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The Ternion Monks was a monastic order based in Skyrim. They were dedicated to the worship of three animal totems: bear, wolf and fox, collectively known as the Three Old Gods.[1] Their religion itself is ancient, dating back the Atmorans and their worship of the animal totems.[2] The monks are also known for their healing magic, and can call forth aspects of the Three Old Gods. With the help of these spirits, the monks can perform tasks beyond the scope of mortal limitations.[3]

The Ternion Monks typically worship and meditate in holy retreats that are almost inaccessible outsiders. Often, access to these temple is only possible with the use of magic, and entry to outsiders is only granted if they are in great need and are worthy. By the Second Era, the order was in decline as very little proselytizing took place and fewer and fewer converts took up the worship of the Three Old Gods.[1]

In 2E 582, the Ebonheart Pact sought the aid of the Ternion Monks in order to cure High King Jorunn, who was suffering from the effects of a potent Daedric poison. The Vestige, with the aid of the aspects of the Three Old Gods, entered Joruun's nightmares and saved him.[4]

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