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Daggerfall: Castle Llugwych

19 February 2011

Starts With: An Agent of the Underking
Dungeon: Castle Llugwych, Province Ykalon
Minimum PC Level: 8
Key Strategy: Usual dungeon hack-n-slash
Story Progression: Location of Lysandus' Body
Prerequisite Quest: Wayrest Painting
Next Quests: Lysandus' Revelation
Suggested Spells: Levitate

Quick Tips

  1. Queen Akorithi of Sentinel reccomends you to the Underking. An agent of the UK contacts you by letter asking you to meet somewhere in Sentinel.
  2. You meet the agent and discover he/she wants you to recover a cursed magical item placed in Castle Llugwych, Stronghold of the Blades, by infernal Necromancers.
  3. In return, you'll get the magical item (un-cursed) and information on Lysandus' death.
  4. You search the castle and finally find the item on top a large platform with stairs leading up to it.
  5. Upon returning the UK agent you learn the location of Lysandus' real tomb in Menevia, the uncursed magical item, and the favour of the Underking.

Detailed Walkthrough
Walkthrough written in part by Andrew Wilson

Soon after find the Wayrest painting for Queen Akorithi of Sentinel you receive an interesting letter.

Dear Kral BlackHaven,
    Queen Akorithi of Sentinel spoke highly of you as a
 brave, able, and unprejudiced Wood Elf. Her actual
 words were 'a hero.' For some time, we have been
 looking for someone like that.
    I will not lie to you about our loyalties. We
 serve the Underking. If you are a believer in fairy
 tales and consider the Underking the ultimate force of
 evil, we apologize for misjudging you. Otherwise, we
 need your help. You can find me at (some place)
 of (some town) in Sentinel. I will wait one month.
 -- (Underking Agent)

Not quite sure who the Underking is and not sure whether to trust him or not, you cautiously proceed to the location mentioned in the letter. Upon arriving at the house, you enter and meet the unassuming agent.

Good day, Kral. My name is
 (agent's name). I must admit that
 I am surprised to see you. Are you perhaps
 able to help the Underking in an endeavor
 against the Necromancers? We will reward
 you liberally for this service, and provide
 information you will probably not be able
 to find elsewhere.

Ah, the'd do anything to fowl their most neferious tasks so you gladly accept the quest, besides, you need the information the agent may be able to provide you about King Lysandus' death.

You will. Hmm. Remarkable. The Necromancers
 have taken an item of ours, a (magical item)
 of some value. The value is of secondary
 concern. The true problem is that they cursed
 this item and gave it to the Blades. If you
 are unaware, the Blades were once the honor
 guard for Tiber Septim. Today they are loyal
 to the empire and Tiber's code, but not
 always to the current emperor. The Underking
 has reason to not wish harm upon the Blades.
 We want you to infiltrate Castle Llugwych
 in Ykalon and remove the (magical item).
 Please have this done in (so many) days if
 you want your information and reward.

Knowing that surely the Necromancers have hidden the item deep within the castle you hurry to Castle Llugwych to start your search. From entrance, go through north door. Go through next north door. Go left. Follow passageway. Take first left. Go straight(West). At first 4 way take left. (South). Follow. Go through door, and take a right. (West) Up the little hill. Take first left.(South). Down hill. Follow to the first door on left. Go through door. Head across room to the eastern door. Go through,turn left. (North) Follow passageway. (North, East, South) Up stairs, up major hill. Turn right through door. Turn right again.(North) Follow, take first left. (West) Turn right. (North) Follow passageway. (North, West.) At 3 way with door to the right take a left (door) into a room. Gothrough southern door and head south. Turn west. Then through door on left. (South) Go east. Up little hill. Take a right at door.(South). Follow. Take door on right (East). Follow. Take door on right(East.) Take southern door in room. Go south until you come to a pit. Cast levitate. Go up. Make sure elevator is down or you wont be able to go up. While going up turn west to face passageway. Take a right. (North.) Take first right go through door, and then another. Voila!!!! The item should be at the top of stairs. (and you thought it would be hard...;) With the item in hand you return the agent of the Underking in Sentinel.

Well done, Kral. Let me cast
 this spell upon the (cursed item)
 ... there. The (magical item) is now
 safe and yours to keep.
 Not even death can hide a true descendant
 of Tiber Septim from the Underking. King
 Lysandus did not die in the battle of
 Cryngaine. He was slain by treachery before
 it. The monument to him in Hammerfell is an
 empty tomb. His remains were secretly
 taken to an ancient tomb in Menevia, which
 I will now reveal to you. I do not know
 who betrayed Lysandus, nor why his spirit
 haunts the city of Daggerfall and not the
 battlefield of Cryngaine. I have kept my
 part of the bargain, and you have earned
 the gratitude of the Underking.

Excellent! Finally the location of Lysandus' tomb. Everything seems to be falling into place.

The next quest is Lysandus' Revelation, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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