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A typical Creature card

Cards in Legends can be grouped by attribute, type, or rarity. Each card costs a certain amount of magicka to play, and the cards available depend on your deck, affected by the deck class as well as your card collection. Creature cards have two basic stats: Power and Health. In addition to this, many cards have bonus effects when played. Action cards have an immediate one-off effect, while Support cards can have an ongoing effect or a set number of uses. Item cards can be equipped to Creatures.

You can earn new cards by obtaining card packs, although (with a few exceptions) the cards contained are randomly determined. All cards can be summoned for an amount of Soul Gems, depending on rarity. Certain cards can be earned through Story choices or through divergent training options, though the main method of obtaining cards is through packs and winning battles. Your chosen race affects your rate of accruing particular card types.

You can have up to three copies of a card in your deck (premium cards count towards this total) except for Unique cards, of which you may only have one. AI enemies are not affected by this restriction, and this does not apply in Arena Mode.

You can have from 50 to 70 cards in your deck. If you draw all of your cards in a battle, you will be presented with a card called "Out of Cards" and your health will be reduced to zero, at which point you will lose the match.

Card Sets[edit]

  • Core Set — Cards from the base game.



Promotional Sets[edit]

Premium Cards[edit]

"Premium" cards are animated versions of existing cards with a shiny gold border. They can be obtained when opening card packs (at a much rarer rate than the card's normal version), included in specific promotions such as pre-orders, or soul-summoned at a cost of four times its non-animated version.

A title (The Resplendent) can be earned for winning a game with a fully-premium deck.

If a card that creates other cards (such as Pack Wolf) or transforms other cards (such as Mummify) is premium, the created cards will inherit its premium status. Only non-trainable cards have obtainable premium variants.

Card Lists[edit]

  • For a list of all cards sorted alphabetically, see the category.

Cards by attribute[edit]

Cards by type[edit]

Cards by race[edit]


  • All cards have audio. Creature cards have audio for being summoned, attacking, and being destroyed. Item cards have audio for being equipped. Support cards have audio for being played and being summoned. When a card is summoned, the pitch varies slightly, so that two identical cards played in succession may sound slightly different.
  • The Daedric text on the back of the cards is a slightly changed quote from the book Boethiah's Glory; it reads, "INTO BATTLE STRIDES THE DAEDRIC PRINCE BLADE AT THE READY TO CLEAVE THE UNWORTHY".