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Solo Arena is a game mode in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Solo Arena consists of several consecutive matches against the AI. Rather than using one of the your already-constructed decks, you choose one of three offered classes to play as, and will given a selection of cards within that class to build a 30-card deck from. The deck will last only through the remainder of the arena, and you are given a choice from three more cards each time you defeat an opponent.

Rewards from the Area are greater than the rewards earned in the campaign and Battle modes, and may include legendary cards or multiple card packs.

Solo and Versus Arena modes both have a rank systems independent of the other, though the progression and naming scheme are identical.


An image of the solo arena menu, showing defeated opponents as coins, the boss under a lock icon, undefeated opponents as their avatars, losses to enemies marked with runes, and a selected opponent with a yellow highlight.

As with the Versus Arena, every time you earn a rank, you earn a promotion reward of fifty gold. You earn a rank every time you defeat the boss (nine wins). You can reach rank 7 by winning matches, even if you don't defeat the final boss.

A list of ranks follows:

9. Pit Dog
8. Brawler
7. Bloodletter
6. Myrmidon
5. Warrior
4. Gladiator
3. Hero
2. Champion
1. Grand Champion


In Solo Arena, you face off against the AI. The Solo Arena consists of eight opponents and a boss. You must fight all eight non-boss opponents before fighting the boss, and you can lose only three times.

When you enter the Arena, you will be faced with a screen of eight small counters, with the image and class of the corresponding enemy displayed, and a large counter showing the avatar but not class of the boss. To the left of your name will be your Solo Arena rank and win counter, and to the right your loss counter. Actual battles in Solo Arena are much the same as any other; you select a counter and play. Every time you win a match, the enemy's corresponding counter is replaced by an image of a coin, and another win is added to your win counter. When you win, you are given one more choice of cards. Every time you lose, the enemy's counter gains an overlay of a rune, and the same rune is added to your loss counter. Once you defeat all eight non-boss opponents, the class of the boss will be revealed and you will be able to fight him.

Solo Arena is one of the only ways to encounter certain Lanes, and matches may begin with certain conditions

You will receive an Adoring Fan card for defeating an Arena boss for the first time.


In the Solo Arena, every enemy has a theme. Each enemy's name and class are based on this theme. All enemies have blue titles, which can be related to the theme of the opponent.

As follows are a list of classes and the themes that enemies belonging to each class can have:

Class Name Title Theme
Mage Bringer of Chains The Untouchable Shackle
Mage The Dark Prophet The Victorious (?)
Crusader Champion of the Sun The Victorious Nords
Crusader Wildstalker The Light-Footed Animals
Spellsword Captain of the Guard (?) Imperials
Spellsword Shadow Guardian The Captain (?)
Sorcerer Shield of Camlord (?) Bretons
Sorcerer Futurecrafter The Prophet Undead
Sorcerer Dark Sword The Victorious (?)
Sorcerer Darkmage The Victorious (?)
Warrior Grim Gatekeeper (?) Undead
Monk Weed Strangler The Victorious (?)
Strength Scarza, Warrior Mudcrab The Victorious Animals
Warrior Dark Scoundrel The Victorious (?)
Assassin Mournhold Strangler The Victorious (?)