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Daggerfall: Orcish Treaty

19 February 2011

Starts With: Queen Mynisera, Daggerfall
Dungeon: Orsinium
Minimum PC Level: 5
Key Strategy: Another dungeon romp
Story Progression: The Totem has been found, Lord Woodborne has it
Prerequisite Quest: The Emperor's Letter and Morgiah's Wedding or Barenziah's Book
Next Quests: Who Gets the Totem

While Barenziah and Morgiah can tell you that Gortwog has the Emporer's letter only Mynisera can make a treaty with the Orc Warlord. Mynisera gives you a letter promising to aid Gortwog in his fight for a free and neutral orc nation -- if he will return the Emporer's letter.

Gortwog 'allows' you to fight your way through Orsinium to find his letter. The letter is addressed to Mynisera, then Queen of Daggerfall, and it warns that the Totem of Tiber Septim has been found by Lord Woodborne, a noble of Wayrest. Since the Emporer has little influence over that court, he is asking Mynisera to persuade Lord Woodborne to relinquish the Totem to the Empire. Unfortunately, this letter never got to Mynisera. Instead, it went to Queen Aubk-i. Later on you will learn that the totem was stolen from Lord Woodborne and is now in the dungeons of Castle Daggerfall. Gee, I wonder how they knew he had it?

Finding the Letter ( Walkthrough written by Lora McNabb )

In the big room with Gortwog, take the left door and work your way to the large room with the pryamid and pit. Get up to the ledge with the cage. Either levitate or jump in one of the fountains. Once you're up there, take the left set of stairs. Follow the wall on your right. Eventually you will come to an elevator, you don't need to take it. Keep following the right wall and you will come to a big room with a spotlight on the letter.

The next quest is Who Gets the Totem, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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