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Type Island
Continent Tamriel

Olenveld is an island off the coast of Skyrim, a day's sail in favorable conditions from Winterhold.

The island originally hosted a significant city, although it was abandoned sometime in the Second Era.[1] Tiber Septim used Olenveld as his own personal graveyard, lining its abandoned streets with gravestones. Eventually the island city was forgotten, and Olenveld disappeared from the maps.[2]

After Hannibal Traven became the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild circa 3E 431,[3] he introduced a ban on necromancy in the guild. Forced to go into hiding, a group of necromancers set out to find Olenveld and its plentiful supply of bodies. After spending a week searching for the island, they set up shop in the old Mages Guild building and became somewhat well-known for their ability to preserve sickly children by turning them undead.[2]


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