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Sanguine also known as Sangiin, is a Daedric Prince whose sphere is hedonistic revelry, debauchery, and passionate indulgences of darker natures.[1] Fittingly, he often appears on the seals and signs of brothels and whorehouses.[citation needed] Sanguine is depicted as a portly man with a dremora-like head with horns, usually with a bottle in his hand or a whore under his thumb.[2][3] He is thought to control thousands of small realms.[4] He is known to be allied with Vaermina,[5] while his enemies are Ebonarm and the Benevolence of Mara.[5] His summoning day is Heart's Day.[6]

Religion and Culture[edit]

Sanguine is known to the Khajiit as "Sangiin": the Blood Cat or the Blood God of the Second Litter. [7] According to the writings of Amun-dro, Sangiin is not evil by nature, but his sphere distracts Khajiit from the Path.[7] His sphere encourages people to seek out the urges of blood and pleasure without purpose.[7] He is said to tempt Khajiit by making their flesh immortal.[7] There exists a number of Khajiiti vampire clans that worship Sangiin, so the promises of immortality likely entail being given the gift of vampirism.[8]

In Cyrodiil, those seeking to speak with Sanguine usually offer a bottle of Cyrodiilic Brandy to one of his shrines.[9]


Sanguine Rose[edit]

The Sanguine Rose (sometimes called Sanguine's Rose) is a Daedric artifact created by the Daedric Prince Sanguine. It can take on many forms, including that of an actual rose, a wooden stave carved like a rose or a staff-sized rose. Although powerful, the Rose is not an artifact most would care to possess. It can be used to summon a lesser Daedra, who will attack all except the holder. The Daedra is uncontrollable, unlike those summoned by Conjuration, but as with conjured creatures it is only bound to the mortal plane temporarily. Each time the Rose is used it wilts a little, and when all the petals fall off, it loses its power. When this happens, a new rose blooms somewhere in Oblivion and is plucked by Sanguine to be given to another champion.

Threads of the Webspinner[edit]

Sanguine is also credited with creating 27 Threads of the Webspinner for Mephala to bestow upon her worshipers, the Morag Tong. The Threads, all enchanted pieces of clothing or jewelry, were greatly sought after by Eno Hlaalu, Grandmaster of the Morag Tong circa 3E 427.[10]

The Myriad Realms of Revelry[edit]

One of the Myriad Realms

The Myriad Realms of Revelry are a congeries of one hundred thousand pocket and sub-realms of Oblivion, created and ruled over by the Daedric Prince of Indulgence, Sanguine. The realms are used mainly as pleasure pockets, refashioned to meet the needs and desires of its visitants. As such, Sanguine himself has very little control over them.


Several varieties of Daedra are known to serve Sanguine. Among them are Ogrim, Dremora, Dark Seducers, Banekin and Scamps.[11][12] The Ogrim serve as bouncers at Sanguine's parties.[11]


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