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Daggerfall: Mantella Revealed

19 February 2011

Starts With: Several People/Groups
Dungeon: None
Minimum PC Level: None
Key Strategy: To be well liked (good reputation) will several factions
Story Progression: Learn about the Numidium and the Mantella
Prerequisite Quest: Orcish Treaty
Next Quests: None
Suggested Spells: Levitate (essential), Open (useful), Heal, Soul Trap

After completing the Orcish Treaty quest you may receive a message if you have a good enough reputation with certain factions (you may actually receive many of the same messages from different groups if you are really well liked). The messages tells you all about Numidium, and how Tiber Septim used this gigantic iron golem to forge his empire more than four centuries ago. He who holds the totem controls Numidium.

Similarily, if one of these people or groups really likes you, information about the Mantella might be revealed. The Mantella is a massive green gem that is the heart of the Numidium. It cost Tiber Septim his own heart to create it. The totem alone is worthless. The Mantella must be placed within Numidium's ody to activate it.

This isn't really a quest but it provides useful information about the Totem and the Mantella Crux.

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