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Daggerfall: The Emperor's Letters

19 February 2011

(Walkthrough written by Scott Jennings)

Starts With: Queen Mynisera, Daggerfall
Dungeon: None
Minimum PC Level: 5
Key Strategy: Patience
Story Progression: None
Prerequisite Quest: Cyndassa - The Werebeast
Next Quests: Orcish Treaty

Quick Tips

  1. After killing Cyndassa's werewolf the Queen Mother Mynisera will tell you that she knows the location of the emperor's letter. After a cross-country chase you finally catch up with the courier that delivered the letter and learn some interesting news.
  2. There is a common bug in this quest. Usually Mynisera gives you around 6 days to complete the quest but make sure to check your logbook since often the logbook will give you 9 days. Your best bet is to go to the appointed place and rent a room nearby for the duration of your stay. Don't loiter in the palace where the courier should be but keep checking back for him. This bug may actually be fixed in some patch but don't chance it.
  3. If your looking for an easy way into the palace without being detected by guards, there is a door on the roof that will allow unoticed lockpicking and bashing.

Detailed Walkthrough

After killing Cyndassa's werewolf brother for here, she informs you that the Queen Mother Mynisera knows the whereabouts of the missing letter you were initially sent to find. You decide to pay the queen mother a visit to see what she has to say.

Hello Kral BlackHaven. I have heard
 much about you. Now you come to me with
 a very interesting tale of deception. So
 Cyndassa the maid says that Aubk-i opened
 a letter from the emperor addressed to me.
 I can tell you Kral, that she never
 delivered such a letter to me
 I would like you to investigate this
 further, Kral BlackHaven. It could be
 dangerous to poke into the affairs of
 Aubk-i without enraging King Gothryd,
 even though he is my own son.
 Are you willing?
[The Queen Mother Mynisera]

Your decision is quick - you must accept if you wish to solve this mystery which the emperor sent you solve.

Good. I have long had my suspicions about
 Aubk-i's loyalty to the emperor. She is a
 daughter of the late King Cameron, who ruled
 Hammerfell from his citidel in Sentinel.

 My husband King Lysandus, Stendarr rest his
 soul, died at Cryngaine, as did King Cameron.
 Lysandus body was not recovered, so he has
 a monument erected there rather than a true
 tomb. mind wanders.

 The emperor uses (courier's name) as his
 messenger in Daggerfall. He could be anywhere
 in the region delivering missives. However,
 (the courier) is a member of the
 Knights of the Dragon. Go to (some place) in
 (some town) and ask for (someone).
 He may know where to find (the courier).
 Try to find out why a letter addressed to
 me was delivered to Aubk-i.

Well, finally a possible clue about the letter's location. The queen also gives you a ring to identify yourself to the Knights of the Dragon representive you were sent to contact and the courier, once you find her. The signet ring is emblazoned with the Daggerfall crest and Lysandus' personal crest. After a brief journey you reach the town and the location of the representative.

I am (Knights of the Dragon dispatcher's name)
 I would not normally tell anyone who is not
 a Knight of the Dragon where to find (the courier).
 However, I am loyal to Queen Mynisera. I also
 know that (the courier) disembowled
 the last person that tried to ambush her.
 In (around 9 or so) days she is due to be at (some palace)
 in (in some town). Try her there.

Thankful that the signet ring was sufficient to get the desired information you continue cautiously to the town mentioned by the knight to wait for the courier. You reach the town several days early but decide to check out the palace just in case she's early. You don't find her or anyone who has information about her so you book into a nearby inn and practice spells for a few days, checking the palace occasionally to make sure you don't miss her.

The courier finally arrives the day before the knight said she would. You approach her carefully, not wanting to be disembowled just yet.

Ho! You should be warned that I am a Knight
 of the Dragon in the service of the Emperor
 himself. If this is some ruse to ambush me,
 you will surely not live to regret it.
 Hmmm. Yes, I am (the courier). This
 signet ring proves that you are indeed in the
 service of Mynisera. Some time ago I delivered
 a letter from the Emperor addressed to the
 Queen of Daggerfall. If I am not mistaken,
 Aubk-i is Queen of Daggerfall, not Mynisera.
 Tell Mynisera that I take my duties quite
 seriously. I would never knowingly deliver a
 missive to the wrong party. Queen Aubk-i gave
 me this (piece of jewelry) in gratitude. Show it to
 Mynisera so that she may know I am a loyal
 servant and faithful to my Order.
[The Emperor's Courier]
The Emperor's Courier

Hmm...quite interesting, but still no letter. It appears that when the letter was written Mynisera was queen (and Lysandus king). By the time the letter arrived in Daggerfall, Aubk-i was queen and Gothryd was king (talk about a bad postal system). The courier evidently did her job perfectly as the emperor did not foresee Lysandus' death and Aubk-i ascension as queen. You pack the piece of jewelry the courier gave you safely in you pack and begin the journey back to Daggerfall castle and Mynisera. After a usual un-eventful journey you reach the castle and the queen mother.

Ah! Now it makes sense. Uriel Septim addressed
 the message to the Queen of Daggerfall. When he
 sent it, I was queen. By the time it arrived,
 my dear Lysandus was dead and Aubk-i was queen.
 We must find out what was in that letter. I have
 never trusted Aubk-i.

 Yesterday I received a letter from Princess
 Morgiah of Wayrest claiming to know something
 of the emperor's letter. Now there is a family
 that seethes under the rule of the Emperor.
 Return to me if you find out who has the
 emperor's letter.

 For now, you have proven yourself to me
 Kral BlackHaven. Keep the (peice of jewelry) as a token
 of my gratitude. I have no desire to own
 anything of Aubk-i's anymore.

Although you haven't yet recovered the letter you are no doubt one step closer to finding it and of course, making a new friend in the royal circle of Daggerfall will definitly help in the future. Now it appears that Princess Morgiah of Wayrest nows the location of the letter so it's another bumpy boat ride to see what she knows.

The next quest is Orcish Treaty You may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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