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Many Creatures have at least one Card Effect, bonus effects displayed below the artwork. Note that not all card effects are associated with a Keyword. Keywords are used in the abilities of many cards.


  • Breakthrough — Any excess damage dealt by the creature will be inflicted upon your opponent.
  • Charge — The summoned creature can attack immediately, rather than having to wait a turn.
  • Drain — Dealing damage with the summoned creature will heal you for the equivalent amount.
  • Guard — Enemy creatures in the same lane can only attack the creature.
  • Lethal — The creature will destroy any enemy creature it damages.
  • Regenerate — The creature's health is restored at the beginning of your turn.
  • Ward — The first time a creature with Ward is damaged, negate the damage. This only counts as a keywords while it is active.

Other Effects[edit]

  • Activate — May only be used once per turn to trigger the effect of a support. Most have a limited amount of uses.
  • Battle — Forces a creature to attack another creature, and ignores lane restrictions. This attack does not take up their turn.
  • Beast Form — A particular variation of Change, triggered when the opponent loses a Rune.
  • Change — When the effect triggers, the creature changes in another creature. It keeps its damage, items and modifications.
  • Cover — It can not be attacked by an opponent's creature, but can still be targeted by actions and abilities. Creatures with Guard cannot gain Cover.
  • Immune — The creature is immune to the specified effect.
  • Heal — Restores a creature's Defense value.
  • Last Gasp — The effect is triggered when the summoned creature dies.
  • Pilfer — The effect is triggered when the summoned creature damages the opponent.
  • Prophecy — If you lose a Rune and draw a card with Prophecy, it can be played instantly.
  • Silence — Removes a creature's buffs, debuffs, and other effects.
  • Shackle — Shackled creatures miss a turn.
  • Slay — The effect is triggered when the creature destroys another on your turn.
  • Summon — The effect is triggered when the card is played.
  • Transform — Replaces one card with another. The transformed creature is destroyed, but not sent to the discard pile.
  • Unsummon - The card is returned to its owner's hand without its items or active effects.
  • Wounded — This hidden effect is added after the summoned creature has received damage.