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Summerset Isle
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Summerset Isles
Appears in Arena, ESO
A map of the whole province

Summerset Isle is a large island to the southwest of Tamriel's mainland. It is the largest of the three main islands in the Summerset Isles, which encompasses over a dozen more smaller islands.


Little of the geography of the Summerset Isles is known. Cloudrest, atop Eton Nir, the highest mountain in Summerset, is an odd mixture of architectural styles, with buildings like strangler vines, built on top of older structures. The oldest, and most isolated, of all ruins there are made of coral, which must have been carried many, many, miles away from the sea.[1] This highly suggests original occupation by the Sload.


The canah bird is an exotic species bred on Summerset Isle, in particular for their beautiful feathers.[2]

Notable Places[edit]

The capital of the Summerset Isles. It is located on the western shore.
A city on the north-central area.
Crystal Tower
Also known as Crystal-Like-Law, this structure is of symbolic importance to the Altmer just as White Gold was for the Ayleids.
A city on the southeastern shore.
Eton Nir
The tallest mountain in Summerset Isles, and is the site of some of the Isles' most amazing architecture. It is located in the north-central area.
A city on the northwestern shore.
A city on the eastern-central area.
A city in the south-southwestern area.


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