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Daggerfall: Prince Lhotun's Missing Brother

15 February 2011

Starts With: Prince Lhotun, Sentinel
Dungeon: Random, Sentinel
Minimum PC Level: 5
Key Strategy: Wait around in Sentinel for seven days, ask for lots of rumors.
Story Progression: Lysandus and Medora were lovers, location of Direnni Tower and Medora.
Prerequisite Quest: None
Next Quests: Wayrest Painting and Freeing Medora

Quick Tips

  1. You receive a letter from Prince Lhotun of Sentinel informing you that he has information about Lysandus' death. When you meet him he tells you that you must first find out what happened to his missing brother, Arthago.
  2. You wait around Sentinel for a few days, asking for rumours, and you receive a note from an agent of the Underking. When you meet with him you discover that the evidence may lie in a nearby crypt.
  3. You explore the dungeon and finally discover a death certificate which is actually the dying words of the missing prince.
  4. The letter can be given to Prince Lhotun, Queen Aubk-i, Queen Akorithi, Prince Greklith, or Prince Vhosek. The last three will accuse you of trying to blackmail them (legal and reputation with the court goes down). Aubk-i is grief stricken, but otherwise does nothing.
  5. Give Lhotun the letter and he will tell you about Medora, court sorceress in Daggerfall, and her love affair with Lysandus. He further relates that Medora was banished to Direnni Tower of the Isle of Balfiera.

Detailed Walkthrough

Like most days, you are peacefully strolling through town absorbing the local beauty when a messanger quickly delivers you a letter and disappears before you can say 'Orc' (those little guys sure are fast). The letter is from Prince Lhotun of Sentinel and reads...

                                       Castle Sentinel

 Dear Kral BlackHaven,

     You do not know me but I know you. I know that you were
 shipwrecked. I know that you are trying to dispel the ghost
 of King Lisandus. If you want, I can tell you what I know,
 but I need your help in return.
     If you want to talk, my name is Prince Lhotun and I live
 in Sentinel at Samaruik, which is usually called Castle
 Sentinel. I hope that we can meet soon.

 	Yours truly,
		 Prince of Sentinel

Since you happen to be relatively free at the moment, you decide to take the Prince up on his offer and pay him a visit. After a long boat trip across the bay you reach Sentinel and the castle.

Welcome to Sentinel, Kral. I guess
 you must have received my letter. I know some things
 about Lysandus and why he might be haunting Daggerfall,
 but before I tell you, you have to promise to do
 something for me first. Is that all right?
[Prince Lhotun]
Prince Lhotun

Not wanting to make a bad first impression, and wishing to know more about Lysandus' death you quickly accept.

You will? Thank Stendarr. You see, I used to
 to have an older brother, ten or eleven years older
 than me, named Arthago. Whenever I ask what happened
 to him, I'm told a different story. Some say he got
 sick and died, some say he was kidnapped by the
 Underking. I want to know the truth. If you can find
 some proof of what really happened to him, I'll tell
 you all I know about King Lysandus.

Ah...a missing person's quest, you've solved dozens of these from quests given by the temple and fighter guilds you've worked for, although the Prince didn't give you much to work with. In fact, he didn't give you any sort of clue where to look. Usually you get a dungeon name, a town, or even a friend's name. You make your way outside the castle, pondering on how to solve this one.

Outside the castle you decide to question a few locals to see what they might know. Most don't appear to have any knowledge of the missing prince. A few however believe the story that the knight became sick and died. No real news there. You decide to stick around town for a few days to see if someone tries to contact you. Fortunately for you, they do. You receive a letter from someone giving you a location to meet them at.

Dear Kral,

 If you are interested in learning the truth,
 about prince Arthago, meet me at
 (some tavern) in (some town) of Sentinel.

You waste no time in getting there. You search the tavern and find the agent in an upper room.

Kral BlackHaven? Shhh. I would prefer that
 nobody sees me talking with you. It has come
 to our attention that the Underking is being
 wrongly accused of abducting prince
 Arthago. Before you judge, check into
 (a nearby crypt). I'll mark it on your
 map. Who am I? Just call me a loyal
 servant. Now move away before anyone
 gets suspicious. Go on, scram.
[UnderKing's Agent]

Definitely not the friendliest of wonder why she is so secretive. Well, no matter since you have the information you came for, the location of a dungeon where the prince, or evidence of his death, may be found. You stock up with nessecary supplies in the towns general store and head off.

The dungeon is a typical one, with little to distinuish itself from the myriads of others you've explored. You tread carefully, however, since the crypt is crawling with Lichs, Vampires, and even several Ancient Lichs. You courageously fight them off and come too close to death several times. After clearing out one room of Liches you notice a piece of paper on the floor which looks a little out of place. Could this be the evidence you're looking for. You pick it up and begin to read it.

