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The Campaign in Legends features a handful of characters.


An Imperial legate and old friend of Tyr's. She joins the hero's party after they defeat a group of Imperial deserters.


Although only referred to as "The Emperor" and not by name, Emperor Titus Mede II appears: the hero's party comes upon his camp after it has been attacked. Though the Emperor is too injured to lead an attack, the Forgotten Hero wears his armor and takes his place to fight Lord Naarifin.


A spear-maiden. She, Kellen, and Nagh stole an Elder Scroll. She has little patience for Kellen's stories, but listens to his tale of the Forgotten Hero.


A Moth Priest who serves as the narrator for the campaign. He, Isha, and Nagh stole an Elder Scroll, and are hiding from some unknown enemies. He insists that stories can teach them things, and tells them the story of the Forgotten Hero.


A Dunmer friend of Tyr's. Tyr and the hero seek her out because of her knowledge of the Daedra, only to find that she has been kidnapped by cultists. They eventually rescue her and she joins their party.

Lord Naarifin[edit]

The main antagonist of Elder Scrolls: Legends; Naarifin is a Thalmor general who currently controls the Imperial City. The hero and Tyr learn that Naarifin intends to bring about a prophecy called The Culling.


A Khajiit. He, Isha, and Kellen stole an Elder Scroll, and alongside Isha he listens to Kellen's tale of the Forgotten Hero.


A Dremora in the service of Lord Naarifin. At the beginning of the story he has captured both Tyr and the Forgotten Hero. He wields Goldbrand, which was granted to him by Boethiah.


A male Argonian smuggler. Tyr and the hero intend to steal his ship, but at the same time Swims-at-Night confronts them, Dominion forces arrive, and he decides to team up with them.


A Nord, and one of the Blades. He was captured by the Dremora, Reive. After initially being forced to fight against the Forgotten Hero, a fellow prisoner, the two decided to work together to fight against their captors.