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"Each event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the hero, there is no Event."
Zurin Arctus, the Underking

A Hero (or Heroine) is a mortal blessed (and cursed, from another point of view) with a special fate and the ability to rule his or her own destiny. Heroes are closely related to the prophecies revealed in the Elder Scrolls, but are not bound by them. They often grow to become far more powerful than most other mortals.[1][2]

Eternal Champion[edit]

Hero of TES I: Arena The Eternal Champion, also known as Talin, was born in 3E 370.[3] In 3E 399, during the Imperial Simulacrum, he reconstructed the Staff of Chaos and rescued Uriel Septim VII from his imprisonment at the hands of Jagar Tharn.[4]

The Agent[edit]

Hero of TES II: Daggerfall The Agent, born in 3E 375, was sent as an operative of the Empire to exorcise the spirit of a dead king, but ended on a quest that would change all of northwestern Tamriel.[3][5]

The Apprentice[edit]

Hero of ESL: Battlespire The Apprentice was sent to the Battlespire in the late Third Era to make way for the Shadow Legion. The Apprentice found the spire captured by Mehrunes Dagon, and fought an army of Daedra to rescue their companion.[6]


Hero of TESA: Redguard Cyrus the Redguard was a mercenary born in 2E 831. He returned to the island of Stros M'Kai in 2E 864 to find his missing sister, but ended up leading his fellow Redguards in a rebellion against the Empire.[7]


Hero of TES III: Morrowind Also known as Blodskaal, the Nerevarine was sent to Vvardenfell as a prisoner of the Empire in 3E 427. His arrival was directly linked to a prophecy which dictated that Lord Indoril Nerevar would be reincarnated and return to Morrowind to defeat Dagoth Ur and restore the glory of Resdayn. As destiny unfolded, he battled against living gods, and then, in the frozen wastes of Solstheim, against the champions of Hircine.[8][9][10][11]

Master Tunnel Rat[edit]

Hero TES Travels: Stormhold The Master Tunnel Rat was sent to Stormhold prison during the Third Era, where they were forced to clear the underground ruins in search of crystals. They slew the Mad Warden Quintus Varus, and used the Storm Crystal to remove the evil from the mining camp.[12]

Hero of Dawnstar[edit]

Hero of TES Travels: Dawnstar The Hero of Dawnstar was sent to the exile post of Dawnstar during the Third Era, which was besieged by the Ice Tribes. They revealed which of the town's champions was a traitor in league with the tribes, and emerged victorious from the ensuing battle.[13]

Soul of Conflict[edit]

Hero of TES Travels: Shadowkey The Soul of Conflict's destiny began when their home village of Azra's Crossing was attacked by bandits during the War of the Bend'r-mahk. The hero becomes entrenched in the war, and learns of an evil incarnation being created with shadow magic and the conflict caused by the ongoing war. This Shadow of Conflict, or Umbra' Keth, was sought by Jagar Tharn and Pergan Asuul for their own ends. The Soul of Conflict gathered the seven Star Teeth and destroyed the monster.[14]

Champion of Cyrodiil[edit]

Hero of TES IV: Oblivion Also known as the Hero of Kvatch, Savior of Bruma, Divine Crusader, or Madgod of the Shivering Isles. Released by chance from prison in the Imperial City, this hero's tale began as a courier for Uriel Septim VII and ended in the salvation of all Tamriel from the forces of Mehrunes Dagon.[15][16] The Champion saved Tamriel again by reuniting the Relics of the Divine Crusader, defeating Umaril the Unfeathered, and even visited Sheogorath's realm of insanity to battle the Daedric prince Jyggalag and end an eons-long cycle of order and chaos, becoming the new Sheogorath, Prince of Madness.[17][18]

Last Dragonborn[edit]

Hero of TES V: Skyrim Also known as the Dragonborn, Dovahkiin or Ysmir, Dragon of the North.[19][20] Attempting to cross the border into Skyrim, the Dragonborn was caught by the Imperial Legion and sent to the village of Helgen to be executed. Unexpectedly, Alduin attacked the settlement, which allowed the Dragonborn to escape. As destiny unfolded, this hero turned out to be the fabled Last Dragonborn from the prophecy inscribed into Alduin's Wall.[21] With the help of the last Blades and the Greybeards, the Dragonborn entered Sovngarde and defeated Alduin. They also recovered lost Elder Scrolls related to a vampire plot to blot out the sun, and journeyed to Solstheim to stop the return of Miraak, the First Dragonborn.[22][23]

Soulless One[edit]

Hero of The Elder Scrolls Online Also known as the Vestige, the Soulless One was sacrificed to Molag Bal by Mannimarco as part of a dark ritual. With the aid of a mysterious man known as The Prophet, the Soulless One escaped their prison in Coldharbour in 2E 582. They then reformed the Five Companions and fought back against Molag Bal and the Planemeld, with help from the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild. The Soulless One also participated in the Three Banners War in some capacity,[24] aided King Kurog in his rebuilding of Orsinium,[25] foiled a plot to sap Vivec of his power,[26] and protected the Clockwork City from being taken over by Daedra.[27]

Forgotten Hero[edit]

Hero of TES: Legends The Forgotten Hero was captured by a Dremora, Reive, and managed to escape with a fellow captive, a Blade named Tyr. They discovered that Lord Naarifin intended to bring about a prophecy known as the Culling, and on their journey several others joined their party. They found the Emperor, and the hero, disguised in the Emperor's armor, led an attack on the Imperial City and defeated Naarifin.


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