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Semi Protection

What is this?

wat is dis? -- 20:42, 21 December 2012 (GMT)

Could you be a little more specific? What information are you looking for? — ABCface 03:29, 22 December 2012 (GMT)


Discussion moved from Dragonborn_talk:Black Book: Waking Dreams (quest)#Glitch

Help Page

A glitch for dragonborn dlc has been found that prevents the completion the quest 'At the Summit of Apocrypha'. After the initial reading of the Black Book: Waking Dreams and encountering Myraak in Apocrypha the book no longer transports you(me) to Hermaeus Mora's realm.

After net searching and finding that others with this glitch had no idea how to fix/bypass this glitch, I attempted re-downloading dragonborn and re-installing Skyrim all together. Both to no avail.

Help Please — Unsigned comment by Amazing ace (talkcontribs) at 20:40 on 25 December 2012‎

Have you actually completed the rest of the quest? Freed the mind slaves, and also gotten the second word of Dragon Aspect from Hermie? If not, then you shouldn't be able to complete the quest until you've done so.Agmen (talk) 04:45, 2 January 2013 (GMT)
Actually, I found that I could read the book and re-enter Apocrypha immediately after saving the Skaal. I got all the way to the last chapter, realized that I was probably breaking my game, and read the book to transfer out. I'm not sure what would have happened if I'd gone all the way to the end. — Unsigned comment by NordJitsu (talkcontribs) at 04:32 on 8 January 2013
The glitch mentioned above appears for me on the PC as well. What happens is that the book, after the very first read, does not send you to Apocrypha, even for this quest (just to clarify the glitch). I mostly comment to reaffirm that this glitch exists, and hopefully, someone with the CK can check this out (and possibly find a solution) after seeing this edit in the RC. --HalfStache 06:29, 13 February 2013 (GMT)
I'm playing on the PS3, and I'm getting the same glitch: after my first encounter with Miraak, opening the book hasn't transported me anywhere anymore, which is annoying for obvious reasons, but also because the people in the Skaal village won't give me any dialogue options until I avenge their shaman, which I can't do if I can't complete this mission, which can't be done if reading the book doesn't do anything.-- 03:41, 22 May 2013 (GMT)
I'm having the same problem. When I first got waking dreams and watched the cutscence with Miraak, I read the book again and got the third word of dragon aspect, that was on level 60ish. Now I am on level 109 and have reached the final quest for dragonborn and now for some reason the book won't teleport me, I have all three words of dragon aspect AND BEND WILL all of which have been unlocked with dragon souls. I don't want to re-load my save before I got Waking dreams since that was 50 levels ago and I have done too much stuff sinc then. So I guess the only thing to do is wait for either the glitch to fix itself or for Bethesda to patch it. However while looking around fo a fix I came across someone who had apparantly contacted Bethesda support and support told him to do this: "Wait 30 in game days and start a side quest in one of the 9 holds and search around for 15-30 mins apparently this will reset the code and sort out the problem". Now I don't have the time to see if this fixes the problem but if someone else tried it, that may help.-- 15:52, 30 May 2013 (GMT)

Before the Quest

Not sure where it should be mentioned, but I wanted to see what happened if I tried to traverse Waking Dreams before getting this quest. It allows you to get as far as the Word Wall and gives you the word, but Sahrotaar does not appear. --Enodoc (talk) 21:58, 2 January 2013 (GMT)

OK, so what happens is when you read Waking Dreams as indicated following the unlocking of Bend Will, you are deposited back in Chapter VI, and Sahrotaar is sitting on one of the stacks of books. The quest then progresses normally with the objective to tame him. --Enodoc (talk) 22:19, 20 January 2013 (GMT)
i have this bug as well even the other big bug that you cant kill Miraak since he doesnt adsorb any dragon soul to heal. and i tried everything to try and fix it as well. but i end up just backing out of there and went on with all the other quest and side quest i had and end up finding 4 more black books and some more shouts.
but i been trying to reread the " Walking Dreams " book and it does nothing for me now even though all of the other black books i have take me into Apocrypha with ease. would be nice to get a fix for both of these end game bugs some time soon since i am out of quest over all and i am getting bored. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 23:18 on 3 March 2013‎
This section is not about a bug; it is merely a comment regarding quest progress if you complete the book before this quest. --Enodoc (talk) 23:31, 3 March 2013 (GMT)


