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Tribunal Main Quest: Common Tongue Writer

15 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Helseth Conspiracy
Next Quest: Queen Barenziah
Locations: Mournhold Palace, Godsreach, Great Bazaar
Minimum Level: None
Recommended Level: None
Required Items: None
Suggested Items: None
Difficulty: Low

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak with Tienius Delitian in the Royal Palace Throne Room and agree to help him find the anonymous writer of The Common Tongue papers.
  2. Speak with people to be directed to a bookshop or pawnshop.
  3. Talk with Ten-Tongues Weerhat in the Great Bazaar Pawnshop to learn of Trels Varis in the Craftsmans Hall of Godsreach (high disposition needed).
  4. Find the locked door in the Craftmans Hall, which leads to a secret area with Trels Varis.
  5. Convince Trels to stop printing the Common Tongue document.
  6. Return to Tienius.

Detailed Walkthrough

Tienius Delitian
Speak with Tienius Delitian in the Royal Palace Throne Room again and agree to help him find and stop the anonymous writer of The Common Tongue papers. Tienius doesn't particularily care how you find and stop this author, which is a not so subtle hint that he would prefer you to kill whoever is involved.

Speak to most anyone about the anonymous writings and, if their disposition is high enough, they'll tell you to speak with someone involved in writing (like a bookstore) or possible a pawnshop. Head on over to the Great Bazaar which convieniently has both such places. Talk to Sanaso Sarothran in the bookshop to find out she will merely offer the same advice and has nothing new. Next check out Ten-Tongues Weerhat in the pawnshop across the way. With enough persuasion he'll tell you of Trels Varis is the author and he first head about him in the Craftsman Hall in Godsreach, which is where you should head next.

Craftsman Hall
Speak to people in the Craftsman Hall in Godsreach about the anonymous writer, Trels Varis, and you'll hit a dead wall. Don't believe them for a second though, as they are far to adament about things to be above suspicsion. Investigate the area and find a locked door (70) on the bottom level which leads to a secret office. Confront Trels inside and ask him to stop printing the lies about King Helseth. You have several options to try and make him stop, such as killing him or donating a large amount of gold. I assume that all three options might work to some extent (donating 3000 gold to the Orphans fund works fine).

Return to Tienius
Return to Tienius who seems to know exactly what happened somehow. If you donated the 3000 gold to the Orphan's Fund you'll get it back in addition to the King's Oath Blade:

King's Oath
Daedric Long Blade
Chop: 1 to 60
Slash: 1 to 52
Thrust: 1 to 36
Condition: 5600 / 5600
Weight 81.0
Value 80000
Cast When Strikes
Damage Health 20 pts for 3 sec
Paralyze for 3 sec
Fire Damage 20 pts for 3 secs
Charge: 450 / 450.
An excellent blade, though a bit heavy. Tienius tells you to speak with Queen Barenziah for a last official matter.

Continue on with the Queen Barenziah portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

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