Legends:Adoring Fan

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Adoring Fan
Creature (Wood Elf)
LG-card-Adoring Fan.png
Obtainable Yes
Magicka Cost 3
Attribute Neutral
Power 0 Health 1
Rarity Legendary
Prophecy, Guard

Last Gasp: Adoring Fan will return.
Adoring Fan can't be Silenced.

Adoring Fan is a unique Neutral creature card. It can be obtained by defeating a Solo Arena boss for the first time[verification needed — What about Versus Arena?].

The somewhat cryptic flavor text "Adoring Fan will return" means that, after it is killed, it will be summoned into either lane at any point during the game from the discard pile.


  • The Adoring Fan is a reference to Oblivion's Adoring Fan, who became a follower in much the same way as this card is earned.
  • This card cannot be seen in your collection, even when viewing unowned cards, until you have earned it.
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