I am currently doing this quest and it is telling me to unlock the "Bend Will" shout but I don't have any dragon souls stored and every time I kill a dragon Miraak absorbs the soul instead of me making it impossible to finish unlocking the shout. — Unsigned comment by Jaydan03 (talkcontribs) at 09:32 on 4 January 2013‎

Keep trying. It may take a while, but you will eventually be able to absorb a dragon soul without Miraak interjecting. LoftedAphid86 09:37, 4 January 2013 (GMT)
Can you kill a dragon on the Skyrim mainland and absorb its soul there? • JAT 10:17, 4 January 2013 (GMT)
In my experience, Miraak has appeared about every 3 in 5 times to steal a dragon soul. I have also had him steal souls while I have been in Skyrim. --Enodoc (talk) 22:47, 4 January 2013 (GMT)

Invulnerable Miraak

Bug that Miraak gets frozen in his invulnerable state. If he is waiting for the soul of the slain dragon, he won't get it. My own dragonborn avatar always gets the soul. And Miraak seems to be waiting until HE gets the soul. I tried many ways and I always get stuck. Ways include: trying earlier saves; earlier save with returning to Skyrim by reading the book again; killing him softly with very small amounts of damage; trying to hurt him by letting my dragon do all the work; killing off all the dragons (once even my allied dragon). — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 12:52 on 4 January 2013‎

Thanks for the info. The bug was already noted on the page, but needed verification, so I've updated it to reflect that it's a confirmed bug. Feel free to tweak the wording or the workaround/s if you feel they can be improved — ABCface 16:20, 4 January 2013 (GMT)
Confirmed (PC, and from a quick web search, happens on Xbox as well to a lot of people). Using ResetHealth on Miraak (as per the article) *does* put him out of his stuck ethereal state. However, he never absorbs the third dragon soul, and as a result even if ResetHealth works (you can take him out of ethereal as many times as you want) he's never actually defeated. Using "kill" on him doesn't do the trick either. Hopefully a fix will be provided soon. 02:23, 12 February 2013 (GMT)
SOLVED! This works for me every time on the PC. After reading message boards with no results and experimenting around all night i finally figured out how to kill Miraak in this final fight. The trick is to not let him use ANY of the dragon souls. Don't even attack Miraak until all three Dragons are dead. Here is what to do:
Land with Sahrotaar and let Miraak finish his speech. Slay Sahrotaar while he is still on the ground, when he dies Miraak will absorb his soul and heal Zero damage. Now use Bend Will on one of the two remaining dragons circling overhead for me it was Kruziikrel. Slay Kruziikrel, again he dies and Miraak absorbs his soul. After slaying the second dragon wait for your shout to recharge and use Bend Will a third and final time for me the final Dragon was Relonikiv, slay this final Dragon and again Miraak will absorb his soul, let him do so. After all the Dragons are dead and Miraak has absorbed all their souls, you may proceed to hit Miraak as hard as you like. When his health hits Zero or goes below 50% i believe he will attempt to recharge in the center fountain but.... well you will see :)
Enjoy the end of this particular quest...let me know if this works for you as well! — Unsigned comment by Gloomfrost (talkcontribs) at 12:07 on 19 February 2013
An alternative that I used was to sneak behind a pile of books and wait for him to forget about me. He eventually did and dropped the Ethereal effect, at which point he walked out of the central and started wandering around. I think he became non-hostile, as I charged him and hit him several times from behind before he fought back.--Playerseekingbugs (talk) 17:05, 16 April 2013 (GMT)

