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Daggerfall: Privateer's Hold

15 February 2011

(Walkthrough written by Scott Jennings)

Starts With: Starting a New Game
Dungeon: Privateer's Hold, Daggerfall
Minimum PC Level: None
Key Strategy: Survive to escape!
Story Progression: Gives the preface to the story.
Prerequisite Quest: None
Next Quest: Lady Brisienna

The first dungeon that you start out in is Privateer's Hold, and it's here that you'll learn how to deal with the many dungeons of Daggerfall. By the time you leave Privateer's Hold you should be second level, and have a full set of armor and at least one decent weapon. While the following will tell you how to immediately exit the cavern, feel free to leave the beaten path while you are exploring.

Finding the Exit
You start at the bottom of the dungeon -- so you need to go up. The first part of the dungeon is fairly linear. After a bat, the first door on your path contains an imp, so if you don't have a steel weapon yet you may want to come back to it. As you continue, you'll see stairs leading down on your left - at the bottom is the lair of a thief, whom you can usually take by surprise (use your backstab skill!) and who has some good equipment.

Keep going up, and you'll face an archer behind a U-shaped table. (Go around the table and engage the archer in melee, don't let him pick at you from a distance.) To your left is a throne room. (If you want, you can also get past this area by going straight ahead, but it's not the most direct route out.) Enter that, kill the bat flying around, and save. At the top of the massive flight of stairs is a Skeletal Warrior and that smile doesn't mean he's friendly.

Once/if you deal with him, look besides the throne... there's a lever there. Jump onto the raised platform and pull the lever, and the throne will climb to the next level.

Follow the corridor up and around (killing the rat along the way) and take the first door on your right. You'll face three monsters at once - a rat, a bat and an imp. If you're quick, you should be able to lure the bat outside and kill it, then move around the rat to take out the imp, then finally get the rat.

You'll see what looks like a cave that has a skull in it along a wall. That's the exit (all dungeon exits look like that.) Click on it, breathe that fresh pixilated air, then press onward to Daggerfall City.

Helpful Tips

The next quest is Lady Brisienna, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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