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Colovian Highlands
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
Colovian Highlands
Map of the Colovian Highlands

The Colovian Highlands are a hilly, forested region of Colovia on the western edge of Cyrodiil. The land is largely remoted and sparsely vegetated. It is found along the borders towards the province of Hammerfell. The region contains a large portion of the Imperial Reserve, and it empties out towards the Gold Coast and the West Weald, near the county of Kvatch. The county seat of Chorrol can be found just east of the Colovian Highlands, right where it meets with the Great Forest.[1] The forest in the region is described as ancient.[2] Despite the lack of activity, the Colovian Highlands contain some civilization, as the Imperial historian, Dubicius comes from the Colovian Highlands.[3]


After slaying his brother in 1E 478, Rislav Larich would be confronted by Emperor Gorieus and his Alessian Horde. But after successfully attacking them, Rislav's armies were pushed from the West Weald, and into the Colovian Highlands. Here, Gorieus' army had met with King Justinius of Kvatch's army, and were subsequently defeated, retreating into the Nibenay.[2]

Emperor Titus Mede II would lead the Imperial Legion in the final conflict of the Great War, known as the Battle of the Red Ring in 4E 175. He had split his army into three, giving them the signal to have them descend onto the Aldmeri Dominion. One his armies, under the command of General Decianus, would hide in the Colovian Highlands, near Chorrol. The Empire would later emerge victoriously and reclaim the Imperial City.[4]



  • The name, "Colovian Highlands" may also refer to the greater region of Colovia, which consists of western Cyrodiil.[2][5]

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