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Tribunal Main Quest: Trueflame Blade

15 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Missing Hand
Next Quest: Sotha Sil
Locations: Temple, Godsreach, Royal Palace, Bamz-Amschend
Minimum Level: None
Recommended Level: 30+
Required Items: Pyroil Tar
Suggested Items: None
Difficulty: Medium

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Almalexia to be told of the Trueflame blade and receive one of the three broken pieces.
  2. Speak to people around town about craftsman to the told of Yagak gro-Gluk in the Craftsman Hall of Godsreach.
  3. Speak with Barenziah about the blade and she'll direct you to Karod who will give you the second blade piece.
  4. Speak with Torasa Aram in the Museum of Artifacts in the Godsreach district. Donate two artifacts and receive a Dwemer Battle Shield.
  5. Bring the Battle shield to Yagak who will extract the third blade piece from it.
  6. Have Yagak forge the three blade pieces into the Trueflame (takes two days).
  7. Speak with Yagak about enchanting it and be directed to the Bamz-Amschend ruins once again.
  8. Travel to the Radac's Forge section of the ruins and find the ghost Radac Stungnthumz in front of a large robot.
  9. Radac will tell you to find Pyroil Tar from the Daedric Shrine of Norenen-dur in the Citadel of Myn Dhrur.
  10. Return to Radac with the tar to have him enchant the blade.
  11. Return to Almalexia to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough

Speak once again to Lady Almalexia in the Temple who now belives that you are the Nerevarine (I assume that you'll receive a different message if you haven't finished the Morrowind main quest or perhaps you won't receive this quest at all). She tells you to story of two blades, Hopesfire and Trueflame. Hopesfire has been kept safe with the goddess, however its twin blade was lost at the battle of Red Mountain. The blade was shattered into three pieces, one of which Almalexia gives to you, and the other two which you much find in order to complete the blade. The goddess suggests asking around those knowledgable in the city for further guidance in finding the blade pieces and having them reforged.

Searching for a Craftsman
Finding the craftsman to forge the three pieces is relatively easily. Most people will point you in the direction of Yagak gro-Gluk in the Craftsman Hall of Godsreach. Yagak glady volunteers to combine the pieces but has no information about the location of the remaining two.

Searching for the Pieces
Finding someone who knows about the pieces is difficult, but remember Almalexia's hint a speaking to people you've used for guidance before. Queen Barenziah is one of those people and directs you to speak with Karod, Helseth's bodyguard which you defeated earlier in a duel. Indeed, speak with Karod about the blade pieces and he'll actually give you one which his father handed down to him when he was young.

Note that you must have previously completed the Assassination Plot quests and duel him, otherwise you won't get anywhere with him (confirmed with the XBox GOTY edition).

Artifact Museum
Next, speak with Torasa Aram in the Museum of Artifacts in the Godsreach district. Though she says she doesn't have the third piece though she does have a shield from the same period which can be part with if you make some artifact donations to the museum. You will have to donate two artifacts to the museum and you can read the book lying the on the bench on the South wall of the museum entrance to see which ones you can donate.
Item Name Item ID
Auriel's Bowebony_bow_auriel
Auriel's Shieldebony_shield_auriel
BiPolar BladeBipolar Blade
Bloodworm Helmbloodworm_helm_unique
Boots of the Apostle boots_apostle_unique
Boots of Blinding Speed boots of blinding speed[unique]
Bow of Shadowslongbow_shadows_unique
Cuirass of the Savior's Hidecuirass_savior_unique
Fang of Haynekhtnametdagger_fang_unique
Dagger of Symmachusglass dagger_symmachus_unique
Dragonbone cuirassdragonbone_cuirass_unique
Ebony Mailebon_plate_cuirass_unique
Eleidon's Wardtowershield_eleidon_unique
Helm of Oreyn Bearclawhelm_bearclaw_unique
Ice Blade of the Monarchclaymore_iceblade_unique
Lord's Maillords_cuirass_unique
Mace of Molag Balmace of molag bal_unique
Mace of SlurringMace of Slurring
Ring of Phynasterring_phynaster_unique
Robe of the Lichrobe_lich_unique_x
Skull Crusherwarhammer_crusher_unique
Spear of Bitter Mercy spear_mercy_unique
Spell Breakerspell_breaker_unique
Staff of Hasedokistaff_hasedoki_unique
Staff of Magnusstaff_magnus_unique
Stendarr's Hammer
(Pre-set at Museum)
Ten Pace Bootstenpaceboots
Umbra Swordlongsword_umbra_unique
Vampiric Ringring_vampiric_unique
Veloth's Judgementdaedric warhammer_ttgd
Warlock's Ringring_warlock_unique
Thats quite the list, unfortunately, you've probably left or sold most of these back on the island of Vvardenfell or, if you do have any of them, you are most likely using them. With any two donations you can receive the Dwemer Battle Shield (regular item). Torasa mentions that the spike on the front of the shield is loose but that most smiths would be able to repair it.

