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Daggerfall: Who Gets the Totem?

15 February 2011

Starts With: Lady Brisienna
Dungeon: Castle Daggerfall
Minimum PC Level: 14
Key Strategy: Try to make sure that most people like you first
Story Progression: Decide who controls the great Numidium
Prerequisite Quest: Orcish Treaty, Lysandus' Revenge, and KOW - Lichs Soul
Next Quests: Journey to Aetherius
Suggested Spells: Levitate, Recall, and Water breathing

After you have completed the Lysandus' Revenge, Soul of a Lich, and Orcish Emancipation quests, Lady Brisienna sends you a letter. Gothryd has stolen the Totem from Woodborne and has placed it in Castle Daggerfalls Treasury. Gee, I wonder hwo he knew Woodborne had it? Brisienna asks you to get it and bring it to her.

At the same time, five other people are deciding what to do about you, the Underking, Gortwog, King Eadwyre, Queen Akorithi, and the King of Worms. If they like you, they will send you letters promising vast fortunes if you give them the Totem. If they don't like you, they will send thugs to steal the Totem once you get out of Castle Daggerfall.

Finding the Totem ( Walkthrough written by James Andrew McNabb )

To find the totem: Take the left door beside the King and Queen. Follow that path to large room. Take the other door out of that room. Go thru the next smaller room. You are on a legde looking at a tower with a walkway connected to a wall with adoor. The easiest way to get there is to cast levitate. Go thru that door and turn left. Follow this ledge around the sunken room. Pass thru the door. Take the door on the left. This is the treasure room. Walk down the ramps until you are right above the water. The actual treasurey is hanging from the ceiling. Jump inthe water. There are 2 openings on each wall. Look for a door. It should be on the right of the wall. Take the left opening. follow that underwater and enter the room. Turn the wheel in that room. Go back out and now go through the door on the right. In that room there are 3 chains. Pull the one in the middle. You will be teleported to the top of the room. Look down and you will see the top of the treasure cage. Levitate down to the top and pull the lever you find there. That will open two of the blue barred rooms. One of those will have the totem in it :)

The Totem itself will speak to you when you pick it up. It warns you that only someone of the blood of Tiber Septim may wield it, and it lists those people as the Underking, Gortwog, King Eadwyre, Queen Akorithi, and the King of Worms plus King Gothryd and the Emporer, Uriel Septim. You have one year and one day to decide who you will give the Totem to. Otherwise, it will abandon you for a new owner.

Decide who should get the Totem. Basically, you are deciding which faction will win the game. Your reputation with that group will soar. A word of warning--everyone will keep their promises except King Eadwyre. He takes the Totem and sicks his guards on you. Even Gothryd will give you a small reward if you return it to him.

The next quest is Journey to Aetherius, You may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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