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Food items are interactable consumables found throughout dungeons that restore varying amounts of missing health. They will have a glowing golden sheen to set them apart from other objects. Trying to eat a food item when at full health will not work, as it will not restore/overheal and remain uneaten, but activating it will count toward a related special challenge. Food cannot found in the Abyss.


Horker Loaf[edit]

A Horker Loaf in a coffin

Horker Loaves are found in forts and crypts, often on tables.


A Sweetroll on a crate

Sweetrolls are found in forts.


Venison can be found on the metal skewer lines of cooking pots.


Various flowers function as food and restore health.


A Thistle

Thistles are found in forests, they restore health.


A cluster of tall red fungi
A cluster of small red fungi
A cluster of small brown fungi

Fungi are found in forests and caves, they restore health when consumed. Fungi vary in size and colour, some fungi are short with flat caps others have taller stalks with two caps.
Consumable fungi can be found alongside small grey fungi that cannot be interacted with.

Glowing Mushroom[edit]


  • Eat 10 food items
  • Find 16 food items
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