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Investigate the low morale of Fort Frostmoth for Captain Carius.
Quest Giver: Falx Carius at Fort Frostmoth
Location(s): Fort Frostmoth
Prerequisite Quest: An Island to the North
Next Quest: The Frostmoth Smugglers
Reward: 3 Cure Common Disease potions
Disposition: -30/+30 (Antonius Nuncius),
+40 (Guard)
ID: BM_Morale
Required Items: Sujamma/Flin/Mazte/Greef/Shein,
lockpick or Open spell (50) (key available also)
Difficulty: Low
What secrets lie herein?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find and speak to Captain Carius in his chambers within the General Quarters area of Fort Frostmoth.
  2. Find some booze and speak to a guard to learn about the fort becoming dry.
  3. Return and speak to the Captain about the dry fort matter.
  4. Find and speak to Antonius Nuncius on the ground floor of the Imperial Cult Shrine.
  5. Speak to another guard to learn the location of Nuncius' office.
  6. Visit Nuncius' office in the second floor of the armory. Open his locked desk and take the alcohol inside.
  7. Confront Nuncius with the evidence.
  8. Visit the Captain with the information about Nuncius to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Captain Falx Carius[edit]

The Captain can be found in his chambers in Fort Frostmoth, accessed via the General Quarters area at the top of the stairs. His office doesn't show up on the in-game map, as it is covered by the General Quarters, but it is in the staircase to the left when you enter the General Quarters. Speak with him about Fort Frostmoth, being edgy, disturbing trends, and morale has been low. The Captain basically tells you about the low morale of the troops at the fort lately and suspects that there is one person in particular that is causing this discontent.


The obvious move would be to go around and have a chat with the various guards of the fort. Strangely enough, all guards seem to have come under a great thirst, complaining about how they could use a good drink. If you don't have any drinks on you, there appears to be very little or nothing to purchase in the fort itself. A quick Mark spell and an Almsivi Intervention will bring you to Gnisis, and from there it's a quick trip to Ald'ruhn or another town to buy some drinks. One bottle of sujamma, flin, mazte, greef, shein or Cyrodiilic brandy is enough.

Of course, there is a much easier way. If you nose around the third floor of the Armory, you'll notice that Antonius Nuncius has a large number of bottles of assorted spirits in his room and desk. There is also booze scattered all over the fort if you look for it (like the Captain's quarters). Once you have some drinks, speak to one of the guards, who will gladly accept some alcohol from you. The guard will gladly inform you that the fort has become a dry fort by order of the Captain. Further questions on the matter will not yield you any more information.

Dry Fort[edit]

The Priest might be hiding something...

Return to Captain Carius and speak to him about the dry fort orders. He'll mention that it wasn't really his decision, as the alcohol shipments just "stopped" several months ago. He suspects the priest Antonius Nuncius as being the one truly interested in making the fort dry. Find Antonius Nuncius in the ground floor of the Imperial Cult Shrine. He will deny having anything to do with the fort becoming dry, and actually pin the blame on the Captain. Mention that the Captain never banned alcohol and the priest will confirm that the shipments stopped arriving on their own. He seems to get a little annoyed, claiming that you have no evidence that he was involved and asks to be left alone.

Antonius Nuncius[edit]

It seems that the priest is trying to hide his involvement in the lack of alcohol shipments, so some further investigation is required. Speak to any guard once again to learn that Nuncius' office is actually in the Armory. You can speak to Zeno Faustus in the Armory to find that the priest's office is upstairs. Perhaps there will be some evidence up there. His office is on the right-hand side of the second floor and you'll find his locked (level 50) desk inside, but you'll only find a bunch of booze within (you need to open the desk if you want to continue, though). The key to the desk is hidden on a high ledge inside the office. If you are looking at the chair in the corner, it is to the right a little bit on the ledge above. You'll also find his closet, which appears to be locked with a unique and unpickable lock, so you'll have to find the key in order to open it. Return to Nuncius and speak to him about the dry fort and shipments stopped arriving again and he'll confront you about having peeked in his desk. He admits that he had been hiding the alcohol for the 'benefit' of the soldiers. You can choose to keep his secret safe or tell him that you will have to speak to the Captain about the matter.