Note that when you donate or sell an item to the museum it goes on display and appears on one of those pedestals. A master thief will have no problems reacquiring artifacts once they are sold or donated (hehe), though you cannot redonate or sell an item back to her. If you've sold all the artifacts already, see the cheat section at the bottom of the page for more info.

Forging the Blade
Return to Yagak gro-Gluk in the Craftsman Hall of Godsreach with your three items (Odd Dwemer Weapon, Dwemer Battle Shield, and Broken Dwemer Blade Piece). Talk to him about the Dwemer Battle shield and he'll seperate the third blade piece from the otherwise regular Dwemer shield. Then talk to him about forging the blade and he'll take the three broken blade pieces and tell you to come back in two days. Indeed, after two days he'll give you the finished blade though without any enchantments on it (he says to see a Dwemer if you want it enchanted). The blade's statistics are:

	Chop: 15 to 60
	Slash: 40 to 50
	Thrust: 3 to 30
	Condition: 2000/2000
	Weight: 20.0
	Value: 15000

Enchanting the Blade
Now you have to enchant the blade, as Yagak had mentioned. If you pester Yagak further and ask him about the talk to a Dwemer topic, he'll suggest that you return to Bamz-Amschend. If you return to Almalexia at this point, she will tell you to return to the one who forged the blade to get it enchanted. Follow Yagak's advice and re-enter the Dwemer ruins. You'll want to travel back to Radac's Forge and find the ghost of Radas Stungnthumz now wandering the middle-East area next to the large robot. Radac will tell you to return to him some Pyroil Tar in order to enchant the blade. The Tar can be found deep within the Daedric Shrine of Norenen-dur in the Citadel of Myn Dhrur (or, if you're like me you'll have to return to town to buy it back from the merchants). There are three Pyroil Tar's that you can find and any will work.
  1. One carried by the Dremora Lord Lord Kash, in Norenen-dur, Citadel of Myn Dhrur.
  2. Two sitting at the bottom of the waterfall in Norenen-dur, the Wailingdelve.
Return to Radac with the Tar and he'll enchant the blade for you.

	Chop: 20 to 75
	Slash: 45 to 60
	Thrust: 4 to 40
	Condition: 2000/2000
	Weight: 20.0
	Value: 150000
	Cast When Strikes
	Fire Damage 30 pts in 1 ft
	Charge: 100/100
This is probably one of the better weapons that you can get in the game.

Return to Almalexia
Return to Almalexia to receive her congratulations for reforging the blade. Speak with her again to receive the next quest.

Artifact Museum Cheats
If you've already sold all your artifacts to the Museum before this point, you can cheat and steal some back and donate them in order to continue. I thought you might be able to steal the items back and give them to her again...but you can't (she doesn't like it, hehe). Open the console and enter the command:
set Torasa Aram.itemname to 0
where itemname is one of the following"
  1. eleidonsward
  2. lordsmail
  3. saviorshide
  4. bootstenpace
  5. ebonymail
  6. bootsapostle
  7. helmbloodworm
  8. aurielshield
  9. bootsblinding
  10. bittermercy
  11. umbrasword
  12. chrysamere
  13. daggerfang
  14. aurielbow
  15. velothjudgment
  16. macemolagbal
  17. bowshadows
  18. dragonbone
  19. goldbrand
  20. helmbearclaw
  21. iceblade
  22. ringphynaster
  23. skullcrusher
  24. spellbreaker
  25. staffhasedoki
  26. staffmagnus
  27. ringvampiric
  28. ringwarlock
  29. maceslurring
  30. bipolarblade
  31. stendarhammer
  32. robelich
  33. dagsym
Note that you have to have the artifact in your inventory in order for her to display the topic to donate it.

Continue on with the Sotha Sil portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

Includes Contributions from Firfin, Moonduke, Gabe Fisher (for the excellent item table) and Nick.

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