Legends:Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Enter the Imperial City Arena.
Act: 3
Episode: Episode
Opponent Name: Enemy Gladiator
Opponent Class: Crusader
Previous: A Fractured Legion
Next: The Restless Dead
Lanes: Plunder/Shadow
Starting Health: 30
Special Rules: Plunder Lane: Creatures summoned in this lane are equipped with a random item
Other Characters: Cassia, Swims-at-Night, Tyr
Reward: 50 Soul Gems
"This is not bringing back happy memories."

Chapter 15: Ladies and Gentlemen![edit]

Ladies and Gentlemen! is the first chapter of Act III. You, Tyr, and Cassia fight in the Arena, and plan to sneak into the White-Gold Tower via tunnels afterward. This match features a Plunder lane, in which each creature is equipped with a random item.

Soul gems are introduced at the end of the match.


Announcer: Good people, by the grace of our liege Lord Naarifin, I welcome you back to the Arena! Because nothing unites man and mer like the spectacle of glorious bloodshed!
Tyr: This is not bringing back happy memories.
Cassia: It'll be fun. Just like old times.
During the match
Announcer: Let the games begin!
Tyr: Now here we go! Let's grab some weapons off the wall and get to work!
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. All hail the combatants from the blue team!
Swims-at-Night: Great. Let's get out of here while they're collecting their winnings.

Known Opponent Cards[edit]



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