() I found a solution that worked for me i found that the unofficial Skyrim patch was causing the problem, when i killed a dragon any dragon it would not brun up but just sit there i could loot it but thats all no soul same when i was fighting Miraak, he could not absorb the souls because of the patch. When i disabled the mod it worked fine Miraak did his thing and absorbed the dragon souls then died as he should just make sure you distance yourself from each slain dragon as you may take the soul instead. Hope this hleps other people who may be stuck. 08.15 17th May 2013 Dave — Unsigned comment by (talk)

Once you have become completely hidden, Miraak will begin to regenerate health. When his health is full he will come out of his ethereal state. This process will need to be repeated until all three dragons have been slain. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 10:31 on 6 August 2013


Shouldnt it be mentioned that it goes towards the achivement for reading 5 black books? 22:04, 5 January 2013 (GMT)

Clarity on perks?

From the Notes section: "Once a perk is regained from a skill tree, it becomes universal and can be transferred to a different skill tree." What the heck does this mean? Can anyone clarify this, and perhaps make the meaning more clear? I'm assuming someone just used far too many words to say "Once you remove a perk with the black book, you can use it on any skill perk you meet the requirements for". However, not having the DLC yet (on PC) I can't say for sure.RandomTarget (talk) 14:58, 10 January 2013 (GMT)

You remove all perks from a single skill perk tree and can use these reclaimed perks on unlocking any perks you wish, including perks taken from said perk tree. LoftedAphid86 15:47, 10 January 2013 (GMT)
That's what I suspected, and your statement is much clearer than the one on the page. The way it's phrased and the location (right after a statement that you can clear perks from a tree) make the "regain" meaning unclear, as if you re-select the perk you just cleared. Perhaps a better phrasing might be "Once a perk is removed from a skill tree, the perk point can be used in any skill tree"? ETA: Or, just use your sentence in place of the one I questioned.  :) RandomTarget (talk) 18:54, 10 January 2013 (GMT)
I've replaced the version that was on the page before with Lofted's explanation. I find it easier to understand as well, and if anyone wishes to revise it later, they can do so. That's what the wiki's all about. ;) — ABCface 06:55, 11 January 2013 (GMT)

Miraak Fully Disintigrated

Ok maybe its just me, but I defeated Miraak, and yet I can't get his mask or anything because he fully and completely disintigrated (I can't find a skeleton for him or a pile of ash or anything) anybody else have this and know a fix? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 09:31 on 7 February 2013‎

He should leave a skeleton (as opposed to a pile of ash). I couldn't find it for a while, but it turns out that it was underneath one of the dragon skeletons. A second time I completed the quest, it ended up submerged in one of the acid pools. The thing to do is to try and watch where it goes after the disintegration animation section has passed. If it simply does not appear, then I'm not sure what to suggest. If you are playing on PC, you could add the items through the console. Did you get his dragon souls when he died? --Enodoc (talk) 13:36, 7 February 2013 (GMT)
It happened to me too; his skeleton was beneath the floor the first time I killed him, so I loaded a save and tried again with the same result. I was able to find it and resurrect him using the console. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 13:12 on 8 February 2013
According to another talk page, a number of animation mods, such as "New Animation Pack", can cause a bug in Miraak's death scene (and other DLC animations). If you are running any animation mods, try disabling them. --Enodoc (talk) 18:57, 8 February 2013 (GMT)

miraak gets stuck at the end

during the final battle with Miraak, after he has absorbed all three dragons.I do enough damage to him and he turns ethereal he dissapears, and dosen't show back up. He is just gone. After using the tcl command, I discoverd he was under the map, just standing there. The quest is now unfinishable. I tried reloading the save and all that, but nothing. i even tried activated diferenct stages in it but it dosent seem right i got it to one where his body burned up and i found his skelleton but i cant searce it beacuse this person is busy pops up.

