Alchemy Calculator

Welcome to the UESP's Alchemy Calculator. This is a tool to help players develop recipes for potions and poisons for use in Oblivion. You can select a list of effects that you would like in your potion (or poison), and this tool will let you know what ingredients are necessary, and what other effects can be included in the potion. The calculator will tell you the exact strengths of all effects, based upon your character's current statistics. The ingredients to be used in the potions can be fully customized. Finally, you can store any recipes that you have developed for later reference. More complete instructions on how to use the calculator can be found on the UESP wiki.

I hope you enjoy using this calculator! Please feel free to provide any comments on the feedback page.

This calculator (version 0.42) is still a work in progress. If you encounter problems, please provide details on the problem at the feedback page. Also, input on desired features for future versions is welcome. If you are not a wiki user, you may instead provide feedback via email.

(1) Set up your character (optional)

You can leave the default values provided here unchanged. However, providing more specific information for your character will allow more accurate calculations of potion strengths and available effects. Changes made here will not propagate to the rest of the page until you

Character statistics: Alchemy equipment:
Effective Alchemy: 75
Potion Value: 34

Mortar and Pestle:




Include equipment from Direnni's Advanced Alchemy Apparatus Mod

(2) Select desired effects

Choose the effect(s) you would like to look for:

(If you can not find a certain effect in these lists, then that effect is not available for your current selection of Alchemy level and ingredients.)

Potion options:

Allow negative side-effects in potions
Exact matches only (no extra effects allowed)
Maximum number of potions to print
Maximum number of effect combinations to print

Ingredient options:

Include SI and mod ingredients
Include rare ingredients
Include quest-specific ingredients