mok, Ald Velothi, or Vos but Ald'ruhn, Sadrith Mora, Vivec, and every other town works fine.(I just finished clicking them all.) I get two pop up boxes, the first says the website needs new API key, a new key can be generated at some long google URL. Then when I click ok another pop up says, Sorry the Google Maps API is not compatiable with this browser. I'm running IE8 and the other links work.. not sure why? KamekoHaru 01:24, 11 March 2011 (UTC)
It sounds like a browser problem. Use a different browser or try disabling extensions. There's no problem with the map. rpeh •TCE 08:10, 11 March 2011 (UTC)

Dagon Fel history[edit]

To whom it may concern,

Just noticed that if you go to Dagon Fel and ask any local about said location, they give you a bit of history. Something along the lines of how it was an ancient city years ago. Thanks! — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 04:13 on 15 December 2013