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The UESP: Daggerfall: The Wayrest Painting
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Daggerfall: The Wayrest Painting

15 February 2011

Starts With: Queen Akorithi, Sentinel
Dungeon: Wayrest Castle, Wayrest
Minimum PC Level: 5
Key Strategy: Usual dungeon hack-n-slash
Story Progression: May learn that Wayrest soldiers murdered Lysandus
Prerequisite Quest: Prince Lhotun - The Missing Prince
Next Quests: The Ancient Watcher
Suggested Spells: Levitate, Recall, Open, Water Breathing, Water Walking

Quick Tips

  1. After successfully completing a quest for Prince Lhotun of Sentinel, Queen Akorithi contacts you by letter asking your services.
  2. The queen wants you to retreive a painting from the dungeon of Castle Wayrest, but doesn't say why.
  3. After a long search and hard battle you retreive the painting, only to notice it is magical and appears to be animated.
  4. In order to see the painting animate, you must USE it (click the USE button and then click the painting).
  5. When you return the painting to the Queen it's better to not view the painting when it asks you.

Detailed Walkthrough
Walkthrough written mostly by George Smith

One day, soon after finding the fate of Prince Lhotun's brother, you receive a letter from his mother, Queen Akorithi.

Dear Kral BlackHaven,
 Your presence is our court is desired
 before the end of the next season.
 Prince Lhotun has recommended you with
 high praise. I await your arrival.
 Queen of Sentinel

Not quite sure when the next season ends (the general stores have been out of calendars for many years) you hurry to Sentinel Castle as quickly as you can.

Kral BlackHaven! Welcome to Sentinel.
 I trust you have had a comfortable
 stay so far. Let me get right to the
 point. My son, Prince Lhotun, says
 you are a well respected and trusted
 Wood Elf. I have need of your sort.
 I am willing to pay you (some) gold
 to infiltrate Castle Wayrest for me.
 Will you do it?

Checking your schedule for the next few weeks you see you're relatively free and so you accept, even though the pay isn't that great considering the task of infitrating a heavily guarded castle.

What Bounty! There is an item, a
 painting, that is hidden somewhere
 within Castle Wayrest. I desire
 this item for reasons you need not
 worry about. Bring it to me and I
 will pay your (some) gold.

So it's a painting they've gotton me to fetch this time. The hard part will be getting in Castle Wayresy, and out again...in one piece. Hoping you haven't bitten off more than you can chew you head for Wayrest and your fate.

Upon entering Castle Wayrest proceed past the throne room, through either set of great doors, until you reach the anti-chamber where several interesting royals hang out. Prepare to use the North Door, the guards won't like this, so I usually take em all out before proceeding. Turn right at the T, Right at the 4-way, through the North Door, then the West Door, then use the teleporter in this room (brick colored door), Teleport again to the switch room. (This switch opens the trap door in a room you passed earlier.

It is irrelevant for this quest, but in a side quest, you will find out that Lord K'avar of Sentinel is plotting against the Queen of Sentinel and when he is caught, he will eventually seek refuge here in the Wayrest dungeons. If you need to find him, he is through that trap door). Anyway, Teleport out of the switch room, take the South door, then go West to another T where you turn South. At the next T continue South, then North at the T, then East at the T, then West at the T, then take the West door at the bottom of the steps.

You will need to go underwater, kill what you find and search for a tunnel which you can crouch to crawl through. Exit the anti-chamber through the East door and go up the stairs. Straight ahead to a hole in the wall where you can either jump (if you have the skill level) or crouch and climb through (if you don't). Go right at the corner, then right again, and finally take the West facing door at the corner. Enter the room and take the South door out, left at the next T, open the door and VOILA! the painting room (it is well guarded but I found the guards carried massive amounts of good equipment).

As you examine the painting a little more closely you notice it definitely isn't a normal painting in any respect.

The scene in the painting shifts and
 twists. You can clearly see the inside
 of a tent. Several men in the livery of
 Wayrest are intensely debating with a
 man bearing the coat of arms of Daggerfall.
 One of the Wayrest men slips behind the
 Daggerfall man, draws a dagger and
 casually slides it between his ribs.
 The image fades as the life ebbs from
 his body.

The painting depicts several Wayrest men arguing with a Daggerfall soldier and one of the men kills the soldier. Queen Akorithi refuses to explain any of this to you but the Daggerfall soldier is King Lysandus. In Helseth's quest, he tells you that Wayrest advisors met with Lysandus before the battle of Cryngaine. A clever player would put these two stories together.

You quickly return to Sentinel Castle and Queen Akorithi. When you give the painting to the queen you decide not to mention what you saw, nor do you try to use it again. Had you tried to use it you are sure the queen would have been displeased.

Didn't Use It Used It
Excellent. Its properties are
 inappropriate for those not of royal
 blood. You have shown yourself to be
 not only loyal, but also obedient.
You presume much Kral BlackHaven.
 What you saw is not for the prying
 eyes of the masses. It concerns
 matters of royalty and will be dealt
 with by royalty.

The next quest is The Ancient Watcher, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

More Directions to the Painting
From the entrance, go W thru the fountain room into the throne room and up to where you find Prince Helseth sitting on the floor. Behind him in the N wall is a door - go thru and turn W at the T intersection. Go up to the door going N. Go thru and follow that corridor around to a door going W (you will go up twice). You will enter a room with coffins and a red brick teleport (#1) on the S wall. Go thru the teleport and you will land in a room with weapons in the SE corner. A teleport (#2) will be against the E wall. Go thru and you will be in a small room with a switch and a teleport (#3). Throw the switch and go thru. You will end up in a room with torture implements and a door in the S wall. Go thru the door and turn W at the T intersection. Continue W thru a door and turn S at the T intersection. Follow that corridor S, then W to a corridor that enters from the S. Turn S, go thru a door and follow that corridor around until it is going N and you find another door. Go N thru the door, then W, N and W again to a door. That door opens into a room with a trap door over a pit in the floor. It should be open. Levitate or slowfall to the bottom of the pit. You will now be facing W. Go W and jump the pit you will find. Continue W on a down slope to a pit filled with water. A corridor will come in from the N. Levitate over the water and go N up to the first intersection. Turn E and you will see the dreaded "window". (The best way I have found to go thru the window is to duck down with the D key, then approach and try to climb thru - it may take a few tries but you will climb thru - hit D again to stand up). After the window, follow the corridor E, S, then W to a door. You will enter a room with some blue hangings. Go thru the door in the S wall. You will go S (and up), then W, then S again. Turn E at your first opportunity and follow the hall around to the treasure room. (You will go E, S, E (down), N, W (down), thru a door to the N, W, S (down), E (down), and finally N to the treasure room door). Sounds complicated, but it really isn't.

Original Text Written by John Weatherwax - johnwax@worldnet.att.net.

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