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Heroes of Skyrim
Heroes of Skyrim game icon

Heroes of Skyrim is the first card expansion for Legends. It introduces new card packs separate from the Core Set, which can be opened to earn 154 new cards themed after The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The cards feature dragons, Shouts, the Companions, the College of Winterhold, the Civil War, and more. The expansion was released on June 28, 2017, a day earlier than announced.

Upon logging in, players are given a deck pack containing a theme deck from the expansion. Playmat art and music have also been added, and the game's icon changed to a new image featuring the Dragonborn.

Dragon cards are spread over all attributes and reward being played together. New shout actions upgrade other copies of themselves in decks, and Companion cards use the Beast Form ability to change into more powerful Lycanthropes.


Cards are distributed through the Attributes.


Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Cost Power Health Rarity Text
Aela the Huntress Aela the Huntress Creature (Nord) Strength 7 3 3 4Legendary Summon: Deal 1 damage.
Beast Form: +2/+2 and destroy a Wounded creature.
Aela the Huntress Aela the Huntress Creature (Werewolf) Strength 7 5 5 4Legendary
Aela's Huntmate Aela's Huntmate Creature (Nord) Strength 4 3 3 2Rare Beast Form: +1/+1 and draw a card.
Aela's Huntmate Aela's Huntmate Creature (Werewolf) Strength 4 4 4 2Rare
Ancestor's Battleaxe Ancestor's Battleaxe Item Strength 7 3Epic +4/+4
Summon: Give the top creature of your deck +4/+4.
Battlefield Scrounger Battlefield Scrounger Creature (Redguard) Strength 5 3 3 2Rare Charge
Slay: Put a random item into your hand.
Berserker of the Pale Berserker of the Pale Creature (Nord) Strength 3 4 2 1Common When you summon another creature with 5 power or more, give it +1/+1 and Breakthrough.
Blades Lookout Blades Lookout Creature (Nord) Strength 3 3 3 1Common When you summon a Dragon, draw a card.
Candlehearth Brawler Candlehearth Brawler Creature (Nord) Strength 4 2 5 2Rare Charge, Guard
Circle Initiate Circle Initiate Creature (Nord) Strength 2 2 2 1Common Prophecy
Beast Form: +2/+1
Circle Initiate Circle Initiate Creature (Werewolf) Strength 2 4 3 1Common
Duel Atop the World Duel Atop the World Action Strength 7 3Epic Give a friendly creature +3/+3. It Battles your opponent's most powerful creature.
Hit and Run Hit and Run Action Strength 4 3Epic Draw five cards. Discard your hand at the end of the turn.
Inspiring Stormcloak Inspiring Stormcloak Creature (Nord) Strength 4 2 2 2Rare Last Gasp: Summon a 2/2 Rallying Stormcloak in each lane.
Rallying Stormcloak Creature (Nord) Strength 2 2 2 1Common
Shield Breaker Shield Breaker Item Strength 3 1Common +2/+2
Summon: An enemy creature loses Guard.
Skyborn Dragon Skyborn Dragon Creature (Dragon) Strength 6 7 3 2Rare Summon: Battle an enemy creature.
Skyforge Skyforge Support Strength 3 4Legendary Uses: 3
Activate: Equip a friendly creature with a Steel Dagger.
If Skyforge has equipped 3 daggers, it changes into Underforge.
Stormcloak Avenger Stormcloak Avenger Creature (Nord) Strength 4 4 4 3Epic At the end of your turn, if three or more friendly creatures died this turn, summon a 2/2 Rallying Stormcloak.
Stormcloak Battalion Stormcloak Battalion Creature (Nord) Strength 4 5 5 1Common
Stormcloak Camp Stormcloak Camp Support Strength 3 2Rare Ongoing
At the end of your turn, if a creature died this turn, deal 2 damage to your opponent.
Stormcloak Skirmisher Creature (Nord) Strength 3 1 1Common Breakthrough
Stormcloak Vanguard Stormcloak Vanguard Creature (Nord) Strength 2 1 1 1Common Charge

Last Gasp: Put a 5/5 Stormcloak Battalion in your hand.