Has anyone else encountered this bug? If so, how do you fix it? Is there a mod out there that I havn't found that may fix it? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 00:24 on 12 February 2013

I encountered this bug too, but I managed to get by simply using the console cheat TCL and going down through the floor where he was teleported- Miraak simply resumed his animations. Obviously this only works for PC. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 07:57 on 20 February 2013‎
Does the unofficial dragonborn patch fix this (the whole bug-ridden questline, that is)? –– 14:04, 10 March 2013 (GMT)

Can't regain perks

Hi,i cleared some skill threes but the game clears the old ones without giving any perks. The only way is adding them by consolle or using a character editor. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 10:19 on 13 February 2013‎ (GMT)

I am also having this problem. I've tried shutting all mods shut off and verifing the cache. Still no joy anyone have a theory/ solution? (PC version loading via steam) Ausfin (talk) 07:29, 16 February 2013 (GMT)
same problem with me too — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 19:36 on 20 February 2013‎
Same problem here. anyone know a fix?::: — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 13:18 on 17 March 2013

Dragon Souls

Does Miraak's death really only provide one dragon soul, not counting the ones he's stolen from you? According to that, I should have only received ~3 souls, but I was rewarded with much more than that (5-10). Any explanation? —Legoless (talk) 21:53, 14 February 2013 (GMT)

Perhaps it provides four souls plus the stolen ones. That would be his own, and those of his three dragons. I remember getting a lot of souls from him, around 15, but I hadn't been counting how many he stole from me. --Enodoc (talk) 22:00, 14 February 2013 (GMT)
It's 3+DLC2SoulStealCount.GetValueInt()+totalDragonsKilled in the script DLC2MQ06MiraakBossBattle. The variable totalDragonsKilled tracks the dragons Miraak kills in the combat, so it should be souls stolen+6 that are awarded. --Alfwyn (talk) 22:51, 14 February 2013 (GMT)
That makes more sense, then. —Legoless (talk) 22:54, 14 February 2013 (GMT)
I think there's more to it. I counted when I did this with my last character. I know for a fact that Miraak stole exactly two dragon souls from me. Add the 3 he kills during the fight and the 3 he starts with, and you get a total of 8. I got 12. Now, I think that it's likely that I killed 4 dragons whose souls Miraak did NOT steal. (I didn't count those unfortunately, but it seems about right.) It's possible the game is counting all dragons that are killed regardless of whether Miraak was involved or showed up to steal their soul. If this is the case, then I essentially got 2 souls for each of those dragons. This suggests that a good strategy would be to wait until Miraak first shows up, then go around and kill as many dragons as you can find before completing the main quest, so you end up getting twice as many souls. (I mean, I'd already killed enough to unlock every shout and then some, so I didn't really need all those extra souls, but whatever.) — TheRealLurlock (talk) 21:13, 20 February 2013 (GMT)
This sounds plausible. I likewise didn't count, but I received 10 souls, Miraak stole exactly 1 soul from me, and I killed 2 or 3 dragons whose souls he DIDN'T steal. I'll look into it in the editor sometime, unless someone beats me to it! Weroj (talk) 19:26, 3 March 2013 (GMT)
I'm at 7 stolen souls on my current playthrough testing this. I'm trying to go for 11 stolen souls, because that's what I got the last time. Sadly Miraak seems to have gotten bored with stealing souls from me. --Morrolan (talk) 20:05, 5 April 2013 (GMT)
Miraak has stolen exactly 3 souls from me, I managed to get one soul of a dragon which he did not bother to steal. After his death, I got 12 souls. Considering a minimum of 6, plus 3 stolen from me and another 3 from the dragons he used to regain his health, I think this might be it. 8:37, 30 May 2013 (GMT+2) — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 05:38 on 30 May 2013

Premature Dying

In the big battle at the end, after Miraak has killed all three dragons, I kill him. The quest doesn't progress or anything, I just see Hermaeus Mora in the sky. I used the disable/enable thing they say to do in the bugs section, but that made him just stand up and not do anything. 01:42, 25 February 2013 (GMT)

Miraak's sword

After killing and looting Miraak empty, his sword remained on the floor and could not be picked up for a second time. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 04:44 on 5 March 2013

