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Item cards are used to to improve the capabilities of creatures. Items are a common method of buffing a creature's Power and a Health value. Additionally, many also have effects upon use or when certain conditions are met. Item cards are used up once the creature which was granted them is removed from play.


Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Magicka Power Health Rarity Text
Ancestor's Battleaxe Ancestor's Battleaxe Item Strength 7 3Epic +4/+4
Summon: Give the top creature of your deck +4/+4.
Assassin's Bow Assassin's Bow Item Strength 3 2Rare +3/+0
Summon: Give the wielder Cover at the end of turn.
Bone Bow Bone Bow Item Strength 2 2Rare +1/+0
Summon: Silence another creature.
Daedric Dagger Daedric Dagger Item Endurance 2 1Common Lethal
Dawnbreaker Dawnbreaker Item Willpower 4 4Legendary +4/+4
Summon: Destroy an enemy Undead.
Dragon Priest Mask Dragon Priest Mask Item Intelligence 6 3Epic +2/+2
Summon: Trigger the wielder's summon ability.
Dragonplate Armor Dragonplate Armor Item Endurance 4 1Common +2/+2
Summon: +2/+2 if you have a Dragon in your discard pile.
Dreugh Shell Armor Dreugh Shell Armor Item Neutral 4 2Rare +3/+3
Dwarven Armaments Dwarven Armaments Item Neutral 6 3Epic +5/+5
Embassy Disguise Embassy Disguise Item Agility 2 2Rare +0/+1
Summon: Draw a card.
The wielder has Cover until it attacks.
Enchanted Plate Enchanted Plate Item Endurance 2 1Common +0/+3
Summon: Draw a card.
Glass Helm of Remedy Glass Helm of Remedy Item Neutral 4 1Common +0/+4
Summon: You gain 4 health.
Hackwing Feather Hackwing Feather Item Endurance 3 3Epic Regenerate
Heavy Battleaxe Heavy Battleaxe Item Strength 4 1Common +4/+1
Heirloom Greatsword Heirloom Greatsword Item Intelligence 6 3Epic +5/+0
Last Gasp: Returns to your hand.
Horned Helm Horned Helm Item Neutral 3 1Common +2/+3
Imperial Armor Imperial Armor Item Endurance 3 1Common +0/+6
Improvised Weapon Improvised Weapon Item Strength 0 2Rare Breakthrough
Legion Shield Legion Shield Item Willpower 2 2Rare Guard
Lute Lute Item Neutral 1 2Rare +1/+2
The wielder is immune to Silence.
Mace of Encumbrance Mace of Encumbrance Item Intelligence 3 2Rare +2/+1
Summon: Shackle an enemy creature.
Maple Shield Maple Shield Item Neutral 0 1Common +0/+3
Mentor's Ring Mentor's Ring Item Intelligence 5 4Legendary +3/+3
Summon: Give this creature's Keywords to each other friendly creature.
Orcish Warhammer Orcish Warhammer Item Strength 4 2Rare Breakthrough
Quicksilver Crossbow Quicksilver Crossbow Item Strength 3 1Common +1/+1
Summon: The wielder deals 1 damage.
Ring of Imaginary Might Ring of Imaginary Might Item Endurance 4 2Rare +0/+2
Summon: The wielder's power becomes equal to its health
Sentinel Battlemace Sentinel Battlemace Item Battlemage 4 3Epic Ward
Shield Breaker Shield Breaker Item Strength 3 1Common +2/+2
Summon: An enemy creature loses Guard.
Snake Tooth Necklace Snake Tooth Necklace Item Agility 2 2Rare +1/+1
Summon: Give the wielder Drain this turn.
Spear of Embers Spear of Embers Item Intelligence 5 2Rare Prophecy
Instead of equipping Spear of Embers, you may throw it at an enemy creature to deal 3 damage.
Staff of Sparks Staff of Sparks Item Intelligence 6 4Legendary +3/+0
When the wielder attacks, it deals 1 damage to all enemy creatures in this lane.
Steel Dagger Steel Dagger Item Neutral 1 1Common +1/+0
Steel Scimitar Steel Scimitar Item Strength 1 1Common +2/+2
Steel Sword Steel Sword Item Intelligence 2 1Common +3/+0
Tome of Alteration Tome of Alteration Item Intelligence 4 1Common +2/+2
Summon: Draw a card.
Yew Shield Yew Shield Item Endurance 2 2Rare Guard
Summon: +1/+1 for each enemy creature in this lane.