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Bloodmoon Main Quest: Werewolf Quests

19 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Wolf Attack
Next Quest: Spirit Bear Ceremony
Locations: Skaal Village, Tombs of Skaalara
Minimum Level: None
Recommended Level: 30, Werewolf
Required Items:
Suggested Items:
Difficulty: Medium

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Become a Werewolf by waiting three days after being bitten by Werewolves in the Skaal Village.
  2. Wait/rest a while until contacted in a dream by Hircine who tells you what to do.
  3. Travel to the Tombs of Skaalara on the East Coast SouthEast of the Skaal Village.
  4. Kill all the Skaal Hunters who appear in the Tomb trying to get the Totem.
  5. Keep killing Hunters and guarding the Totem until you receive a journal entry.
  6. Wait another little while to be contacted again by Hircine for your reward (improved claw damage).

Detailed Walkthrough

So You're a Werewolf...
At the Werewolf attack on the Skaal village you were bitten by a Werewolf and, because you didn't cure yourself within three days, you are now a full blooded Werewolf yourself. You should have seen a short cutscene and are now in Werewolf form for the first time. You do not have access to your inventory or spells but have increased abilities and skills (and a mean right hook). You will have find and kill an NPC (creatures won't do) in order to quench your blood thirst, otherwise you will soon become very weak. Be careful who sees you as a Wolf as they will not like you once you return to Human form. Once you make a kill you can rest for a while to return to human form (assumably at dawn as you turn into a Wolf during the full moon).

Continuing the Quest
At this point you might seem confused as to how to continue with the main quest. When you last left it you were trying to gain the confidence of the Skaal in order to help find the Captain and those responsible for the attack on the Fort. However, if you return to the Skaal now they will refuse to speak to you since you have the mark of the Wolf.

Like many quests...when in doubt, rest a while. You should soon be shown another short cutscene where a mysterious figure (Hircine) tells you to guard an item called the Totem of Claw and Fang from the Skaal who are trying to find it. You awake from the dream in Werewolf form again and are required to quench your blood thirst.

Tombs of Skaalara
The Totem lies in the Tombs of Skaalara which is located on the Eastern coast of the Island, SouthEast from the Skaal village. The Tomb has a large black stone entrance and is hard to miss. You will find a number of Skaal Hunters already in the Tomb so kill them carefully...depending on your level it can be a difficult fight if you get more than one Hunter at a time. Also, some of the Skaal will appear as you explore the level.

When you find the chest next to the Stalhrim that you cannot open, you should stay relatively close to it as this is the item you are guarding. There will be several Hunters that appear and will attempt to get the Totem. If you are somewhere else in the Tomb and a Skaal gets the Totem you will receive a message (but no journal entry). All is not yet lost as you still have a chance to kill the Hunters before they escape the Tomb. Once you kill the Hunter with the Totem it will safely return to the chest. Assumably, if you let the Skaal reach the exit you will fail the quest (unconfirmed).

There are about 15 to 20 Skaal you will encounter, more than half will appear at times and attempt to take the Totem. You will be notified via a journal entry when all of the Skaal have been defeated.

Your Reward
Once all the Skaal are defeated and you've received the journal entry, rest for a bit and you'll soon see another short cutscene. Hircine thanks you for guarding the Totem and says he will contact you soon with more tasks. He rewards you by sharpening your claws so you do more damage (increases hand-to-hand skill maybe?). You wake up in Werewolf form again.
Continue on with the Spirit Bear Ceremony portion of the Werewolf main quest. or return to the Bloodmoon Quests page.

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