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Tribunal Main Quest: Sotha Sil

19 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Trueflame Blade
Next Quest: None!
Locations: Temple, Clockwork City
Minimum Level: None
Recommended Level: 40+
Required Items: Speed Magic
Suggested Items: None
Difficulty: Difficult

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak with Almalexia and she will teleport you to the Clockwork City.
  2. Move through the Clockwork city, avoiding the variety of traps found there. Note that teleportation and levitation magic will not work in these areas.
  3. Use speed increasing spells/magic/items to bypass the rotating trap in the Dome of Kasia.
  4. In the Dome of Serlyn, flip the right switch when the machine begins to make a Fabricant to pass through.
  5. Kill the large Fabricant in the Dome of the Imperfect.
  6. Find the body of Sotha Sil in his Dome. Encounter Almalexia when you try to leave.
  7. Fight Almalexia and kill her (don't forget to soul trap). Loot her body and equipment the Mazed Band to teleport back to Mournhold.
  8. Exit the Temple and speak with Azura to finish the main quest.

Detailed Walkthrough

Speak once again to Lady Almalexia in the Temple once the Trueflame blade has been reforged and she will tell you of the third Tribunal god, Sotha Sil. Apparantly the god has become mad over the years tinkering in his Clockwork City and Almalexia believes that he must be stopped as he is a danger to all of Morrowind. The Trueflame blade is capable of killing Sotha Sil and, of course, it is up to you to do so. When you are ready, the Lady will teleport you to the Clockwork City. Note that teleportation magic will not work while within the Clockwork City (no recall or intervention spells but mark will work).

Clockwork City
The first door you encounter can be opened by a small lever on the pillars in the center of the room (many of the doors are opened in this manner). The hallway beyond the door contains a couple of swinging blades which you might want to avoid (they kill you if they hit you, in fact they kill anything that might happen to be in the way...hehe). More wonderful traps await you in various areas. In the Hall of Delirium watch out for the spike trap whenever you see a splatch of blood on the floor. The Dome of Kasia has another charming trap which should be obvious and might require quick feet to beat it (levitation doesn't work, try using all those potions the Fabricants drop or a Jump spell).
  1. Sotha Sil, Outer Flooded Halls
  2. Sotha Sil, Inner Flooded Halls
  3. Sotha Sil, Hall of Delirium
  4. Sotha Sil, Central Gearworks
  5. Sotha Sil, Chamber of Sohleh
  6. Sotha Sil, Hall of Theuda
  7. Sotha Sil, Dome of Kasia
  8. Sotha Sil, Dome of Serlyn
  9. Sotha Sil, Hall of Sallaemu
  10. Sotha Sil, Dome of Udok (use strength potions/magic to open the rusted lever)
  11. Sotha Sil, Hall of Mileitho
  12. Sotha Sil, Dome of the Imperfect
  13. Sotha Sil, Dome of Sotha Sil

Dome of Serlyn
There's a short puzzle in this small area with two levers and a machine that makes the Veminous Fabricants. The Left switch opens the front door and the Right switch opens the back door, however you cannot operate both at once. The trick here is to flip the Right switch to open the back door when the machine starts making noises and the tubes overhead move. This will open the inner door and the outer door will open automatically to release the Fabricant.

Note: Some people have said that this room is pitch black. This 'darkness' in the dome of serlyn cannot be counteracted with light/nighteye/resist/or any type of spell...the nif for the fog needs to be set to 1.0 in the editor in order to solve the problem. This likely due to a specific video card (was fine on my GEForce3 and Radeon 9700).

Dome of the Imperfect
In this small dome you will see two Dwemer Statues guarding the exit. Well, I should say one Dwemer statue and one Dwemer attack robot (you can see the shadow of one if you have them enabled). The robot is named Imperfect and in the confined space it is quite a fight. It is magic resistant, casts a nasty shock spell and hits like a truck. I ran in circles shooting arrows at it and finishing it off with my sword, but do whatever you need to do to defeat it.

Dome of Sotha Sil
When you enter this Dome you'll find the lifeless body of Sotha the message which pops up says, someone has been here before you. So now that you're job has been done, now what? When you try to leave the Dome Almalexia will appear before you and launch in a long speech. I started disliking it immediately when she got to point of my death. From her ramblings it very might be that Almalexia is the one who has gone mad, and not the late Sotha Sil.

Once her speech is done, the fight is on. As you might suspect, Almalexia is no pushover. With an impressively powerfully spell, magic resistant, fast, and excellent melee abilities, this may be your toughest fight yet. I used by Boots of Speed along with lots of arrows to take her down and finish her off with the Trueflame (dart in to hit and then back up fast). Use other tactics as you will, but be sure you have lots of healing magic handy. Don't forget to soul trap her as her soul has a wopping value for 1500 (compared with 400 for a Golden Saint). When she is dead you'll receive another journal entry as well as the Hopesfire Blade (similar to the Trueflame but with shock damage, and Barilzar's Mazed Band which summons a Fabricant for 2 minutes as well as allowing to you teleport to Vivec, Mournhold, or Sotha Sil).

When she finishes droning on about whatever it was - rush her, pin her up against the wall/door and klonk her repeatedly with a big hitter like Chrysamere or daedric Dai-Katana, she will cast spells then go to melee. I only used one restore health in the fight, rushing is a very good tactic for nearly all opponents in the game as they all spew crap for a couple of seconds before commencing the fight ("you will suffer greatly", "I have you" etc..etc..) in this bit of time if you are close enough you can inflict one or two serious blows without reply. With mages/wizards it is particularly effective, get up close and personal and klonk away - it prevents them chucking too much spell action your way. The mage in the manor earlier in the game didn't even finish his "you will suffer gre.." before he was done for with no damage sustained.

Return to Mournhold
Equip the Mazed Band and teleport back to Mournhold. You can try and tell people what happened but no one will believe you. Exit the Temple and you'll be confronted once again by Azura. She confirms what you already might know, that it was Almalexia who was mad and not Sotha Sil. You can also return to King Helseth to let him know what you've discovered and receive a full set of Royal Guard armor.

That's it, you've completed the main quest in the expansion, but don't worry, there's still lots of things left to do.

Note that Azura will refer to you as the Neverarine, even if you haven't started the main quest.

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Includes Contributions from Dalaran, Rune, Angelo Mantzios Steven.Lea, Jeremy Bryson and Steven.

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