Bend Will not working on Sahrotaar

I am near the end where I need to use my Bend Will on the Dragon to take me to defeat Miraak. When I use my Bend Will on the dragon it does nothing and he keeps attacking me. Can anyone please explain why this is happening? By the way yes I do have the whole word of power unlocked. Thanks. - Heather — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 09:39 on 4 April 2013

Try to hold the shout button until it release it, this way the shout is more powerful and should work. I had the same problem. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 15:07 on 22 June 2013

door at top of stairs

any one know how to fix bug i read the last book and was transported to the last area and when i go up the stairs the door at the top is closed how can i fix this i have done it on 3 different characters and the door is always closed — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 08:32 on 10 April 2013‎

I can confirm this bug as well. Any idea for a work around? Tiger8u2 (talk) 05:46, 17 April 2013 (GMT)

Instant death when character lands on Miraak's platform.

I'd just like to confirm the bug "When Sahrotaar lands near Miraak before the battle and you dismount, your character will glow yellow and lose all their health." It's happened twice in a row despite closing the game and Steam in between plays. Playing on a PC with the latest version of the game having proceeded through the quest line in the conventional manner.Bwilderbeast (talk) 08:04, 21 April 2013 (GMT)

Page's been updated. You could have donate that yourself as well; just edit the bug and change vn=1 to confirmed=1 to confirm a bug. Thanks :) --Morrolan (talk) 11:14, 21 April 2013 (GMT)
Thanks Morrolan. I solved the issue by not pressing E to land immediately the message came up. I haven't gone back a tested it yet though, I'll post it if I can reproduce the bug and then the solution. — Unsigned comment by Bwilderbeast (talkcontribs) at 13:09 on 21 April 2013‎

Third Dragon doesn't show

After killing the dragons Sahrotaar and Kruzikrel, the third dragon doesn't show up until I kill miraak. But killing him only causes him to use the "become ethreal " shout, making it impossible to defeat him 19:47, 27 April 2013 (GMT)

Not killing the seekers

Before I was to fly to Miraak I was sussposed to kill some seekers and a lurker but I made some damage but Sahotaar flew me right to Miraak instead of killing them

Also Ii found a bug with Miraak going in the ground — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 16:53 on 11 May 2013

Yeah, you don't have to kill the seekers. That's generally true in the Apocrypha locations, you can usually just run past them. --Morrolan (talk) 21:41, 11 May 2013 (GMT)
How Do you fix this, theres no way I can beat the questline without the third dragon — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 22:10 on 15 June 2013

Stuck in ethereal mode

I can confirm that on the Xbox, the glitch that causes Miraak to become stuck in the ethereal recovery state can be 'fixed' by sneaking. Becoming fully hidden and then standing back up triggers Miraak to return to normal form and continue the battle. ·kretiktalk 23:21, 20 May 2013 (GMT)

Fogot to loot Miraak

when I finished the quest I foggot to loot miraak and so didnt get anything off him is there a way I can go back and get it? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 18:33 on 26 June 2013 (GMT)

You can travel back into any of the books, even after you finish them. However, if Miraak's body isn't there, you've missed out on them. If you have a save available back then, that's your best option. Otherwise, if you are on PC, you can use the Console to manually give yourself the items. I can't think of any other way for you to get his gear. --AKB Talk Cont Mail 18:33, 26 June 2013 (GMT)

Sahrotaar throws me off his back

Sahrotaar throws me off his back, whenever I mount him to get to Mirrak. This is just after I used bend will shout on him. Please note I didn't beat Sahrotaar, just used the shout on him. Has anyone else encountered this bug, I am playing PC version. Is there any fix for this or any console command to skip this and directly go to the tower?