Stoutheart Giant Stoutheart Giant Creature (Giant) Strength 5 6 4 1Common
Stronghold Patrol Stronghold Patrol Creature (Orc) Strength 3 3 2 1Common Summon: Draw a card if you have two other Strength creatures.
Swiftwing Dragon Swiftwing Dragon Creature (Dragon) Strength 8 5 5 1Common Charge
Ulfric Stormcloak Ulfric Stormcloak Creature (Nord) Strength 5 6 5 4Legendary Breakthrough
When you play a Shout, draw a random Nord from your deck.
Ulfric's Zealot Ulfric's Zealot Creature (Nord) Strength 4 5 2 1Common Last Gasp: Put a Heavy Battleaxe into your hand.
Underforge Underforge Support Strength 3 4Legendary Uses: Unlimited
Activate: A friendly creature becomes a Werewolf.
Friendly Werewolves have +1/+1.
Unrelenting Force Unrelenting Force Action Strength 3 1Common Shout
Level 1: Unsummon an enemy creature with power 3 or less.
Level 2: Unsummon an enemy creature.
Level 3: Unsummon all enemy creatures in a lane.
Wildfire Dragon Wildfire Dragon Creature (Dragon) Strength 7 6 6 4Legendary Breakthrough
Summon: Deal 1 damage to all other creatures.
Slay: +1/+1.
World-Eater's Eyrie World-Eater's Eyrie Support Strength 6 4Legendary Ongoing
When you summon a creature that costs 7 or more, double its power and health.


Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Cost Power Health Rarity Text
Ancano Ancano Creature (High Elf) Intelligence 8 5 5 4Legendary Breakthrough
Summon: Deal 5 damage.
Your actions have Breakthrough.
Arcane Enchanter Arcane Enchanter Support Intelligence 3 3Epic Ongoing
When you draw an item, give it a random Keyword.
Bringer of Nightmares Bringer of Nightmares Creature (Daedra) Intelligence 7 4 4 4Legendary Summon: See a vision of a random creature, then you must choose a creature to transform into it.
College of Winterhold College of Winterhold Support Intelligence 5 4Legendary Uses: 3
Activate: Reveal three random 1-cost actions and draw one. Then, increase the cost of cards this reveals by 1.
Conjuration Scholar Conjuration Scholar Creature (Redguard) Intelligence 6 1 2 1Common Summon: Summon a 5/5 Frost Atronach with Guard.
Court Wizard Court Wizard Creature (Breton) Intelligence 5 3 5 1Common Summon: Draw a card if you have two other Intelligence creatures.
Dark Rebirth Dark Rebirth Action Intelligence 3 1Common Sacrifice a creature to summon a copy of it.
Dragon Priest Mask Dragon Priest Mask Item Intelligence 6 3Epic +2/+2
Summon: Trigger the wielder's summon ability.
Dragon's Fury Dragon's Fury Action Intelligence 4 1Common Deal 3 damage to a creature, and 3 extra damage for each friendly Dragon.
Echo of Akatosh Echo of Akatosh Creature (Dragon) Intelligence 6 5 5 4Legendary When you draw a creature, give it a random Keyword.
Embassy Guard Embassy Guard Creature (High Elf) Intelligence 2 0 4 1Common Prophecy, Guard, Ward
Experimental Scroll Action Intelligence 4 4Legendary Experimental Scroll is either Enlightenment, Flame Blast, or Flame Cloak. Don't worry which one it is, just give it a try!
Fire Breath Fire Breath Action Intelligence 3 1Common Shout
Level 1: Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Level 2: Deal 4 damage to a creature.
Level 3: Deal 10 damage to a creature.
Ghost Sea Lookout Ghost Sea Lookout Creature (Breton) Intelligence 3 4 2 1Common When you summon a Dragon, Ghost Sea Lookout gains a Ward.
Icewing Dragon Icewing Dragon Creature (Dragon) Intelligence 6 6 4 2Rare Summon: Shackle an enemy creature.
Insightful Scholar Insightful Scholar Creature (High Elf) Intelligence 5 2 3 2Rare Prophecy
Summon: Draw a card for each card your opponent drew this turn.
J'zargo J'zargo Creature (Khajiit) Intelligence 4 3 4 4Legendary Summon: Put an Experimental Scroll into your hand.
Master Swordsmith Master Swordsmith Creature (Redguard) Intelligence 3 2 3 2Rare At the start of your turn, give each item in your deck +1/+1.
Mistveil Enchanter Mistveil Enchanter Creature (Breton) Intelligence 4 2 2 1Common Ward
Summon: +2/+0 if you have another creature with Ward.
Mystic Dragon Mystic Dragon Creature (Dragon) Intelligence 4 4 4 1Common Prophecy
Revealing the Unseen Revealing the Unseen Action Intelligence 3 2Rare Put two random actions into your hand.
Riften Pickpocket Riften Pickpocket Creature (Dark Elf) Intelligence 4 2 2 2Rare Summon: Reveal three random cards in your opponent's deck. Choose one and draw a copy of it.
Studious Greybeard Studious Greybeard Creature (Nord) Intelligence 1 0 4 2Rare At the start of your turn, look at the top card of your deck. You may discard it.
Thalmor Embassy Thalmor Embassy Support Intelligence 3 3Epic Ongoing
Your High Elves cost 1 less.
You can't be damaged by actions.
Thief of Dreams Thief of Dreams Creature (Khajiit) Intelligence 5 4 4 3Epic Summon: See a vision of two of your opponent's cards. Guess which one is in their hand. If you're right, draw a copy of it.
Vigilant of Stendarr Vigilant of Stendarr Creature (Breton) Intelligence 3 5 2 1Common


Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Cost Power Health Rarity Text
A Land Divided A Land Divided Action Willpower 8 4Legendary Fill the left lane with Stormcloak Skirmishers or the right lane with Colovian Troopers.
Arrest Arrest Action Willpower 7 2Rare Steal an enemy creature. It loses Guard, and is permanently Shackled.
Bandit Ringleader Bandit Ringleader Creature (Khajiit) Willpower 6 3 5 3Epic Summon: Other friendly creatures in this lane gain "Pilfer: Draw a card" this turn.
Call of Valor Call of Valor Action Willpower 3 1Common Shout
Level 1: Summon a 3/3 Sovngarde Hero
Level 2: Summon two 3/3 Sovngarde Heroes
Level 3: Fill a lane with 3/3 Sovngarde Heroes
Cauldron Keeper Cauldron Keeper Creature (Imperial) Willpower 5 3 5 3Epic Guard
Summon: Give your Activated supports an extra use.
You may Activate your supports an extra time each turn.
Cleric of Kyne Cleric of Kyne Creature (Nord) Willpower 2 2 1 1Common Prophecy
Summon: Give a creature +0/+2.
Cliffside Lookout Cliffside Lookout Creature (Nord) Willpower 3 2 5 1Common When you summon a Dragon, Cliffside Lookout gains +1/+1.
Devour Devour Action Willpower 4 2Rare Destroy creature with 4 power or less and give its Keywords to a random Dragon in your hand.
Elixir of Vitality Elixir of Vitality Support Willpower 1 1Common Uses: 3
Activate: Gain 2 health.
Grisly Gourmet Grisly Gourmet Creature (Nord) Willpower 3 2 1 2Rare Summon: Transform an enemy creature with 2 power or less into a Sweet Roll.
Imperial Camp Imperial Camp Support Willpower 4 2Rare Ongoing
Summon: Put a 1/2 Septim Guardsman with Guard into your hand.
Friendly Guards have +1/+0.
Jarl Balgruuf Jarl Balgruuf Creature (Nord) Willpower 7 3 3 4Legendary Summon: Summon a Stormcloak Skirmisher in the left lane and a Colovian Trooper in the right lane.
At the start of your turn, if your lanes are full, you win the game.
Karthspire Scourge Karthspire Scourge Creature (Dragon) Willpower 5 4 4 2Rare Summon: Give all enemy creatures in this lane -1/-0.
Legate Rikke Legate Rikke Creature (Nord) Willpower 4 3 4 4Legendary When you summon an Imperial, summon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in the other lane.
Lydia Lydia Creature (Nord) Willpower 5 3 8 4Legendary Guard
Lydia guards both lanes.
Praetorian Commander Praetorian Commander Creature (Imperial) Willpower 6 3 3 3Epic Summon: Give creatures in your deck +1/+1.
Priest of the Eight Priest of the Eight Creature (Imperial) Willpower 2 2 1 1Common Summon: Draw a card if you have two other Willpower creatures.
Revered Guardian Revered Guardian Creature (Dragon) Willpower 4 4 4 1Common Guard
Snowhawk Detachment Snowhawk Detachment Creature (Imperial) Willpower 5 3 5 1Common Guard
Summon: +1/+1 if you have another creature with Guard.
Solitude Stalwart Solitude Stalwart Creature (Imperial) Willpower 1 2 2 1Common
Sovngarde Hero Sovngarde Hero Creature (Nord) Willpower 3 3 3 1Common
Thalmor Justiciar Thalmor Justiciar Creature (High Elf) Willpower 3 1 3 1Common After you play an action, summon a 1/1 Thalmor Soldier.
Thalmor Soldier Thalmor Soldier Creature (High Elf) Willpower 1 1 1 1Common
Thieves Guild Shadowfoot Thieves Guild Shadowfoot Creature (Khajiit) Willpower 3 2 2 2Rare Summon: Steal the top card of the opponent's deck and replace it with a Counterfeit Trinket.
Uncaged Wolf Uncaged Wolf Creature (Wolf) Willpower 3 2 2 1Common Summon: +1/+1 for each other friendly Wolf.
Undying Dragon Undying Dragon Creature (Dragon) Willpower 6 5 5 4Legendary Drain
+5/+5 while you have 30 or more health.
Winterhold Illusionist Winterhold Illusionist Creature (Dark Elf) Willpower 5 3 3 1Common Summon: Another creature disappears, then returns at the end of the turn.
Wolf Cage Wolf Cage Support Willpower 6 3Epic Uses: 3
Activate: Summon an Uncaged Wolf.


Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Cost Power Health Rarity Text
Barter Barter Action Agility 2 3Epic Trade a card in your hand for a random card in your opponent's hand.
Brynjolf Brynjolf Creature (Nord) Agility 5 4 5 4Legendary Drain
When a friendly creature Pilfers or Drains, gain 1 magicka this turn.
Caravan Enforcer Caravan Enforcer Creature (Khajiit) Agility 2 2 2 1Common When Caravan Enforcer moves, he gains +1/+1.
Chaurus Chaurus Creature (Chaurus) Agility 4 4 4 1Common
Deepwood Trapper Deepwood Trapper Creature (Dark Elf) Agility 1 1 3 1Common Guard
Shackle creatures damaged by Deepwood Trapper.
Dovah of the Voice Dovah of the Voice Creature (Dragon) Agility 7 6 4 1Common Last Gasp: Put a random Shout into your hand.
Drain Vitality Drain Vitality Action Agility 1 1Common Shout
Level 1: Give an enemy creature -1/-1.
Level 2: Give an enemy creature -2/-2.
Level 3: Give all enemy creatures -2/-2.
Eldergleam Matron Eldergleam Matron Creature (Spriggan) Agility 3 4 2 2Rare Summon: Put a random Animal in your hand.
Embassy Disguise Embassy Disguise Item Agility 2 2Rare +0/+1
Summon: Draw a card.
The wielder has Cover until it attacks.
Gloomlurker Gloomlurker Creature (Falmer) Agility 2 3 1 1Common Prophecy
Summon: Give a creature Cover.
Lockpick Lockpick Action Agility 2 2Rare Either put another Lockpick into your hand or draw a card and reduce its cost by 2, chosen randomly.
Move in Shadows Move in Shadows Action Agility 0 2Rare Move a friendly creature. It moves again at the end of the turn.
Nightprowler Nightprowler Creature (Falmer) Agility 6 5 3 2Rare When Nightprowler gains Cover, draw a card.
Palace Prowler Palace Prowler Creature (Khajiit) Agility 1 1 1 1Common Drain
Pilfer: Gain 1 magicka this turn.
Paralyze Paralyze Action Agility 0 1Common Shackle an enemy creature.
Ring of Namira Ring of Namira Support Agility 7 4Legendary Ongoing
When you gain health, deal that much damage to your opponent.
Serpentine Stalker Serpentine Stalker Creature (Dragon) Agility 4 4 4 4Legendary Slay: +2/+0
May move to attack creatures in the other lane.
Shadowgreen Elder Shadowgreen Elder Creature (Spriggan) Agility 7 5 5 3Epic Summon: Give other friendly Spriggans and Animals +2/+2.
Shadowmaster Shadowmaster Creature (Falmer) Agility 3 3 3 3Epic Summon: Give a friendly creature Cover. Your opponent can't target it with actions until your next turn.
Shadowscale Partisan Shadowscale Partisan Creature (Argonian) Agility 3 2 2 1Common Lethal
Summon: +0/+2 if you have another creature with Lethal.
Shearpoint Dragon Shearpoint Dragon Creature (Dragon) Agility 6 4 4 2Rare Summon: Give a creature -2/-2.
When you reduce a creature's power or health with another effect, reduce it by an extra 1.
Sightless Skulk Sightless Skulk Creature (Falmer) Agility 4 4 3 1Common Summon: Draw a card if you have two other Agility creatures.
Swims-at-Night Swims-at-Night Creature (Argonian) Agility 4 2 2 4Legendary Summon: Put a random 0-cost card into your hand.
After you play a 0-cost card, Swims-at-Night gains +1/+1.
Thieves Guild Fence Thieves Guild Fence Creature (Khajiit) Agility 3 3 2 4Legendary When you draw a card on your turn, reduce its cost by 1.
Woodland Lookout Woodland Lookout Creature (Wood Elf) Agility 3 3 4 1Common When you summon a Dragon, gain 4 health.


Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Cost Power Health Rarity Text
Ancient Lookout Ancient Lookout Creature (Skeleton) Endurance 2 2 3 1Common When you summon a Dragon, summon a 1/1 Draugr Sentry with Guard.
Cave Bear Cave Bear Creature (Beast) Endurance 5 5 6 1Common
Companion Harbinger Companion Harbinger Creature (Nord) Endurance 3 3 3 2Rare Beast Form: Give friendly Werewolves +1/+1.
Companion Harbinger Companion Harbinger Creature (Werewolf) Endurance 3 3 3 2Rare
Corrupted Shade Corrupted Shade Creature (Spirit) Endurance 4 5 5 3Epic Ward
At the end of your turn, if Corrupted Shade doesn't have a Ward, sacrifice it.
Dragon Cult Ghost Dragon Cult Ghost Creature (Spirit) Endurance 1 1 1 3Epic Spend all your available magicka to play Dragon Cult Ghost. Its power and health are equal to the magicka spent.
Dragonplate Armor Dragonplate Armor Item Endurance 4 1Common +2/+2
Summon: +2/+2 if you have a Dragon in your discard pile.
Draugr Sentry Creature (Skeleton) Endurance 1 1 1 1Common Guard
East Empire Crafter East Empire Crafter Creature (Imperial) Endurance 3 2 4 1Common When you summon another creature with 5 health or more, give it +1/+1 and Guard.
Emperor Titus Mede II Emperor Titus Mede II Creature (Imperial) Endurance 4 1 4 4Legendary At the end of your turn, give the top creature of your deck +1/+1 and Guard.
Encumbered Explorer Encumbered Explorer Creature (Imperial) Endurance 1 2 3 2Rare Shackle Encumbered Explorer after he attacks.
Frost Giant Frost Giant Creature (Giant) Endurance 8 10 10 4Legendary Regenerate
When a creature heals, you gain that much health.
Frost Troll Frost Troll Creature (Troll) Endurance 4 1 6 3Epic Regenerate
When Frost Troll takes damage, it gains that much power.
Grandmaster Delphine Grandmaster Delphine Creature (Breton) Endurance 3 5 5 4Legendary Can't be damaged or targeted by Dragons.
Grim Shield-Brother Grim Shield-Brother Creature (Nord) Endurance 3 2 3 1Common Beast Form: +1/+1 and Drain.
Grim Shield-Brother Grim Shield-Brother Creature (Werewolf) Endurance 3 3 4 1Common Drain
High Hrothgar High Hrothgar Support Endurance 4 4Legendary Ongoing
When you summon a creature, its power becomes equal to its health.
Hulking Draugr Creature (Skeleton) Endurance 5 5 5 1Common
Innkeeper Delphine Innkeeper Delphine Creature (Breton) Endurance 3 2 3 4Legendary After you play a Dragon or Shout, Innkeeper Delphine changes into Grandmaster Delphine.
Ironscale Dragon Ironscale Dragon Creature (Dragon) Endurance 7 7 7 1Common Regenerate
Lay Down Arms Lay Down Arms Action Endurance 4 2Rare Set a creature's power and health to 1.
Mentor of the Watch Mentor of the Watch Creature (Imperial) Endurance 3 2 2 1Common Prophecy, Guard
Summon: Give a creature in your hand Guard.
Restoration Tutor Restoration Tutor Creature (Imperial) Endurance 4 3 4 1Common Summon: Heal a creature.
Skeletal Dragon Skeletal Dragon Creature (Dragon) Endurance 8 5 5 4Legendary Guard
Summon: Give all creatures in your discard pile +2/+2.
Last Gasp: Draw a random creature from your discard pile.
Soul Tear Soul Tear Action Endurance 3 1Common Shout
Level 1: Draw a creature from your discard pile.
Level 2: Draw a creature from your discard pile and give it +2/+2.
Level 3: Draw a creature from your discard pile and give it +5/+5.
Spine of Eldersblood Spine of Eldersblood Creature (Dragon) Endurance 6 6 6 2Rare Summon: Gain +1 max magicka.
Steelheart Vanquisher Steelheart Vanquisher Creature (Orc) Endurance 2 2 2 2Rare Slay: Give friendly Orcs +1/+1.
Stonehill Mammoth Stonehill Mammoth Creature (Mammoth) Endurance 6 5 7 1Common Summon: Draw a card if you have two other Endurance creatures.
Stricken Draugr Creature (Skeleton) Endurance 2 2 2 1Common
Waves of the Fallen Waves of the Fallen Action Endurance 8 3Epic Transform all enemy creatures in a lane into 2/2 Stricken Draugrs, or transform all friendly creatures in a lane into 5/5 Hulking Draugrs.
Whiterun Protector Whiterun Protector Creature (Nord) Endurance 5 4 4 2Rare Beast Form: +2/+2, Guard, and Regenerate.
Whiterun Protector Whiterun Protector Creature (Werewolf) Endurance 5 6 6 2Rare Guard, Regenerate


Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Cost Power Health Rarity Text
A Night to Remember A Night to Remember Action Neutral 2 2Rare A friendly creature disappears to who knows where, then returns in the other lane Shackled.
Alduin Alduin Creature (Dragon) Neutral 20 12 12 4Legendary Cost 2 less for each Dragon in your discard pile.
Summon: Destroy all other creatures.
At the start of your turn, summon a random dragon from your discard pile.
Angry Villager Creature (Nord) Neutral 1 1 1 1Common
Barbas Barbas Creature (Daedra) Neutral 5 3 3 4Legendary Summon: Choose one:
Stay: Gains +1/+1 and Guard.
Fetch: Put a random Daedra into your hand.
Roll Over: Gains Charge.
Blackreach Rebuilder Blackreach Rebuilder Creature (Dwemer) Neutral 1 0 1 1Common Prophecy, Guard
Summon: Gain 2 health.
Counterfeit Trinket Action Neutral 0 1Common Draw a card and Counterfeit Trinket deals 1 damage to you.
Dragon Mound Dragon Mound Support Neutral 6 4Legendary Ongoing
Summon: Transform all card in your deck into random Dragons.
Your Dragons cost 1 less.
Dwarven Dynamo Dwarven Dynamo Creature (Dwemer) Neutral 4 2 1 2Rare Summon: Give another Neutral creature +3/+3 and Guard.
Forsworn Looter Forsworn Looter Creature (Reachman) Neutral 2 1 1 3Epic Pilfer: Draw a random item from your deck with cost equal to Forsworn Looter's power.
Glass Helm of Remedy Glass Helm of Remedy Item Neutral 4 1Common +0/+4
Summon: You gain 4 health.
Greybeard Mentor Greybeard Mentor Creature (Nord) Neutral 4 2 2 1Common Summon: Draw a random Shout from your deck.
Horned Helm Horned Helm Item Neutral 3 1Common +2/+3
Journey to Sovngarde Journey to Sovngarde Action Neutral 7 4Legendary Shuffle all creatures from you discard pile into your deck. Give them +5/+5 and reduce their cost by 5.
Lute Lute Item Neutral 1 2Rare +1/+2
The wielder is immune to Silence.
Midnight Snack Midnight Snack Creature (Nord) Neutral 2 2 2 1Common Prophecy, Guard
Last Gasp: Reduce the cost of a random Dragon in your hand by 1.
Mudcrab Anklesnapper Mudcrab Anklesnapper Creature (Mudcrab) Neutral 2 3 2 1Common Summon: Deal 1 damage to your opponent.
Paarthurnax Paarthurnax Creature (Dragon) Neutral 12 9 9 4Legendary Summon: Put three random Shouts into your hand and reduce their costs to 0.
Prized Chicken Prized Chicken Creature (Beast) Neutral 5 0 1 3Epic Last Gasp: Fill this lane with 1/1 Angry Villagers.
Raging Horker Raging Horker Creature (Beast) Neutral 2 1 3 2Rare When Raging Horker takes damage, it gains +1/+1.
Word Wall Word Wall Creature (Defense) Neutral 1 0 4 1Common Guard
Summon: Upgrade a Shout in your hand.
Young Dragonborn Young Dragonborn Creature (Nord) Neutral 3 3 3 2Rare When Young Dragonborn Slays a Dragon, put a random Shout into your hand.
After you play a Shout, Young Dragonborn gains +1/+1.


Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Cost Power Health Rarity Text
Archer's Gambit Archer's Gambit Action Archer 2 2Rare Move a friendly creature. Then, it deals 1 damage.
Assassin's Ritual Assassin's Ritual Action Assassin 3 2Rare Give a creature Lethal and Ward.
Battlemage's Onslaught Battlemage's Onslaught Action Battlemage 4 2Rare Put a random action, item, and creature into your hand.
Crusader's Assault Crusader's Assault Action Crusader 3 2Rare Give a creature +2/+0, Breakthrough and "Slay and Pilfer: Draw a card" this turn.
Mage's Trick Mage's Trick Action Mage 3 2Rare Deal 1 damage, gain 1 health, and draw a card.
Monk's Strike Monk's Strike Action Monk 4 2Rare Move a friendly creature and give it +3/+0 and Drain this turn.
Scout's Report Scout's Report Action Scout 1 2Rare Look at the top card of your deck. You may discard it.
Draw a card.
Sorcerer's Negation Sorcerer's Negation Action Sorcerer 2 2Rare Silence a creature, then deal 2 damage to it.
Spellsword's Summoning Spellsword's Summoning Action Spellsword 3 2Rare Summon a random 1-cost creature in each lane.
Warrior's Fury Warrior's Fury Action Warrior 3 2Rare Give a random creature and item in your hand +2/+2.



  • The Legendary Card Pack for Heroes of Skyrim contains words in the Dragon alphabet on it. The circle around the logo in the center reads "WALK IN THE PA OF THE LEGENDS" (presumably meant to be "path", with the "th" covered), and the text around the outside reads "UNLEASH THE STRENGTH OF LEGENDS AND CONQUER ALL" (giving us the first example of a C in the Dragon alphabet) and "THE POWER OF LEGENDS AWAITS YOU".