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Soul Gems are a token system used to obtain specific cards. They can be earned directly as a game reward, or by Soul Trapping cards in your collection, destroying the card in the process. Once you have the required amount of Gems, you can Soul Summon a specific card to add a copy to your collection. Summoning a card requires many more Gems than are earned from Trapping one.

Soul TrappingEdit

Soul Trapping will remove a card from your inventory and in exchange give you a number of Soul Gems. The number of gems given increases based on the rarity of the soul trapped card. In soul sight mode, selecting the button that has a left facing arrow over three cards will let you soul trap all of your extra cards at once.

Rarity Soul Trap Premium
Common 5 50
Rare 20 100
Epic 100 400
Legendary 400 1200

Soul SummoningEdit

Soul Summoning allows you to spend Soul Gems you have earned to craft new cards for your collection. The cost to Soul Summon a card increases based on rarity.

Rarity Soul Summoning Cost Premium
Common 50 200
Rare 100 400
Epic 400 1600
Legendary 1200 4800
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