Thanks — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 07:17 on 28 June 2013

Did you try using Advancing the quest one stage (Taming Sahrotaar), then using the player.movetoqt command, or worst case scenario, using the tcl command and just fly-walking over there? (it's pretty much a :straight shot if you walk on an incline.
---- Scrysis, July 1, 2013 — Unsigned comment by Scrysis (talkcontribs) at 06:25 on 2 July 2013 (GMT)
Tcl helped me to get to the tower. But Sahrotaar didn't follow me there. So miraak just kept dying as Sahrotaar was not there to revive him.
So, I used the tcl command before climbing on Sahrotaar. Sahrotaar had problem flying but it worked and I was able yo proceed to next stage.
Thanks for help.
Nitin1730 (talk) 23:37, 3 July 2013 (GMT)

Miraak is unkillable with dragons dead

I don't think it's with a mod, but I'm currently having an issue where if I kill all the other dragons while riding on top of Sahrotaar, Miraak doesn't soul-drain any of the dragons, doesn't die, and doesn't get impaled. Enabling and disabling him will allow him to die like any other thing, but then the scripted death doesn't occur and I'm stuck.

If I drop down first, and I kill Miraak first, he doesn't drain any of the dragons, but he dies the scripted death. That leaves me with three dragons, two of them angry, roaring and circling the platform at the top of their lungs. The book won't allow you to leave until all the hostile dragons are dead, and the kill command doesn't seem to work on them.

Anyone else have this issue?

(This Bug Boss is over-powered.)

---- Scrysis, July 1, 2013 — Unsigned comment by Scrysis (talkcontribs) at 06:20 on 2 July 2013

i have it too — Unsigned comment by IonR19 (talkcontribs) at 21:27 on 26 July 2013

Miraak Gone

So i killed miraak, got his souls and erased one of my perk tree points. But i have yet to be able to find his skeleton to loot his corpse. I've tried teleporting to it and can't find it, I've turned off collision to find it and still nothing. I've left back to the island and returned and even went back to the last chapter. could anybody help? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 07:58 on 8 July 2013‎

Final Battle Bug

So I figured out that if I choose to not press the A button, I won't dismount Sahrotaar as usual when he lands and I confront Miraak. I've gone through the battle on the back of Sahrotaar, killed all of the dragons (Sah died from Miraak's spells), and then entered sneak mode to throw Miraak off of my trail. This worked, and I then successfully sneak killed Miraak. After his death, I tried looting his corpse, but the message appeared with "This person is busy". So I'm standing alone at the Summit of Apocrypha with 3 dead dragons and one dead dragon priest. Hermaeus Mora is simply looking over the battle field and not much else. -Light-in-His-Eyes (talk) 17:22, 9 July 2013 (GMT)

This person is busy means there's a script running on Miraak still. Probably he wants to greet you or something. I would try saving, quitting, and coming back in; if that doesn't work you may have to reload an old save. --Morrolan (talk) 17:35, 9 July 2013 (GMT)
No, it was after the battle ended, when Herma-Mora was supposed to stab Miraak with tentacles. Miraak hadn't disintegrated like he was supposed to. I re-did the battle using just my sneak skills, and everything turned out fine. Apparently, there's some kind of bug when you choose not to dismount at the beginning of the confrontation. -Light-in-His-Eyes (talk) 17:43, 9 July 2013 (GMT)

The "Bug to End All Bugs"

So I was on the final fight with Miraak, the fight was buggy as usual with me having to reload saves and try different fixes dozens of times until during one of the fights, the game crashes. I restart my xbox and it turns out the crash fried my hard drive. All the save data for hundreds of dollars of games was corrupted. Both Bethesda and Microsoft support proved useless. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 04:06 on 10 July 2013

Are you implying that a game bug caused the hardware failure? That's unimaginable. In my opinion the hard drive failure was imminent and progressing, resulting in the game crash, then in the other system read errors. If anything "fried" on the disk, it would be the electronic parts, the mechanic data storage could be fine, don't panic, let someone experienced analyze the drive for you. Good luck! ~HellRider talk mail 03:17, 10 July 2013 (GMT)

Useless Sahrotaar

I'm having a problem that I cant find anyone else having. Namely Sahrotaar shows up just fine, I mount him and go to fight the seekers and lurker and when I use the attack command his frost breath does no damage (none at all). Same happens when I proceed to Mirak, he breathes but nothing happens. Funnily enough he did damage to me when we fought before I tamed him. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 05:52 on 7 August 2013

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