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Tribunal Main Quest Walkthrough

19 February 2011

The main quest walkthrough is finished, although I may still go through and create better maps. Feel free to Send Me any corrections or suggestions on the walkthrough.

[Quest Map, 574x306 (8 kb)]
Quest Map ( Click on above map to jump to quest walkthrough )
King Llethans Death Helseth Conspiracy The Common Tongue Temple Informant Disloyal Guard Queen Barenziah Goblin Army Barilzars Mazed Band Shrine of the Dead Starting Out Plaza Attack Assassination Plot Sotha Sil Dark Brotherhood Duel With Karod Investigate Attacks Trueflame Blade A Missing Hand

1. Starting Out - 19 February 2011
Starting out on expansion main quest.
2. The Dark Brotherhood - 19 February 2011
Follow the trial of clues leading to the Dark Brotherhood in the sewers beneath Mournhold.
Royal Palace Quests (Optional)
It seems that the 7 quests listed below for Tienius Delitian are optional and can be skipped if you speak with Fedris Hler in the Temple after the Dark Brotherhood quest. If you do skip these quests, however, you will never be able to do them (unconfirmed).
3. King Llethan's Death - 19 February 2011
Learn of the local rumours surrounding the recent death of the previous king.

4. Temple Informant - 19 February 2011
Speak to people in the Temple to find out their true feelings about King Helseth.

5. Disloyal Guard - 19 February 2011
Investigate the Royal Guards to search for evidence related to a possible plot against the King.
6. Helseth Conspiracy - 19 February 2011
Look into another possible plot against the king involving the former King Llethan's widow.

7. Common Tongue Author - 19 February 2011
Learn the identity of the anonymous writer of The Common Tongue document.

8. Queen Barenziah - 19 February 2011
Speak with the Queen for further matters of state.
Temple Quests
9. Goblin Army - 19 February 2011
Investigate the rumours of a Goblin army being gathered by Lord Helseth.

10. Shrine of the Dead - 19 February 2011
Explore the Temple Sewers to find and cleanse this forgotten shrine.
11. Barilzar's Mazed Band - 19 February 2011
Find this powerful artifact hidden beneath the Temple and return it to Almalexia.

12. Plaza Attack - 19 February 2011
Defend the Mournhold Plaza from a Fabricant attack and find out where they came from.

Royal Palace Quests
13. Assassination Plot - 19 February 2011
Discover a possible plot to kill King Helseth.

14. Duel with Karod - 19 February 2011
Prove your worth to King Helseth by dueling his personal bodyguard.

15. Investigate Attacks for Helseth - 19 February 2011
Further investigate the Plaza attack for Helseth by working for Almalexia.
16. A Missing Hand - 19 February 2011
Take care of one of the Hands of Almalexia who has abandoned his post.

17. The Trueflame Blade - 19 February 2011
Gather the three broken pieces of this legendary blade to reforge it.

18. Sotha Sil - 19 February 2011
Find this supposedly mad god in his hidden Clockwork City for Almalexia.

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