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Value 250 Weight 0.2
Alchemy Effects
1st Drain Agility Drain Agility
2nd Invisibility Invisibility
3rd Reflect Reflect
4th Detect Key Detect Key
# Samples 65 (+4 cursed)
Ore Diamond  % 60
# Rocks 28
Raw Diamond ore

"The diamond is a rare, transparent, extremely hard gemstone of great value."

Diamonds are a rare and valuable ingredient. There is only one Diamond Mine in all of Vvardenfell, and it is fairly well guarded. One good place to look is in Dwemer ruins. The barrels there often have various gems, including diamonds, in them. Another place to find them is as offerings in Daedric shrines. Beware, however, as some of these are cursed and will cause a dremora lord to appear behind you and attack. The cursed ones have a different ID: ingred_Dae_cursed_diamond_01. They will not stack with regular diamonds, and can be mixed together with them to produce a potion with all four effects. Sugar-Lips Habasi of the Balmora Thieves Guild will ask you to steal one for her during the Diamonds for Habasi quest.

Diamond is one of only two ingredients in vanilla Morrowind which can be used to create Invisibility potions, the other ingredient being Bittergreen Petals. Both the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansion adds one other ingredient with an Invisibility effect.

The following vendors keep a restocking supply:

Ore Rocks:

Cursed Diamonds:

Greatest number of loose samples: