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Daggerfall: Morgiah's Wedding

15 February 2011

Starts With: Princess Morgiah, Wayrest
Dungeon: Scourg Barrow, DragonTail Mountains
Minimum PC Level: 3
Key Strategy: Read the letters.
Story Progression: The location of the King of Worms, Gortwog has the Emporer's Letter, and a clue to go through Cyndassa to get to Mynisera to get to Gortwog.
Prerequisite Quest: None
Next Quest: King of the Worms: Lich's Soul
Suggested Spells: Levitate, Recall, Open

Princess Morgiah asks you to deliver a letter to the King of Worms in Scourg Barrow a member of the ill-famed necromancers. In return, she will tell you something about the Emporer's letter. Her own letter is an agreement to give the King of Worms her "first" (no, it's not her firstborn child) if he will arrange for her to be married to the King of Firsthold. He gives you a letter to give to Morgiah agreeing to the pact.

This sets up part of the story for the sequel to Daggerfall. Therefore, no more will be said of it. As for the implication in this story, you now know how to find the King of Worms. Visit him occasionally and get random quests. He can be a useful fellow. Morgiah tells you that only Mynisera can negotiate with Gortwog. However, Mynisera can only approached by first getting cozy with a servant--Cyndassa.

Note: At some point in the game after you complete this quest you will receive an engraved card from someone dressed in the livery of Wayrest. When you go into your inventory, you will not be able to find it. This is actually an invitation to Morgiah's Wedding ceremony. Don't worry though, you can't actually 'attend' the ceremony so missing it means nothing to the Main Quest.

Finding the King of the Worms ( Walkthrough written by George Smith )

Upon entering, open the second tomb on your left side and proceed down. Follow the hallway until you find a door and open it. Open the door to your immediate left (but kill the Zombies first if you want). Follow this hallway to a T intersection and go left. Kill a few bats as you follow this cave passageway and turn right at the first opportunity. Take a left at the first opportunity and open the locked door in whatever fashion appeals to you. Welcome to the throne room of the King of Worms!

The next quest is King of the Worms: Lich's Soul, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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