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Daggerfall's area is one of the largest in video game's History, with the size of Great Britain, according Bethesda[1]. Consequently the game offer a vast set of regions and an enormous amount of unique locations. The wilderness between locations is designed and fixed in its basic landform too, not only in the coastlines or cities localization, but even with the existence of a Heightmap. The details in that wild spaces between locations however: The flats (vegetation, most rocks and the eventual enemies as well) are the only randomly generated part in Daggerfall world building.

The game world is divided between two Tamriel provinces, covering most of the High Rock province and the northern part of Hammerfell, as well as the waters and islands in the Iliac Bay. In addition to this first regionalization, there are several circumstances geographically diverse, as the 9 climate regions or the 44 socio-political zones, that determine the natural, climatic and socio-cultural conditions in the different places: Different types of terrain, vegetation, skies, precipitation, animals, NPCs, architecture textures, regional temples or knightly orders or diplomatic conditions.

Climate regions map of the Iliac Bay as seen in Daggerfall


Although Daggerfall possesses heightmap data, the game doesn't appear to render 3D mountains (excluding the 2D mountains which can sometimes be seen in the background skybox). This may be due to the noise bump filter added to the ground and the extremely short draw distance. However, it is possible to observe "mountains" at specific points in the game world, recognizable as sudden rises in the terrain elevation.

The first spot is on the Isle of Balfiera, as seen here:


The second spot is east of the capital of Sentinel:



There are 41 continental regions and 3 island regions in Iliac Bay:

Map of the Iliac Bay regions as seen in Daggerfall

Unique locations[edit]

Daggerfall contains a huge amount of unique locations, with a total number of 15,251 cities, inns, homes, temples, graveyards and dungeons, a count hardly comparable to any other video game in History. Contrary to the enormous terrain between them, wich is randomly generated in its details, all these locations are designed and pre-fixed. These places are spread over the different regions of the Iliac Bay with a non proportional distribution depending to the region size or its importance, ranging from the 1,833 places in the Wrothgarian Mountains to the single location at the tiny island of Cybiades. Locations vary enormously depending on their function, importance, type of enemies or dominant culture, but it's possible to include all of them in four main categories, following the in-game map labels: Dungeons, Homes, Temples and Towns. This article only lists some of the most relevant locations. A complete list of locations is included in each specific region article.


There are a total 4,229 Dungeons in Daggerfall, these all contain different enemies and block types depending on what type they are, these can include covens, dens, laboratories, caves or graveyards, among others.


Including farms, isolated houses, manors, palaces and urbanized dead ends. Their number reach 4,400.


Temples category includes isolated altars, monuments or shrines, friendly covens or temple compounds (Temples with several buildings surrounding it). There are 1.532 religious independent locations.


Daggerfall towns label, includes cities, towns, villages and independent inns/pubs complexes. The total number of Towns in Daggerfall is 5,090.

Note: Cybiades island and Dak'fron region in Hammerfell and Betony and Balfiera islands in High Rock, lack capital.

Places of Interest[edit]

Region City Places of Interest
Abibon-Gora Abibon-gora
Alik'r Alik'ra The Coven in the Marsh
Antiphyllos Antyphyllos The Coven of the Dust
Ayasofya Ayasofya City
Bergama Bergama City
Cybiades Ruins of Cosh Hall
Dak'fron The Kykos Coven
Dragontail Mountains Dragontail The Devilrock Coven
Coven of the Peaks
Scourg Barrow
Ephesus Ephesus City
Kairou Kairou City
Kozanset Kozanset City
Lainlyn Lainlyn City Lainlyn Cliffs
Mournoth Mournoth City
Myrkwasa Myrkwasa City The Coven of the Tide
Pothago Pothago City
Santaki Santaki City
Satakalaam Satakalaam City
Sentinel Sentinel City Castle Sentinel
Castle Faallem
The Fortress of Fhojum
Tigonus Tigonus City
Totambu Totambu City
High Rock
Alcaire Alcaire City The Alcaire Coven
Anticlere Anticlere City
Betony Cryngaine Field
Ravennian Forest
Yeorth Burrowland
Bhoriane Bhoriane City
Daenia Daenia City The Beldama Coven
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Castle Daggerfall
Castle Necromoghan
Copperton Tower
The Coven on The Bluff
Daggerfall Bluffs
Privateer's Hold
Dwynnen Dwynnen City
Gavaudon Gavaudon City
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Glenpoint Foothills
Glenumbra Moors Glenumbra
Ilessan Hills Ilessan Hills City The Glenmorial Coven
Kambria Kambria City
Koegria Koegria City
Menevia Menevia City Lysandus' Tomb
The Tamarilyn Coven
Tamarilyn Point
Northmoor Northmoor City
Orsinium Area Orsinium Stronghold of Orsinium
Phrygias Phrygias City The Skeffington Coven
Skeffington Wood
Shalgora Shalgora City The Daggerfall Coven
Tulune Tulune City
Urvaius Urvaius City
Wayrest Wayrest City Castle Wayrest
Grimdale Moor Woodborne Hall
Wrothgarian Mountains Wrothgaria The Wroth Coven
Ykalon Ykalon City Castle Llugwych
Iliac Bay
Hammerfell bay coast
Hammerfell sea coast
High Rock bay coast
High Rock sea coast Mantellan Crux
Your Ship
Islands in the Western Iliac Bay
Isle of Balfiera Direnni Tower
The Masoleum of Darkivaron

See also[edit]

For a calculation of total game world area in Daggerfall, see Dimensions of the Iliac Bay.


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