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Fighter Questers are a political faction that is a subgroup of the Fighters Guild faction.


The Fighter Equippers will repair and mend unenchanted arms and armor for any member of the Fighters Guild. The costs for a repair depend primarily on your rank within the guild, though your reputation with the faction will also affect the price of their services.

Repair times when utilizing these services can take one or more days, depending on how worn the item is and how many items the Equipper is already repairing. At regular Fighters Guild guildhalls, they can only repair one item at a time. This is a serious drawback compared to Armorers, General Stores, or Weapon Smiths. They also hand repaired equipment over only during the regular opening hours (11:00-23:00), regardless of your rank within the guild.

However, the Fighter Equippers at Fighter Trainers guildhalls can repair as many items at a time as Armorers, General Stores, or Weapon Smiths. Since these guildhalls never close, pickup times are similarly not an issue.

Political Views[edit]

Led By Fighters Guild