23 Morning Star 3E 400
 (Crypt's Name)
 Two days I was sealed within this crypt without food or
 water. I do not know whether hunger or poor health or
 one of the creatures who share this dank hole with me
 will kill me first -- I only know that I will soon be
 dead, and not even my bones with remain. My hope is that
 in the years that come, this letter will be read and the
 sad story of _brother_, Prince of Sentinel will be told.
 I am fifteen years old at the time of this writing, and
 have been plagued with bad health for most of my life,
 to the frustration of my hearty parents. The finest
 healers and apothecaries in western Tamriel have labored
 over my every cough and fever, but while they could save
 my life time and time again, they could not improve my
 sickly constitution. In retrospect, I received little
 real affection from the king and queen, embarrassed as
 they were about begetting such a cripple as the heir of
 the kingdom. I cannot say I missed the love; I received
 much attention from the doctors, priests, and herbalists
 constantly at court. Certainly I was not to be the sort
 of warrior that King Cameron was, but one of my dearest
 friends, a priest of Stendarr said that I might be the
 first scholar-king in the history of Sentinel.
 My younger sister Aubk-i was the true favorite of my
 parents: athletic, beautiful, and charming. It is hard to
 think of an uncomplimentary word for her. I am resigned
 to my imminent death, and yet, I would like to see her
 once again. For six years, Aubk-i and I were the only
 children of Sentinel. Eight years ago, the queen had a
 boy child and named him Greklith, after the ancient
 Redguard word for B King. Few speak that tongue
 any longer, but all the scholars and nobles of Hammerfell
 understood. And Greklith is a B boy indeed -- I have
 never so much as seen him cough. The Queen's next child,
 born only a year after Greklith, had an even more ominous
 birthname -- Lhotun. Second Boy. Perhaps had I been less
 sheltered, more suspicious by nature, I might have read
 into these nominations. Lhotun and Greklith are common
 enough names in our family, I reasoned. Now I know that
 even then, I was disinherited -- even if it was
 not official yet.

 For several months before Lhotun's birth and over three
 years afterward, I was in the throes of a very serious
 fever. The doctors despaired of me, but somehow and very,
 very gradually, I recovered. For the first time, and the
 last, I read an expression on my father, the King's face
 that was not indifference. It was disgust.
 That was a fortnight ago. Three nights ago, I was seized
 by men I had never seen while I was having a walk. My
 nursemaid stood by watching placidly as I was gagged
 and tied and thrown roughly into a sack. I do not know
 how long they rode with me, but I was eventually left
 here. When I finally freed myself from my bonds, I found
 that I was alone. My wanders have gotten me nowhere.
 This place is filled with undead creatures that prevent
 me from finding any exit.
 I have no hope left, but no fear either. A few regrets.
 Perhaps had I studied magic instead of history and
 science I could free myself of this place. One of my
 tutors told the story of the Underking, how he had
 placed his lifeforce in the body of a powerful being
 and had thus conquered all Tamriel long, long ago.
 Had I only had the strength of a more powerful body
 like that.

 But I did not study magic. I studied history, so I
 leave this letter -- not to revenge myself, but as
 an historic document.

Phew...these royalty types sure are long winded, but this would appear to be the evidence Prince Lhotun is looking for. You quickly escape the dungeon by activating your magical bracers of teleportation and return to the Sentinel Castle and Prince Lhotun.

This what I most feared. Poor Arthago. As I
 promised, here's what I've heard about
 Lysandus. I don't know how much of this is
 secret, but I trust you. Lysandus was in love
 with his court sorceress, a noblewoman named
 Medora Direnni, and during the war with us,
 his queen found out. They say that while her
 husband was gone, Queen Mynisera banished
 Medora from the court. My sister Aubk-i is
 queen now, part of the treaty to insure peace,
 but Mynisera still resides at Castle Daggerfall
 as the dowager Queen mother.
 I don't know where Medora went, but I know
 she has an enormous castle somewhere on the
 Isle of Balfiera. But I also heard there is
 some kind of curse on her, and she can never
 leave. I don't know if that helps you, but
 that's all I know. Again, thank you for
 Arthago's letter. Just knowing what happened
 will ease my heart somewhat. Please take this
 (magicitem) as a token of my appreciation. addition to making another friend in Sentinel royalty you've aquired a quality magical item and have learned the location of Medora, Lysandus' lover. This is turning out to be a veritable middle-ages soap-opera.

The next quest is the Wayrest Painting, Freeing Medora, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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