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Daggerfall: Lysandus' Revenge

19 February 2011

( Walkthrough mostly written by Lora McNabb )

Starts With: Lysandus
Dungeon: Woodborne Hall
Minimum PC Level: 10
Key Strategy: Use nondestructive spells on Woodborne first, or just go get his journal instead
Story Progression: Lysandus' Ghost is avenged and exorcized, Nulfaga is made sane
Prerequisite Quest: Lysandus' Revelation
Next Quests: None

After calming Lysandus' spirit you learn that Lord Woodborne was his assasin. The next logical step would be to pay a visit to the lord and see how well he likes a little taste of his own medicine (he-he, evil grin).

Finding Lord Woodborne
This quest is the last in the Lysandus series. Having successfully finished it, you have completed half of the original mission given to you by the emporer. All that is left now is the totem series of the quests. Go into the 2 side rooms pulling levers until the ramps come down. At the top of the ramp, go thru the door, go thru the next door, the path bends left, then bends right. Go straight thru a 3-way intersection, go straight thru another 3-way intersection. The path bends right, go thru the door, go thru the door,it bends left, it bends right. Turn right at the 3-way intersection. Go straight thru the 4-way intersection, at the bottom of the stairs turn right. The path bends right, turn left, turn left, turn right, go thru the door. Turn right, turn right and the journal is on the table. Here at the end, there is an elevator at the corner. I think there is 3 levels on this elevator with the middle one on your right being blocked by a stone wall. Take the elevator down then back up all the way. On your way back down to the blocked passage, you'll notice that the passage is open and a creature is there. It's the up and down action of the elevator that opens the passage.

Fighting Lord Woodborne
Lord Woodborne looks like any other knight, so be careful. When you first strike Lord Woodborne, he casts three spells: spell reflection, shield, and heal. If you are a spell caster hit him with all kinds of nondestructive spells first. No matter what your skills, don't waste an item use or spell on the first attack that will inflict damage. It will just get healed.

Actually there is an alternate strategy which doesn't involve combat (if your the shy type). Lord Wodborne has a diary hidden away in his hall. Find the diary and give it to someone. Giving it to Akorithi will do nothing. She takes the book and burns it. Giving it to Aubk-i, Gothryd, or Elysana will severely lower your legal reputation and generate lots of assassins. Presenting it to Barenziah, Eadwyre, or Helseth results in the arrest and execution of Lord Woodborne. Giving it to Medora, Mynisera, or Nulfaga will cause Lord Woodborne to be slain by magic. Gortwog and the King of Worms just keep the book to blackmail Woodborne. Therefore to complete the quest, you have to give it to one of these people: Barenziah, Eadwyre, Helseth, Medora, Mynisera, or Nulfaga. In the end the lord dies anyways, so why not have fun and do it yourself.

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