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Since I have installed the CompUSA Special Edition Patch and DFQFIX, the "Army of the Undead" quest was indeed replaced twice by "The lost Artifact". The first time, I was tasked to find the Staff of Magnus and the second time, it was the Amulet of theNecromancer. The quest worked until the very end: each time, I found an object that was confirmed to be the artifact when I looked at it, but when I tried to take it:

-The stack disappears
-The quest disappears from my journal
-The two quest objects are removed from my inventory
-No end quest message appears
-Most important, the artifact is nowhere to be found in my inventory.

I do not know yet if the quest works for Chrysamere. Does anyone know where the problem could come from and how to fix it?

There is a fix which corrects this issue, it will be released in the next version of DFQFIX (v2.6). The original quests, from which I built the patches, and the patched quests are processed differently by the game. This causes this situation, although it's no bug in the traditional way. I've tested almost all patched quest before I release them, but sometimes, when there are only marginal corrections done to quests. it is a very time consuming quest and in case the quest-code looks alright no testing is done. In theory such a patched quest should work perfectly, however the game has sometimes a mind of its own.
If you don't want to do the whole quest again, which I can understand, use the game-cheats to complete the quest quickly once the new patch has been released.--PLRDLF 03:07, 5 March 2010 (UTC)