Back to the Captain[edit]

Return to the Captain with the news. You don't have to talk to the Captain about the priest's involvement, but if you do the Captain will congratulate you and give you three Cure Disease potions and a Silver Sparkblade as a reward. If you kept Antonius Nuncius' secret, he'll give you the key to the unpickable closet which holds 60 alcoholic drinks (10 of each basic type) as well as 10 skoomas. If you tell the Captain it was just a misunderstanding, he congratulates you and hands over three Cure Disease potions.


  • You may have to open Antonius' desk twice to get the required journal entry.
  • The disposition of whichever guard you give the booze to jumps by 40 points, but if you offer drink without any in your inventory, the disposition drops ten points.
  • Nuncius' disposition drops 30 if you rat him out, but increases by 30 if you keep his secret.
  • If you say that you're going to tell Carius about Antonius' actions, he will not be carrying the key to his closet on his corpse, meaning that it will be impossible to open his closet. If you say that you'll keep his secret, he'll give you a key, and he'll also be carrying a second copy of the key if you kill him, but only if you still have the quest open (i.e., you didn't talk to Carius yet).

Quest Stages[edit]

These codes can be used along with the Journal Console command and quest ID given within the chart to update the quest to a certain point.

Rebellion at Frostmoth (BM_Morale)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Captain Carius has told me a little about the situation here at Fort Frostmoth. Most of the soldiers are stationed here because they were unfit to serve in the more important forts. They are a normally restless bunch, and Carius believes that they are recently even more edgy than usual.
20 Captain Carius would like me to investigate the unease he's feeling coming from the soldiers stationed here at Fort Frostmoth. He believes that there must be someone who is spreading ill will among his men. I should speak with the soldiers here and see what I might learn from them.
30 The troops at Fort Frostmoth seemed at first to be unwilling to speak with me, perhaps upset at the recent ban on alcohol consumption at the fort. However, giving the soldier some alcohol has raised his spirits somewhat.
40 A soldier has agreed to speak with me in exchange for some liquor I had with me. Apparently, Captain Carius has forbidden all alcohol consumption, and the soldiers are restless. They believe he has done it as a punishment for poor performance. I should report my findings to Carius.
50 Carius tells me that although he and Antonius Nuncius discussed the effects of alcohol on the men, he never actually banned liquor consumption. The shipments, however, have stopped arriving. Captain Carius would like me to speak with the soldiers some more and find out where these rumors are being started.
55 The soldiers seem willing to take the alcohol in my posession [sic] in exchange for information about what has become a dry fort. It seems that a bit of the drink makes them much more disposed to chatting.
60 One of the soldiers has told me that it was Antonius Nuncius who told him that the alcohol ban was a punishment from Captain Carius. Of course, I'll need more proof of that before I can possibly report this information to Carius. I should be able to find Nuncius either in the Imperial Cult Shrine, or in his office, located above the Armory.
70 Antonius Nuncius denies spreading rumors about Captain Carius or starting any trouble at all in the Fort. He claims to be a simple priest dedicated to serving his fellow man. He acts guilty, though, so perhaps it bears further investigation.
80 I've found a large stash of alcohol in Antonius Nuncius' desk.
90 Antonius Nuncius has admitted that he has been poisoning the minds of the soldiers here in Fort Frostmoth. His hope was that if the situation here got bad enough, he would be recalled to Vvardenfell.
93 I have agreed to keep Antonius Nuncius' secret. In exchange, he has given me the key to his closet, which contains a great many bottles of Cyrodiilic Brandy, Flin, and Mazte.
95 I told Antonius Nuncius that I would be unable to keep his actions a secret from Captain Carius.
100 Finishes quest Captain Carius has thanked me for finding the source of the low morale among his troops. In gratitude, he has given me some useful Cure Disease potions, as there are diseases on this island not common in Vvardenfell, and a silver sparkblade. Carius will also request that Nuncius' assignment at the Fort be extended indefinitely.
110 Finishes quest Although I did not reveal the source of the low morale of the Fort's troops, Captain Carius has noticed a change in their attitude, and has thanked me for my assistance. He gave me some Cure Disease potions, as he says there are diseases on this island that have never before been encountered.
200 Finishes quest Antonius Nuncius is dead, and Captain Carius has told me to stop searching for the source of the low morale.

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