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Tribunal Main Quest: Starting

19 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: None [Mournhold Map, 452x414 (26 kb)]
Next Quest: Dark Brotherhood
Locations: Ebonheart, Mournhold
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: None
Required Items: None
Suggested Items: None
Difficulty: Low

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Rest for any length of time and you should be interrupted by an assassin who you should kill.
  2. Talk to any normal guard to be directed to Apelles Matius in Ebonheart.
  3. Speak to Apelles Matius about the Dark Brotherhood to be directed to Asciene Rane in the Grand Council Chamber in Ebonheart.
  4. Mention Transport to Mournhold to Asciene Rane to be teleported to the Royal Palace in Mournhold.

Detailed Walkthrough

Interrupted Sleep
To start your way to the expansion content, simply rest for any length of time and you should be interrupted by an Assassin. Don't underestimate this opponent as he has a good weapon and hitpoints and hits pretty hard. Once you've killed him you should receive a journal note to visit a guard to inform him about this attempt on your life. The guard will direct you to Apelles Matius in Ebonheart. Some guards (like the Duke's Guard) will not respond, but most will.

Note that, depending on your level, you will be attacked up to 10 times when you try and sleep if you don't travel to Ebonheart and onto Mournhold right away.

Apelles Matius
Once in Ebonheart any guard should be able to tell you that Apelles can be found 'wandering the battlements' close to the main castle. Find him and ask him about the Dark Brotherhood and the conversation will quickly lead towards the mainland of Morrowind. Apelles will tell you to speak with Asciene Rane about transport to Mournhold, the capital of the province.

Asciene Rane
This powerful mage can be found in the Grand Council Chamber in Ebonheart, just to the right of the front entrance in the main hall. Ask her about Transport to Mournhold and tell her that you've been marked by the Dark Brotherhood to be teleported to the Royal Palace in Mournhold. To travel back to Vvardenfell mainland, speak to Effe-Tei found at your teleport destination.

Other Helpful Tips

Continue on with the Dark Brotherhood portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

Includes Contributions from Fabien and Aren.

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